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The Bugle is a weekly satirical news podcast, hosted by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, and distributed by TimesOnline. New episodes of The Bugle are released on Fridays with related material appearing on the official website. Sum 41 is their official band. The Las Vegas Wranglers are their official ice hockey team. Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations is their official song following a joke in episode 93.


  • In the Bin - Since most readers of visual newspapers immediately toss some sections in the bin, Andy will announce a different part of the audio newspaper that has been pre-discarded. This feature will be the end of the introductory section of the Bugle, culminating with the final strains of the opening theme.

  • Ask an American - Every few episodes, a guest known only as The American (voiced by The Daily Show producer and comedian Rory Albanese) will appear on the show. He is a mildly offensive caricature of a working-class American; xenophobic, lazy, and ignorant. He is from New Jersey (supposedly—some fans have claimed he is from another part of the US or even from England) and often gets in heated debates with John, each twisting each others' logic in attempts to validate their points.

  • Hotties From History - This feature began roughly around the time the show reached double digits. For several consecutive weeks, Andy had been mentioning his attraction to Florence Nightingale with progressively more lewd language. (Andy even claims to have a giant statue of a naked Florence Nightingale in his house.) This culminated with John calling Andy out on this, however it only provoked Andy into encouraging listeners to e-mail in other historical figures they were attracted to. Hotties From History was born. John was initially against the idea, but when Andy put a slideshow of the nominations onto the Bugle blog and John had watched it, he declared that he had become a "total convert." The ground rules for the contest are only that the nominee have been dead for roughly half a century—otherwise it would be creepy. At the end of each month, Andy announces the male and female nominations with the most votes, crowning them "Mr. and Mrs. (Month)." Some of the stranger nominations for the position have been Joanna the Mad, Tiresias (Mr. and Mrs. June 2008), Johannes Kepler, and the Toba Eruption. The latter led to a new rule that nominees "must be human."

  • Audio Cryptic Crossword - Pioneered by Andy, this was a fan favourite. Towards the end of each show, Andy would give a space and direction in a crossword grid (available on the blog), followed by a clue. After a few weeks, John commented on how there was probably nobody actually doing the crossword, which Andy refuted forcefully. Each week, John would progressively declare his hate for the crossword in larger terms until it became a major divisive point between the hosts, each trying to rally support from fans in their favour (Andy receiving the majority). After the final clue was given in episode 29, John gave his opinion on the Crossword as a whole: "I see the glorious history of the Audio Cryptic Crossword as I see the glorious history of the Third Reich—a terrible idea that was rammed down peoples throats for far too long." Andy replied that he agreed with the Third Reich comparison, but for different reasons: It was "a triumph for persistence, doggedness, and the value of standing up to pressure from the other side of the Atlantic." The following week a listener named Elliot sent in a completed crossword, while another listener, Oliver Keyes, stated firmly that he was extremely glad the Crossword was over. Andy retorted that "people were glad when the war was over, but that doesn't mean it wasn't the greatest part of British history." The hosts have come up with several ideas for segments to fill up the space once occupied by the crossword, but none have lasted more than a couple of weeks. The jellyfish of the world particularly appreciated the Audio Cryptic Crossword and were sad to see it go. The JellyfishQueen would much like it if some other kind of Audio Puzzle was established.

  • Emails - Each week includes Andy and John reading from listener emails. The emails are on topics ranging from the content of the show itself--the "Hotties from History" segment has historically generated a lot of email traffic--to listeners sending in material that they think might be of interest to the show hosts. One memorable broadcast included an extended riff by Andy and John on pictures sent in by a pilot of airplanes and other objects that resembled giant penises.

  • Sport - Each show contains a brief section on Sports, frequently including mention by John regarding Andy's obsession with cricket.

  • The Forecast - Each show ends with John and Andy guessing about what will happen in the next week. Topics range from the mundane ("How many runs will Andy get in Cricket?", "Will either of us remember Mother's Day?") to the absurd ("Who is going to replace (Andy as a host) in 2039?" "John, are you going to be alive for next week's Bugle?").

  • Celebrity Stories - Most weeks, either John or Andy recounts a story about what happened in their week. This generally includes meeting famous personalities such as Bill Clinton. As of 23rd November, the most recent story is of how John met Zooey Deschanel while arguing with a bunch of six year-olds over Sarah Palin's autobiography.


  • The Bugle Blog - Andy periodically updates a segment on the Times Online website with extra e-mails, information on the Bugle, and downloadable versions of the past few episodes when he can be bothered, which is almost never due to the fact that Mr. Zaltzman seems more intent on doing his cricket blog or polishing the giant nude Florence Nightingale statue he has in his living room.[614207] In the most recent episodes, Tom the Producer has been posting blog entries and has therefore become the addressee of listener emails.


  • Episode 51 - Let it all be over soon!
  • Episode 52 - Spoiler alert! Obama won
  • Episode 53 - Obama and his not so secret code name
  • Episode 54 - The Vegasmarker Special
  • Episode 55 - Thanksgiving Special
  • The Real Episode 55 - Literally, shooting oneself in the foot
  • Episode 56 - Selling Barack Obamas seat
  • Episode 57 - Hats off to Obama, shoes off for Bush
  • Episode 58 - Did you get peace in the Mid-East for Xmas?
  • Episode 59 - Why Obama's inauguration will be like the Rio carnival
  • Episode 60 - George Bush and Hello Barack Obama
  • Episode 61 - Obama Inauguration Special
  • Episode 62 - Obama and his do nothing wonderland
  • Episode 63 - Foreign snow is invading Britain!
  • Episode 64 - Bankers pretend to apologise to British MPs
  • Episode 64 - Appendage 1 guided tour to the new webpage
  • Episode 65 - Will Obama's stimulus package work? Who cares
  • Episode 66 - Brown gets rubbish present from Obama
  • Episode 67 - Monkey News Special
  • Episode 68 - Obama and his Al Qaeda style video
  • Episode 69 - Possibly the longest penis joke in the world, ever
  • Episode 70 - G-G-G-G-G-GEEEE 20
  • Episode 70.1 - The Easter egg edition
  • Episode 71 - Does torture work?
  • Episode 72 - The Real Swine Flu Vaccine
  • Episode 73 - Are the Taliban skiing down the Swat Valley?
  • Episode 74 - Claiming expenses for MPs that do not exist
  • Episode 75 - What to do with Gitmo? Let fear decide.
  • Episode 76 - Calling out North Korea
  • Episode 77 - Gordon Brown gets a bad dose of the quits
  • Episode 78 - Apathy or the far right? Europe decides.
  • Episode 79 - Iran's theocracy: Letting God decide the election
  • Episode 80 - Iran, Pick on a country your own size!
  • Episode 81 - The G8 the worlds slowest superheroes
  • Episode 82 - Freedom of Speech Special
  • Episode 83 - Obama; Pay for this or you'll all die!
  • Episode 84 - Will Chinamarker rule the world in the future?
  • Episode 85 - I need a hero! Bill Clinton goes to North Korea
  • Episode 86 - Burma triumphs in made up crime prevention.
  • Episode 87 - Afghanistan celebrates election with fireworks!
  • Episode 88 - Iran and its glitzy show trials
  • Episode 88.1 - Travel Section
  • Episode 89 - Good Health Bad Health
  • Episode 90 - Bring on the crazy, Gaddafi!
  • Episode 91 - Happy Birthday Communist Chinamarker
  • Episode 92 - Obama wins first pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize
  • Episode 93 - Peak Oil Special
  • Episode 94 - Does the EU really want El Presidente Blair
  • Episode 94 and a half - Autumn Bonus Bugle
  • Episode 95 - Walls, Wars and power
  • Episode 96 - Two star review for this year's Queen Speech
  • Episode 96 and a bit - Thanksgiving for Berlusconi


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