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The Calling is an American rock band from Los Angelesmarker, Californiamarker. The band was formed by Alex Band (vocals) and Aaron Kamin (guitar) when Kamin was dating Band's sister.


After forming in 1999, Band and Kamin were signed to a record deal with RCA.

The Calling's first album was recorded from 1999-2001. As the band advanced, Sean Woolstenhulme (guitars), Billy Mohler (bass) and Nate Wood (drums) were added in 2001 as extra musicians/touring musicians, and a few of the songs were re-recorded. The Calling's first album, Camino Palmero, was issued in July 2001 and quickly became a hit, due to the strength of its single, "Wherever You Will Go", first featured prominently at the end of the second episode in the first season of the television series, Smallville, Metamorphosis.

In June 2002, Woolstenhulme left The Calling; He was later replaced by Dino Meneghin. Mohler and Wood left in October 2002. In November 2003 former members Wood and Mohler sued Band, Kamin, and the group's management accusing each of mismanagement, fraud, and asking for an audit of the money that was spent during their tenures in The Calling. They claim they were promised a share of the royalties and profits from touring and merchandise in 2001-02. Band and Kamin claimed the two were hired musicians and not entitled to royalties.

In June 2004 the group returned with Two. The album had three singles and accompanying videos, "Our Lives", "Things Will Go My Way", and "Anything". With new touring musicians, the band toured for most of 2004, with founding member Kamin only making sporadic appearances. In July 2005, the band went on indefinite hiatus after playing a farewell show in Temecula, Californiamarker. Alex Band's solo album, entitled We've All Been There is slated for a 2nd quarter 2008 release . Alex and his new band (often mislabeled as "The Calling") played sporadic gigs around the U.S. and Brazil in 2008. The band performed at Washington State University on April 19, 2008 for Springfest. They also performed at Towson University on April 26th, 2008 at the annual Tigerfest show. On top of these two concerts, they played in Celebration, Florida on October 10, 2008.


Current band members

Former band members

Touring musicians

These members were never signed to the label and were used as touring musicians in 2003/2004.

  • Justin Derrico - lead guitar
  • Daniel Damico - guitar, backing vocals, keyboard
  • Corey Britz - bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboard
  • Justin Meyer - drums, percussion



  • Camino Palmero (2001) #6 U.S.marker Gold, #2 UKmarker, #1 ITAmarker (9x Platinum), #1 Mexico (1x Diamond + 3x Platinum). World sales: 5,000,000
  • Two (2004) #54 U.S., #9 UK, #20 ITA (Gold) World sales: 1,500,000


Year Title Peak Chart Position Album

US Adult UK

2001 "Wherever You Will Go" 5 14 37 1 3 Camino Palmero
2002 "Adrienne" 116 - - 22 18
2002 "Could It Be Any Harder" - - - 35 -
2003 "For You" 25 59 103 10 4 Daredevil: The Album
2004 "Our Lives" - - - 16 13 Two
2004 "Things Will Go My Way" - - - - 34
2004 "Anything" - - - 23 -


  • "Wherever You Will Go" is heard in the movie Coyote Ugly, but does not appear on the soundtrack.
  • "Wherever You Will Go" was heavily used by UPN in 2001 in advertisements to promote the debut of Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • The CW hit show Smallville used "Wherever You Will Go" in the second episode of season 1 (Metamorphosis), but it was never included on any of the soundtracks. The song "Unstoppable" was also featured in the pilot.
  • In 2001, The Calling contributed a live performance version of their song "Wherever You Will Go" to the charity album Live in the X Lounge IV.
  • "Wherever You Will Go" was used in soundtrack of Love Actually.
  • Popular sketch comedy TV show Mad TV parodied the video for "Wherever You Will Go," parodying how The Calling, Creed, Pearl Jam and Ray Charles all sound similar.
  • The band appeared in the movie, Coyote Ugly, performing "Wherever You Will Go" when Violet goes to the club looking for the manager and sees Kevin for the first time.
  • "For You" was also used in the soundtrack of Daredevil.
  • The song "One By One" was written about a school shooting that happened over 8 years ago but not about the Columbine High School Massacremarker as sometimes thought.
  • The Calling appeared on the TV show American Dreams as protestors and sang a cover of The Beatles song Nowhere Man.
  • Touring drummer Justin Meyer (2003-2004) has been lifelong friends with Aaron Kamin.
  • Touring bassist Corey Britz (2004) has been touring with Gavin Rossdale.
  • Touring guitarist Justin Derrico (2004) now plays for Pink.
  • Brianna from The Real World: Hollywood performed with Alex's new solo band in Hollywood, California.
  • The song "Could It Be Any Harder" was featured on the spin off series "Brooke Knows Best" in 2008.
  • The song "Our Lives" was played in the closing of the 2004 Summer Olympics.


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