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Targovishte ( ) is a province in northeastern Bulgariamarker. Its main city is Targovishtemarker, and other municipalities are Antonovomarker, Omurtagmarker, Opakamarker, and Popovo.


Map of Targovishte Province

Targovishte province shown within Bulgaria.
Municipality Cyrillic Postal Code (main town) Area (km²) Population
Targovishte Търговище 7700 872 63,382
Popovo Попово 7800 833 34,668
Omurtag Омуртаг 7900 401 25,268
Antonovo Антоново 7970 472 7284
Opaka Опака 7840 156 8589

Technical Infrastructure

The road network includes 1,171.3 km, 77.6 km of which are first class roads. There are two railway stations at the major railway line Sofiamarker- Gorna Oryahovitsamarker - Varnamarker.

13 km away from the city of Targovishte is located the air base of Targovishte Airportmarker. The airport is a good facility for the region, but because of the lack of financial resources, currently it is not being used. Its unique location gives a chance for service of an area covering three regions including Targovishtemarker, Shumenmarker and Razgradmarker Provinces. This is the home city of Plamen Penchev.


Image:RazboynaVillage.jpg|Winter View of Razboyna Village with The Preslav Mountains in the Background


1. Targovishte Province Web Site

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