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Théophile Ferré
Théophile Charles Gilles Ferré,(Paris, 1846 - Satory, 1871) was one of the members of the Paris Commune. He, together with Louis Rossel and Bourgeois, was one of the first to be executed (November 22, 1871) at Satorymarker, the military base south-west of Versailles.

Théophile Ferré was condemned to death for having ordered the execution of six hostages including Georges Darboy, the archbishop of Paris. Darboy, Bonjean (président de chambre à la Cour de cassation), the priest Deguerry of the Église de la Madeleinemarker, and Allard, Clerc, Ducoudray of the Society of Jesus were executed on May 24 - the ill-fated Wednesday of the "Semaine Sanglante" (Sunday, May 21-Sunday, May 28). This act was in retaliation for the summary executions by the Versailles troops who by then had already captured the heights of Montmartremarker, where Ferré, who had been elected to the Commune by the XVIIIth district (Montmartre), was among the last defenders.

Ferré was also charged with having issued the order to burn down the ministry of Finance. At the trial a note reading :"Flambez Finance!" signed by Ferré was produced. The signature later proved a forgery (Lissagaray). Ferré nevertheless did indeed order the burning of buildings.(see also: Pétroleuses)

Louise Michel was deeply in love with Théophile Ferré. Both were from the same district:Montmartre. Both took the same defiant attitude at their trial, as described by Lissagaray in his "Histoire de la Commune de 1871" (Bruxelles: Kistemaeckers ed, 1876)

note: Mgr Darboy was to have been exchanged with Louis Auguste Blanqui. The American ambassador in Paris, Elihu B. Washburne was the intermediary in negotiations over this with Versailles. He could only communicate Adolphe Thiers cold refusal to the Communards.


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