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That Guy with the Glasses is a website that showcases original entertainment for an audience including video game enthusiasts and movie buffs. It primarily stars Chicagomarker native Douglas Walker aka "That Guy with the Glasses." The founder and administrator of the site is Michael Michaud, in addition to being the CEO of the parent company Channel Awesome. The site was launched in April 2008 after the original videos were removed from YouTube following complaints of copyright infringement. That Guy with the Glasses has been a success, with 800,000 unique visitors, generating revenue of over $10,000, per month. As a result of this, several sister sites are planned, beginning with Bar Fiesta and Blistered Thumbs.

The website is home to several episodic series, starring Douglas Walker and others. The main Douglas Walker series are 5 Second Movies (hyper-edited feature films), The Nostalgia Critic (reviews of 1980-90s films and television), Ask That Guy with the Glasses (comedy question and answer show) and Bum Reviews with Chester A. Bum (plot summaries of current feature films). Other videos and written articles are hosted on the site, including some minor series and sketches starring Walker. Videos are now hosted by after problems with earlier provider Revver.


Walker's first appearance on the web was on the video website, YouTube, in which he created satirical video reviews of films and other media entertainment of the past and present. While the videos gained a large fan-base, the series drew complaints from major studios like 20th Century Fox and Lions Gate over alleged copyright infringement. Despite Walker explaining in his videos that his videos are satirical, and thus protected by the "fair use" copyright clause, pressure from the studios resulted in his Youtube Channels and video content being taken off the website. Walker attempted to re-upload his content by assigning each video a new, separate channel so that if one were deleted, the others would be left intact. However due to continuing issues with Youtube, Walker decided to leave the website altogether and create the website That Guy with the Glasses with Internet webmaster Mike Michaud. Michaud had created the sites' parent company, Channel Awesome, after he and two others were laid off from Circuit City in 2007. Michaud has stated, "If we didn't lose our jobs, [the business] wouldn't have happened anytime soon."

The site was re-launched in April 2008, and all of Walker's future videos would only be posted there. The site later expanded to feature content from various other contributors. In December 2008, Walker appeared in a commercial for the PBS documentary Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America, performing a series of brief imitations of famous comedians, from Charlie Chaplin to Stephen Colbert. In 2009, Doug and Rob Walker and Brian Heinz produced an iRiff of The Lion King for RiffTrax. In March 2009, the iRiff was chosen as the winner of the website's RiffTrax Presents contest. The performers received $1,000 and, with instruction from Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, recorded a commentary for the film Batman Forever.

The Nostalgia Critic show averages 100,000 to 200,000 viewers per week, and the site as a whole has 14 million page views per month. This is expected to increase following content-provider's deal with Youtube in July 2009. As of July 2009, the site earns more than $10,000 per month in advertising revenue and has received more than $11,000 in online donations, with the company expecting to earn $150,000 by the end of the year. In the third quarter of the 2009 Fiscal year, Walker's shows earned $53,000 with $32,000 from the Nostalgia Critic alone. This revenue was generated by run of network from Puma and Starburst. The success of his shows has allowed Walker to make a living performing and to quit his previous job as an illustrator, as well as pay the salary of co-founder/COO Mike Ellis.

Channel Awesome has plans to build on the success of That Guy with the Glasses with a network of new websites including Bar Fiesta (covering Chicago entertainment and nightlife), Blistered Thumbs (a spin off incorporating the current site's videogame content) and InkedReality (anime and comic books). Mike Michaud told the Chicago Sun-Times that he has 300 new show ideas in the works, intends to discover more performers like Walker, and has plans to increase revenue through sponsorships and merchandising.

Revver issues

After contracting with Live Universe, Revver's earnings from July 2008 onwards were still "pending", meaning that Revver had delayed payments to unspecified date. On December 9, 2008, Revver sent a message to all its users saying that earnings from June were transferred, and the other earnings would be transferred as soon as possible. However, many people still have yet to receive these payments.

Several of their most popular content providers, including ScrewAttack and That Guy with the Glasses, have also publicly posted complaints of Revver owing them vast amounts of money on their websites and began moving their content over to Blip.TV

5 Second Movies

Walker is considered an important figure in the "hyperediting" trend. Currently, 5 Second Movies has had a total of 131 episodes. After the 101st episode, Walker said he will only make them if he thinks of a very funny idea, because he has almost run out of ideas and he does not want to run the series into the ground and grow stale. After his videos were taken down from Youtube, Walker made a video that parodied Chris Crocker's "Leave Britney Alone!" video, entitled "Leave 5 Second Movies Alone!" Today, 5 Second Movies is something of an internet meme, with several fan-made videos on YouTube, although they are very rarely exactly 5 seconds long.

Nostalgia Critic

Along with the 5 Second Movies, The Nostalgia Critic is the most popular video series created by Walker, in which he plays the titular Nostalgia Critic, a grumpy and easily aggravated character who mostly reviews entertainment from the 1980s and 1990s. His catch-phrase, "I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it, so you don't have to," usually opens and ends each video. Not all reviews are negative, such as the reviews of the live-action Transformers, (his first review), Double Dare, and Gargoyles. He also does Top 11 countdowns ("Because I like to go one step beyond.") and "Old vs. New" comparisons between two movies that share source material.

In August 2008, the Nostalgia Critic sponsored a contest to find someone to play the "Nostalgia Chick", who would act as his female foil and answer requests he received to review female-targeted shows and movies. The contest ended in a three-way tie between Lindsay Ellis (who reviewed Disney's Pocahontas), That Chick with the Goggles (who reviewed Sailor Moon), and MarzGurl (who reviewed The Last Unicorn). The Critic ended up giving the title to Ellis, who later adopted the moniker "The Dudette", but still allowed That Chick with the Goggles and MarzGurl to post videos on the site.

There are several running gags in his videos. For example, whenever a villain in the review is revealed to have a generic goal to "you guessed it, take over the world" (or sometimes take over a city, as in Double Dragon's case), the Critic will interrupt that video by inserting a clip of M. Bison from Street Fighter (played by Raul Julia) yelling "Of course!" The Critic "dies" on several occasions, and even complains in the Double Dragon review by stating "Is it just me, or have I been dying a lot recently?" Whenever a suggestive or violent scene occurs in a children's movie (such as Mewtwo destroying a lab and letting all of the scientists inside it burn to death in Pokémon: The First Movie), he smiles and says sarcastically, "You know, for kids!" In response to a surreal and pointless scene, the Critic will deem the scene as "A Big-Lipped Alligator Moment" in reference to a scene in All Dogs Go to Heaven; the gag was first used in a review of FernGully: The Last Rainforest alongside the Nostalgia Chick, who also uses the term. He makes fun of bad actors by saying in a mocking tone, "I'm acting!". One other running gag is that whenever Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a movie, the line "Put that cookie down!" from Jingle All the Way is played. One newer running gag is whenever something physically impossible or ridiculous happens in a movie, the Critic will sometimes claim that such a thing would only make sense if the person doing it was Chuck Norris. He then proceeds to show a graphic of Chuck Norris's head in front of a firework show while exclaiming in a high, squeaky voice "CHUCK NORRIIIIIS!" Another gag involves the Burger King appearing whenever the Critic says the word "elephant", although disappears when an S sound is added, as the Critic abuses in one video. Also, when an older character does something that could be considered inappropriate with a younger character, he will yell "bad touch!" then dial a phone and then describe the situation while messages such as "keep it PG" flash on the screen. Whenever some kind of strange monster pops out in a movie (such as in The Pagemaster or Alone in the Dark), the line "Zuul, Motherfucker, Zuul!!!" - a reference to the demon of the same name from Ghostbusters - is played. There is also a running gag which originates from the Casper review. A hand-drawn Casper says that the Nostalgia Critic has no idea what the true essence of comedy is. Instead of explaining what the essence of comedy is, he remains silent. The Critic continues with the review, but about a second later, Casper interrupts him and yells "TIMING!". The joke is repeated several times in this review and was also used in the following one, making it one of the running jokes of the series. These gags are often subverted or lampshaded in later videos.

Nostalgia Critic vs. The Angry Video Game Nerd

Walker gained even more fame when he, as The Nostalgia Critic, launched a satirical attack on fellow web comedian The Angry Video Game Nerd (played by James D. Rolfe). This fictional feud has been covered by Internet Superstar host Martin Sargent, who interviewed Douglas Walker's character.

In June 2008, the Critic went to the Nerd in person at a video game convention in Clifton, New Jerseymarker, exchanged satirical fighting words leading to a fake brawl in the parking lot, along with another Internet personality, Captain S. The Nerd agreed to review a bad film (the low-budget spoof film Ricky 1), as long as the Critic reviewed a poor video game (the video game version of the animated film Bébé's Kids). The mock feud culminated in "The Final Battle," a lengthy fight scene parodying popular films and cliches. Later "Geek Fight," a collectible card game based on the feud and things on their respective websites, was released.

On May 10, 2009, Critic and the Nerd starred in "TGWTG Team Brawl", which was filmed on location in Chicago, IL, and celebrated That Guy With the Glasses' one-year anniversary. Various personalities from both the Critic and Nerd's sites participated in a battle between the "Reviewers", led by the Critic, and "Gamers", led by the Nerd. The battle featured numerous references to videos of all the Internet personalities. Eventually, Ask That Guy put a stop to the fight by suggesting the two sides create crossovers (ironically, by the end of the video, neither the Nerd nor the Critic even remember why they began feuding in the first place). This resulted in many video crossovers among the That Guy With the Glasses personalities. The last of these crossover videos was a joint review with the Nostalgia Critic and Angry Video Game Nerd who reviewed a documentary about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' "Coming Out of their Shells" concert together. After the review, the two reviewers resume their rivalry implying more installments featuring their characters. ==Ask That Guy with the Glasses== [[File:Ask That Guy with the Glasses.PNG|thumb|right|Walker as That Guy with the Glasses]] {{See also|List of Ask That Guy with the Glasses episodes}} The segment involves Walker, wearing a blue robe, red ascot and carrying a pipe and book, answering questions from his fans. He starts out each segment by saying "Hello, didn't hear you come in" (saying hello in a different language each time), followed by "Greetings and Welcome to Ask That Guy with the Glasses". He proceeds to initially respond to the first question with "That's a very good question", regardless of how insane it may be. The narrator reads each question and Walker responds with a comedic answer, sometimes commenting on the person who asked it. He ends each video with, "This is That Guy With the Glasses saying, there's no such thing as a stupid question until you ask it." followed with a wink. "That Guy" is portrayed as an [[upper-class]], yet [[perverted]] and [[Mental illness|mentally disturbed]] person who is all-knowing (it is said in several episodes that he is really a woman). He also sometimes says "yes" after answering a question to confirm what he just said. According to him, he also works part-time for Satan. In "Ask That Guy Episode 30", That Guy with the Glasses asked his own set of questions and invited viewers to submit their own answers. Some of them were later featured in "Ask That Guy: User Edition". ==Bum Reviews with Chester A. Bum== [[File:Chester A Bum.PNG|thumb|right|Walker as Chester A. Bum]] Chester Alfred Bum (sometimes simply referred to as 'the Bum'), is a character created by Walker to review current and new film releases (usually the film opening with the widest release that weekend). The character was created after the Nostalgia Critic's review of ''[[Cloverfield]]'' and Walker loved the voice of his impersonation of Hud from the film so much that he created Chester out of it,{{cite web|url=|title= Columbia College, IL Q&A Session|accessdate=2009-01-20|work=That Guy With The Glasses}} though the origins of the character came from Doug's review of ''[[Transformers (film)|Transformers]]''. His first review was released in early May 2008 on the movie ''[[Speed Racer (film)|Speed Racer]]''. It is mentioned several times that he uses drugs, which seem to be the source of some of his erratic comments ("[[Submarine]]s are not [[monkeys]], they are [[human]] beings!" or claiming that he used to live in a pie), though he later claims to be a [[Mormon]]{{cite web|url=|title=AVGN vs NC Review|accessdate=2009-08-08|work=That Guy With The Glasses}}. On some occasions when he sees an extremely strange film, he thinks he might have been on drugs at the time (such as ''[[Hellboy 2]]''). He also frequently voices his disgust about him being a bum, and will comment on a movie being good, because "it was shown in [[movie theatre|a warm, warm, building]]!" . Each episode opens with a minuet by Boccherini, creating a refined setting which is soon broken because Chester starts off most of his reviews shouting "Oh, my God! This is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life!", regardless of Walker's actual opinion of the movie. Throughout the review, he questions many aspects in the film and even compares them to himself. His reviews consist of detailed plot explanations, usually spoiling the films' endings. They also follow a non linear structure, in which he will sometimes talk about something completely unrelated or go off screen. He is also prone to shout the word "Hooray!" when he is pleased with something. He typically ends every review with his final verdict and a plea for some change in his Styrofoam cup (shouting out, "Change! You got change? Oh, come on help a guy out will ya?, Come on, change!" in a voice similar to the bum played by [[Vance Colvig]] in ''[[UHF (film)|UHF]]''). Walker's actual opinion of the film is presented in the end credits card (e.g. "Seriously though, [[Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull|''Indiana Jones'']] was okay." or "Seriously though, [[Watchmen (film)|''Watchmen'']] was, um, weird."). Like Many of Doug Walker's characters, Chester A. Bum cannot get killed off as demonstrated in both the TGWTG Brawl when he was shot point blank range by Ma-Ti with the Angry Video Game Nerd's Superscope gun. Also in the Alone In The Dark movie review when he was one of the of the people being shot during a strobe light shootout sequence parodying a scene in the film. ==Other sketches and series== In addition to the above series, Walker also performs short sketches. Some of them later received sequels or are parts of newer, smaller series. ===The Bjork Show=== The Bjork Show is a series written by Walker and starring Victoria Taylor.{{cite web|url=|title=The Internet Show Episode 2: "The Bjork Show: What went wrong?"|work=That Guy With The Glasses|accessdate=2009-11-25}} She portrays a fictionalized version of [[Björk]] as the host of a surreal [[talk show]] on [[Iceland]]ic [[Public Television]]. The show's humor relies on a series of non-sequiturs from "Bjork", who is portrayed as childish, unstable, sociopathic, and somehow omnipotent. Bjork interviews celebrities portrayed by Walker, including [[Edward Norton]] and [["Weird Al" Yankovic]], who act as a straight man to Bjork's insanity, particularly being forced to speak to inanimate objects such as a decaying [[baloney sandwich]] and an armchair as though they were real people. ===That Cartoon Show=== A new series that Walker started August 29, 2009. This series shows off Walker's skilled illustrating abilities (he once had a job as a freelance illustrator). Unlike most of Walker's sketches, this one has no set plot or characters. Instead, it's a compilation of spoofs of TV and films done in animation. For example, episode one was a parody of ''[[LOST]]'' and episode two is a parody of the old [[Honey Nut Cheerios]] commercials entitled "Orangey Oh's". Walker provides all the animation as well as almost all the voice acting. ===Cheerios 2=== The commercial begins with Doug Walker enjoying a bowl of [[Cheerios]]. Suddenly, an invisible announcer (voiced by Doug's brother Rob Walker) invites him to try the new cereal "Cheerios 2" which contains more "whole grain oaty goodness", fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Doug initially resists the announcer's pitch since he does not want Cheerios to change from those he enjoyed as a child. The announcer finally convinces Doug by beating him up, then admits that Cheerios 2 are just the original cereal with a 2 on the box. The Cheerios 2 box has gone on to make cameo appearances in various videos starring the Nostalgia Critic. ===Emo Jones=== On August 17 2009, Walker created a new sketch entitled ''Emo Jones''. The sketch revolves around an Emo named Jones telling small bits of his experiences in life that are considered dark and lifeless. After each small rant of depression, the word ''emo'' is quietly chanted. ===Flashbacks!=== Flashbacks! was made to showcase Doug's earlier college films. *The first episode aired on October 15th 2009, featuring a short comedy film called "Go West", co-starring Walker's "at-that-time" girlfriend. *The second episode is entitled "Life with Death", is a mockumentary about the daily life of the Grim Reaper. *The third episode entitled "The Room" was a short, simple horror film about a man who buys a haunted house. *The fourth episode is Doug's first ever video he had made, entitled "Modern Art", a video about an artist struggling to come up with inspiration for an art contest. ===Lori Prince Live=== In late July 2008, Walker posted a pilot for a series titled ''Lori Prince Live''. The show is a fictional news show, its name being a satirical corruption of [[Larry King Live]], that airs on GNN (Gotham News Network) and takes place in the same continuity as the films ''[[Batman Begins]]'' and [[The Dark Knight (film)|''The Dark Knight'']]. Prince (played by Walker) is the host of a round table discussion show talking about the impact of such issues as violence and drugs on society. [[Joker (comics)|The Joker]] and [[Batman]], [[Mad Hatter|The Mad Hatter]] and [[March Hare|The March Hare]] have guest starred. In these videos, Doug Walker voices the Joker and his brother Rob voices Batman, primarily imitating Bale's gravelly-voiced portrayal of the character. ===Melvin; Brother of the Joker=== This is a "series pitch" so to speak made by Walker, which did not go quite the way it was planned. It received lower ratings than most of his other work, and it's unlikely that he will do any more as Walker seems to have disowned the sketch even though he sometimes jokes about it in his other videos. The first episode consists of Melvin talking about Rayguns, and being harassed by his mother to get up and do something, leading him to knocking her out with medication. It was due to this sketch that he appeared with eyeliner in the The Top 11 Dumbest Superman Moments. ===Theme lyrics=== Each episode consists of Doug Walker playing the opening sequence to a famous or classic TV show and singing original lyrics for the music. The lyrics are often made to give the basic summary of the show, and oftentimes either praise or criticize the show itself. Sometimes the lyrics simply correspond to events that occur during the intro. Each video begins with him quickly saying, "Songs that don't need lyrics but I added them anyway. Ha!" The first show he did this for was ''[[X-Men (TV series)|X-Men]]'' in February 2009. Another notable video was [[Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon]]'s [[Doug]], which Walker has expressed an intense hatred of for harassment he recieved as a child due to the title. The video started out with Walker singing of his irritation at the show, which slowly developed into loud screeching of how it ruined his childhood. He ends the video with 'Okay, that was a little harsh.' ===Video Game Confessions=== Video Game Confessions features a British bartender named Dominic (played by Walker) who works at the Pixel Palace, a restaurant for video game characters.{{citeweb|title=Video Game Confessions|url=|work=That Guy With The Glasses}} The show focuses around him telling of his recent encounters and experiences with the video game characters in a documentary style fashion. The characters' recollections reveal them to engage in less clean activities than in their video games. For example, episode one tells about [[Mario]] and his marital problems with [[Princess Peach]] (mainly due to her obsession with [[kink]] and a [[sexual fetishism|fetish]] of hers for dragons and being rescued by Mario) and episode two talks about [[Sonic]] and his drug-like obsession with Power Rings (and later [[Methamphetamine|crystal-meth]] rings). He illustrates for us these experiences by drawing them on a piece of paper with the Pixel Palace logo on the top and a pictue of whatever character the episode's about in the middle. Each episode ends with Dominic acknowledging, "You see a lot of strange things as a bartender. You see a lot of strange things at the Pixel Palace. So, I see a lot of strange things as a bartender at the Pixel Palace. And that's no lie. Swear to it." ==Other sections of the site== ===Other Video Producers=== *'''The Dudette''' (Lindsay Ellis) lives in New York City, and is from Tennessee. Having been crowned the "[[List of Nostalgia Chick episodes|Nostalgia Chick]]" by Doug Walker, she mostly reviews movies and television shows meant to appeal to girls and produces lists, such as the "Top 11 Villainesses" and the "Top 10 Disturbing and Inescapable Christmas Songs". Except for Walker's videos, hers are the most popular on the site.{{Citation needed|date=September 2009}} She also stars in ''Thanks For The Feedback!'', in which she responds to comments left to her on the site. She appeared alongside the Nostalgia Critic in his review of ''[[FernGully: The Last Rainforest]]'' and in specials such as the "TGWTG Team Brawl" and the visit to "Urkel House" from ''[[Family Matters]]''. ===Blistered Thumbs=== Blistered Thumbs is a video game subdivision of, mainly focusing on video games. They produce comedy/spoofs/sketches, review video games and produce a weekly podcast called ''Transmission Awesome''. *'''AngryJoe''' (Joey Vargas) produces material that is mainly about parodying and presenting the latest in gaming, mostly on his [[Xbox 360]], his unofficial trademark console. *'''Ashens''' (Stuart Ashen) is from England. Ashens does reviews of old, obscure games (''Terrible old games you've probably never heard of''). He also does reviews of terrible ripoff bootleg consoles on his Youtube channel. *'''Benzaie''' (Benjamin Daniel) is from France and is the creator and host of ''Games You Might Don't Know''. Once joining the site, he added other shows, including ''FAQ You!'', ''Game Soundtracks You Might Don't Know'', ''Top 5'', ''5 Second Games'', and ''Benzaie's Hard Corner''. *'''That Chick with the Goggles''' (Krissy Diggs) lives in Missouri. She hosts the series ''Games I Grew Up On'' and ''Quickies'' (two minute-long reviews of various video games). Like MarzGurl, she joined the site after being a runner up for the Nostalgia Chick position. *'''Guru Larry & Wez''' (Larry Bundy Jr. and Wesley Lock), also known as [[ScrewAttack#ScrewAttack_Europe|ScrewAttack Europe]], present ''[[Wez and Larry's Top Tens]]'', ''[[Guru Larry's Retro Corner]]'', Gamed1k and video game reviews from the UK point of view. *'''JewWario''' (Justin Carmical) reviews Japanese only games in a show called "You Can Play This". The only episode in which he states that "You Can't Play This" is when he reviews Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS. *'''Lee Davidge''' is the host of ''Still Gaming'', a video game review show that reviews games from all eras, from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Wii. Instead of recording himself on a video camcorder, Lee uses still images from a digital camera. His fiancée, '''Dena Natali''', also talks about certain video games (usually [[survival horror]]) on her similarly-done show, ''The Game Den''. *'''LordKaT''' is the host of ''Until We Win'', where he guides the viewer through old and very difficult video games. He briefly discusses a game's background, before emphasizing its flaws, challenges and giving tips on how to get through them. *'''Little Miss Gamer''' (Lindsey Briggs) reviews retro games from all consoles. *'''[[Press Start (film)|Press Start Adventures]]''' (Ed Glaser) episodes are released on TGWTG. *'''The Spoony One''' (Noah Antwiler) lives in Arizona, owner and proprietor of ''The Spoony Experiment''. He primarily reviews horrible movies and video games (though he specializes in video games). His most famous review is that of [[Final Fantasy 8]], an eleven part review where he explains why, to him, Final Fantasy 8 is one of the worst games ever made. He eventually teamed up with Walker and now posts several of his videos on the site, including the TGWTG Team Brawl and his ''[[Alone in the Dark]]'' joint review with the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara. He created some very popular characters like "Doctor Insano" (Who was originally created for a segment in a Linkara review) as well as Spencer D. Bum, a tribute to Walker's character of Chester A. Bum. In real life he has a relationship with internet blogger Nurse Scarlett (whom he refers to as Lady Scarlett). *'''Bennett The Sage''' (Bennett White) reviews new video game releases, good and bad, primarily for the [[PlayStation 3]] and [[Xbox 360]], and hosts a show called ''Fanfic Theater'' were he reads the best of the worst of fan fiction. He also does an anime abridged series on YouTube entitled ''[[Elfen Lied]]: The Abridged Series'', which he has recently discontinued due to his workload. *'''Rollo T''' (Chris Larios), and '''Hope Within Chaos''' (Sean Fausz), host ''That Guy with the Glasses''' official podcast, Transmission Awesome. The show generally recaps the week, and usually has a special guest (usually a featured talent) and talks with the guest about his/hers work they contribute to the website. Former co-hosts include Coldguy (Patrick Burden), Mike Michaud, and Dr. Gonzo (Billy Smith). While still employed by the company, ThatAussieGuy would sit in as a substitute if one of the co-hosts is absent.

Inked Reality

  • MarzGurl (Kaylyn Dicksion) lives in San Antonio, Texas. Her videos include A History of Animation and What's That Anime?. She has recently started a series of short editorials about Anime, and a series called "Translation Terrors" where she overlooks Japan to U.S. adaptations (or vice versa) of anime and games. Like That Chick with the Goggles, she joined the site after being a runner up for the Nostalgia Chick position. She has a fictional on again off again relationship with Linkara, having reviewed Cool World alongside him.
  • Team Four Star consists of various amateur animators and voice actors from the United Kingdom and America. Together, they produce DragonBall Z: The Abridged Series and comically redub various episodes of the anime. Recently, Team Four Star has been suspended by YouTube under legal claims from Toei Animation. They are still trying to patch relations with them, and will most likely re-post the videos on their new account.
    • Lanipator (Nick Landis) is a scriptwriter and voice actor of Team Four Star and he does a segment on the site called "Outside the Otaku" where he comments on popular manga and anime. He also does an abridged series of his own on YouTube entitled YuYu Hakusho: The Abridged Series.
    • MasakoX (Lawrence Simpson) is one of the actors of Team Four Star and he has started a six part series on tips for voice acting called MasaVox. He, along with Vegeta3986, makes Naruto: The Abridged Series on Youtube.
  • That Dude in the Suede (William DuFresne) hails from New Zealandmarker, and currently has several long running series. The first of which, AMV Heaven, looks at the best animated music videos all over the net. The second, Animenia, has him reviewing some of the best and worst anime out there. He has also made several 5 Second Movies. Suede went on hiatus in January 2009 due to his affiliation with the Mormon religion, going on a two-year mission for his church.
  • Y Ruler of Time (Nikolas Freeman) hosts Read Right to Left, a series in which he reviews manga series.
  • Linkara (Lewis Lovhaug) is a comic book critic based in Minnesota who started with his own blog called Atop The Fourth Wall and doing movie reviews for The Agony Booth. The actual show uses an abbreviation of the blog's name, making it AT4W. His reviewing style consists of buying issues of bad comic books, poking fun at several factors such as bad dialog (usually done in a dramatic voice), art inconsistencies, and terrible story-lines. He also did a Top 15 WTF Moments in Comics list for his first video and creates 5 Panel Comics. For April Fools' Day 2009, he did a homage to Walker's Bum Reviews, reviewing "Watchmen" as Lester B. Bum. On May 10, 2009 a theme song contest was announced; the winner was revealed June 12 as the "Gunslinger Theme" by Vincent E. L.. He did a joint review of Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark with the Nostalgia Critic and the Spoony One, and collaborated again with the Nostalgia Critic in the review of Superman IV. He has also done reviews with the Spoony One (such as Blackest Night), and both have done several cameos in the other ones videos (such as Linkara's review of Wolverine: Adamantium Rage and Spoony's review of Clones of Bruce Lee).


  • The Distressed Watcher (TJ Kincaid/YouTube user TheAmazingAtheist) reviews trailers for soon to be released movies in his segment Trailer Failure, and gives them an A-to-F rating.
  • Film Brain (Mathew Buck) hosts a video series called Bad Movie Beatdown, in which he gives negative reviews to films he dislikes. He is also one of the article writers, reviewing current movies.
  • Mike J. (Mike Jeavons) "A British Person" as he calls himself, and one of the newest members who reviews poorly done sequels (and the The Wicker Man remake) in a show called "Shameful Sequels". Other videos include odd and absurd "facts" about England (such as: In England, goats are at the top of the food chain, no British person can survive without frequent consumption of tea and that England is free of homosexuals, which, if they are to be discovered are burned alive) and inserting himself into famous movie scenes.
  • Paw (Paul Schuler) originally hosted Full Circle, a look into the musical influences throughout his life. His material tends to circle around music though recently he has started to produce more video game oriented material, including a Let's Play of King's Quest V. He recently started a music review show called "Wi-Fidelity".
  • Phelous (Phelan Porteous) reviews poorly made horror movies as well as directing his own comedic shorts such as Mortal Komedy and DragonBall CG.
  • Hope Within Chaos (Sean Fausz), was given a spot as a featured author for his Epic Fail series of videos after sending a long time in both the blogs sections, which hosts non-featured authors, and as one of the hosts of Transmission Awesome.

Article Writers

  • TheCat (Cat Thompson) is an anime and manga reviewer.
  • Coldguy (Patrick Burden) does miscellaneous articles mostly related to gaming.
  • Last Angry Geek (Brian Heinz) does comic reviews.
  • The Other Guy (Rob Walker) is Doug's brother and does various reviews.
  • Storage and Disposal does animation reviews.
  • Matt Briner does reviews of mainly straight to DVD movies.

Site Affiliates

  • Marobot (Maro), is the official artist for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses's The Nostalgia Critic reviews as he draws accompanying art for each episode. He started with a picture showing the Transmission Awesome team and has even been featured in the Best of Blogs and Awesome Blogs of the Week. Administrator Mike Michaud saw promise in his work and he's been drawing pictures for the site ever since. His work started with the Critic's Garbage Pail Kids review and eventually became official with the review of Rock-A-Doodle.
  • Welshy (Mat), maintains the official YouTube channel for the site, making trailers as well as the new Dailymotion and Break channels.
  • The Game Heroes (Handsome Tom, Perfect Liz, 8-Bit Mickey and others), a gaming website started in March 2008 following Handsome Tom Hanley's firing from ScrewAttack and Liz and Mickey's departures to follow Tom, have partnered up with TGWTG to publish their Game Heroes videos on That Guy With The Glasses. Shows like: Classic Game Review, Top 10s, The Music, and more.
  • LittleKuriboh (Martin Billany), the creator of the Yu-Gi-Oh; The Abridged Series.

Former Members

  • ThatAussieGuy (Daniel Rizzo) was a former Executive Producer of the company, and created such shows as Transmission Awesome, Trailer Trash and produced other shows on the website, he himself reviewed video games. He was released from the site in June 2009 for unknown reasons.


  1. Interview between Handsome Tom of The Game Heroes and That Guy with the Glasses

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