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, also known as Tembun or Temmon, was a   after Kyōroku and before Kōji. This period spanned the years from July 1532 through October 1555. The reigning emperor was  .

Change of era

  • 1532 : At the request of Ashikaga Yoshiharu, the 12th Shōgun of the Muromachi Bakufu, the era name was changed because of various battles . The previous era ended and a new one commenced in Kyōroku 5, on the 29th day of the 7th month.

Events of the Tenbun era

  • 1532 (Tenbun 1, 24th day of the 8th month): Yamashina Honganjimarker set on fire. Hokke Riot in Kyōto.
  • 1536 (Tenbun 5, 26th day of the 2nd month): Go-Nara is formally installed as emperor.
  • 1541 (Tenbun 10, 14th day of the 6th month): Takeda Harunobu (later Takeda Shingen) banishes his father, Takeda Nobutora.
  • 1542 (Tenbun 11, 25th day of the 8th month): Imagawa Yoshimoto, who was daimyo of Suruga provincemarker, conquered Totomi province; and from there, he entered Mikawa provincemarker where he battled the daimyo of Owari province, Oda Nobuhide. The Imagawa forces were defeated by the Oda army.
  • 1543 (Tenbun 12, 25th day of the 8th month): Portuguesemarker ship drifts ashore at Tanegashimamarker, and the gun is first introduced into Japanmarker.
  • 1543 (Tenbun 13, 7th month): There was flooding in Heian-kyō and nearby areas.
  • 1546 (Tenbun 15, 20th day of the 12th month): Ashikaga Yoshihusi becomes 13th Shōgun of the Ashikaga shogunate.
  • 1547 (Tenbun 11): Joseon-Japanese "Treaty of Tenbun," trading limited to Joseon port of Pusan and Sō clan commerce limited to 20 ships annually.
  • 1548 (Tenbun 17, 30th day of the 12th month): Nagao Kagetora (later Uesugi Kenshin) replaces his older brother Nagao Harukage as heir to Echigo Province, with triumphant entry in Kasugayama Castlemarker.
  • 1549 (Tenbun 18, 24th day of the 2nd month): Princess Nō marries Oda Nobunaga.
  • 1549 (Tenbun 18, 3rd day of the 7th month): Jesuit Catholic priest Francis Xavier arrives in Japan at Kagoshima.
  • 1549 (Tenbun 18, 27th day of the 11th month): Matsudaira clan of Mikawa Provincemarker fall under Imagawa Yoshimoto's rule. Matsudaira Takechiyo (later Tokugawa Ieyasu) departs for Imagawa as a hostage.
  • 1554 (Tenbun 23, 2nd month): Shogun Yoshihusi was changed to Yoshiteru.


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