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The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire is a drama series created by David E. Kelley that aired on CBS. The show offers the typical quirkiness and excentric humour that have become synonymous to David E. Kelley's shows. The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire has been described as, "Northern Exposure with middle-aged angst and populated with the sort of oddball supporting characters so typical of the Kelley oeuvre." The show was canceled after 5 episodes due to poor ratings.


The show focused on the families of three brothers in fictional Poland, New Hampshire, one the sheriff, one the mayor, and one out of work. Local heroes in their youth, they are now tackling grown-up problems such as the economy, their children's educations, and their families. As in most families, the brothers know they'll always have each other to help weather the storms of their changing lives. The show has been compared to Picket Fences, another show by creator David E. Kelley.


Randy Quaid - Hank Shaw, the police chief.

John Carroll Lynch - Garrett Shaw, the mayor of Poland, NH.

Chris Penn - Waylon Shaw, the brother down on his luck.

Mare Winningham - Dottie Shaw, wife of Hank. She does not enjoy living in Poland, NH.

Elizabeth McGovern - Helen Shaw, wife of Garrett.

Ann Cusack - Julie Shaw, wife of Waylon.

Angela Goethals - Katie Shaw, daughter of Waylon and Julie.

Megan Henning - Monica Shaw, daughter of Garrett and Helen.

Cleo King - Francine Hill, a police officer in Poland who works with Hank.


The unaired pilot was filmed in Plymouth, New Hampshiremarker in 2003, as were the exterior establishing shots and main title scenes. Filming of the series was then relocated to Pasadena, Californiamarker. Brian Haley was originally cast in the role of Waylon Shaw, but was replaced with Chris Penn after filming the pilot episode.


Ep. # Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Code
0 "Pilot" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman & Ron Lagomarsino unaired 1AHQ01
Hank is troubled when his wife confesses that she hates living in Poland; Garrett is blackmailed by a former lover who threatens to expose their past affair if he doesn't pay her; Waylon is convinced that his wife is cheating on him.
1 "Falling Acorns" David E. Kelley Michael Pressman & Ron Lagomarsino September 24, 2003 1AHQ02
Garrett is blackmailed by a former lover and Dottie tries to get enough money to buy the town's closed movie theater.
2 "Secrets and Lies" David E. Kelley Ron Lagomarsino & Michael Pressman October 1, 2003 1AHQ03
Hank does not support Dottie as he begins to blackmail Sharon Ropers about her affair with Garret. Garrett considers telling Helen about his affair with Sharon, now that their daughter knows the truth; Dottie holds early auditions in the theater for the spring Easter pageant but they don't go as planned.
3 "Tough Love" David E. Kelley Ron Lagomarsino October 8, 2003 1AHQ04
Because of the compliments she keeps getting from a handsome young banker Dottie thinks he wants to sleep with her, but she can't convince Julie. Waylon goes into business for himself selling ice cream from a truck, but encounters hostile opposition from an unexpected source. Monica shocks her parents when she tells them that she wants to have sex with her boyfriend.
4 "Sleeping Lions" David E. Kelley Bill D'Elia October 15, 2003 1AHQ05
The Shaw brothers are shocked when their minister, who is also a lifelong friend, tells them that he is gay. The minister ask for their support when he gives the news to his congregation. Each brother refuses to support their friend, which stirs controversy at home with their wives.
5 "Little Girl Lost" David E. Kelley Ron Lagomarsino October 22, 2003 1AHQ06
The parents of a teenage girl fear that their daughter has been the victim of foul play when she goes missing after a fight with her boyfriend. The brothers adopt strange methods to help find her, including a crime-sniffing Chihuahua. Meanwhile, talk of the girl's sex life leads the women to wonder about their own children's possible sexual activities.
6 "The Song of Poland" David E. Kelley Bill D'Elia unaired 1AHQ07
Waylon asks Hank to help find out the truth about Julie's possible indiscreet relations. Hank punches Haggis and breaks his nose. Their beloved music teacher's death brings the brothers together in song, but Hank thinks the man may have been murdered. Garrett is busy making deals to improve his chances of re-election as mayor. Dottie considers turning the old movie theater into a nightclub.
7 "Shaw-Shank Redemption" David E. Kelley unaired 1AHQ08
Waylon hurts his leg, but he won't explain how he injured himself. Garrett prepares for a mayoral debate against a candidate whose popularity is rapidly increasing. Helen considers an outpatient surgical procedure that will supposedly enhance her love life. Hank takes away the driver's license of an elderly man who drove his car into a restaurant.
8 "Thanksgiving" David E. Kelley unaired 1AHQ09
A basketball tournament keeps Poland on its toes. Hank arrests a woman for drunken driving and Waylon invites her over for Thanksgiving dinner. Garrett wins re-election but his excitement is tempered when his brothers tell him that he's not a good mayor. Waylon tries to get Julie to dress sexier.


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