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I Región de Tarapacá
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Capital Iquiquemarker
Provinces Iquiquemarker
Intendant Miguel Silva Rodriguez

  - Total

Ranked 6th

41,799.5 km²


  - 2002 Census

  - Density
Ranked 10th


ISO 3166-2 CL-TA
The I Tarapacá Region ( ) is one of Chilemarker's 15 first order administrative divisions. It borders the Chileanmarker Arica-Parinacota Regionmarker to the north, Boliviamarker's Oruro Departmentmarker on the east, the Antofagasta Regionmarker on the south and the Pacific Oceanmarker on the west. The Arica-Parinacota Region was created in 2007 by subdividing the Tarapacá Region.

Tarapacá was a former Peruvianmarker province, which was ceded to neighbouring Chilemarker under the 1883 Treaty of Ancón at the close of the War of the Pacific.

Provinces and municipalities



  1. Formed to Region XVmarker by legislation in 2007, to be functional since October, the 8th, 2007
  2. Created by legislation in 2007, to be functional in October, the 9th, 2007

Towns and villages


Mostly desert like, with the following variations:
  • Coastal desert with fog and little temperature variation during the day.
  • Normal Desert
  • Marginal desert of highlands.

Main Rivers

Main economic activities

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