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| name = List of seas
| state =
| title = Earth's seas

| group1 = Arctic Oceanmarker
| list1 = Amundsen Gulf  Baffin Baymarker  Barents Seamarker   Beaufort Seamarker  Bering Seamarker  Chukchi Seamarker  East Siberian Seamarker  Greenland Seamarker  Hudson Baymarker  James Baymarker  Kara Seamarker  Kara Straitmarker  Laptev Seamarker  Lincoln Seamarker  Prince Gustav Adolf Seamarker  Pechora Sea  White Seamarker

| group2 = Atlantic Oceanmarker
| list2 = Adriatic Seamarker  Aegean Seamarker  Alboran Seamarker  Argentine Sea  Balearic Seamarker  Baltic Seamarker  Bay of Biscaymarker  Bay of Bothniamarker  Bay of Campechemarker  Bay of Fundymarker  Black Seamarker  Bothnian Seamarker  Caribbean Seamarker  Celtic Seamarker  Central Baltic Seamarker  Chesapeake Bay  Davis Straitmarker  Denmark Straitmarker  English Channelmarker  Gulf of Bothniamarker  Gulf of Finlandmarker  Gulf of Guineamarker  Gulf of Mexicomarker  Gulf of Sidramarker  Gulf of St. Lawrencemarker  Gulf of Venezuelamarker  Ionian Seamarker  Irish Seamarker  Labrador Seamarker  Ligurian Seamarker  Marmara Seamarker  Mediterranean Seamarker  Myrtoan Seamarker  North Seamarker  Norwegian Seamarker  Sargasso Seamarker  Sea of Azovmarker  Sea of Crete  Sea of the Hebridesmarker  Thracian Seamarker  Tyrrhenian Seamarker

| group3 = Indian Oceanmarker
| list3 = Andaman Seamarker  Arabian Seamarker  Bay of Bengalmarker  Gulf of Adenmarker   Gulf of Aqabamarker   Gulf of Khambhatmarker   Gulf of Kutchmarker   Gulf of Omanmarker  Gulf of Suezmarker   Laccadive Sea   Mozambique Channelmarker  Palk Bay   Persian Gulfmarker  Red Seamarker  Strait of Malaccamarker   Timor Seamarker

| group4 = Pacific Oceanmarker
| list4 = Arafura Seamarker  Banda Seamarker  Bering Seamarker  Bismarck Seamarker  Bohai Sea  Bohol Seamarker  Camotes Seamarker  Celebes Seamarker  Ceram Seamarker  Chilean Sea  Coral Seamarker  East China Seamarker  Flores Seamarker  Gulf of Alaskamarker  Gulf of Californiamarker  Gulf of Carpentariamarker  Gulf of Thailandmarker  Halmahera Seamarker  Java Seamarker  Koro Seamarker  Molucca Seamarker  Philippine Seamarker  Savu Seamarker  Sea of Japanmarker  Sea of Okhotskmarker  Seto Inland Seamarker  Sibuyan Seamarker  Solomon Seamarker  South China Seamarker  Sulu Seamarker  Tasman Seamarker  Visayan Seamarker  Yellow Seamarker

| group5 = Southern Oceanmarker
| list5 = Amundsen Sea  Bass Straitmarker  Bellingshausen Seamarker  Davis Seamarker  Great Australian Bightmarker  Gulf Saint Vincent  Ross Seamarker  Scotia Sea  Spencer Gulf  Weddell Seamarker

| group6 = Landlocked seas
| list6 = Aral Seamarker  Caspian Seamarker  Chott Melrhirmarker  Dead Seamarker  Great Lakesmarker  Great Salt Lakemarker  Issyk Kulmarker  Lake Balkhashmarker  Lake Chadmarker  Lake Chilwamarker  Lake Sevanmarker  Lake Turkanamarker  Lake Urmiamarker  Lake Vanmarker  Namtsomarker  Pyramid Lakemarker  Qinghai Lakemarker  Salton Seamarker  Tonlé Sapmarker


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