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The Ellen DeGeneres Show (often shortened to Ellen) is a syndicated television talk show hosted by comedian/actress Ellen DeGeneres and distributed by Warner Bros. Television. The show features interviews with celebrities, games with members of the public, comedic monologues by the host and music performances. It premiered on September 8, 2003. The show was nominated for 11 Daytime Emmy Awards its first season, winning four, including Best Talk Show. It gained 12 nominations in its second season and won 6 Emmys, including Best Talk Show and Talk Show Host. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been renewed through the 2010–2011 season. Since the beginning of its run, the show has been taped in Studio 11 at NBC Studios in Burbankmarker, California. The show began recording in high definition on September 6, 2008, the sixth season premiere. This coincided with a move to Stage 1 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Californiamarker after NBC sold the property where the show was previously recorded.


The premise of Ellen is similar to other daytime television talk shows, such as The Oprah Winfrey Show. The program combines comedy, celebrity and musical guests and human-interest stories. The program is not characterized as a tabloid talk show, nor does it involve experts giving advice in regards to personal relationships.

A popular staff member, aspiring stunt man Houston Rose (pronounced "How-Ston"), frequently featured during the first broadcast year. In a segment called "Have Houston Do It For You," he was sent to people's homes to help with tasks like putting up Christmas decorations or remodeling a bathroom. Other staff members included Jeff Cosgrave, who was set up on a variety of blind dates; Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner, her executive producers on the floor; Robert, her crooning prop master; Kevin the game show host; Jim, her PA; and Andy, the prize guy.

As in The Rosie O'Donnell Show, DeGeneres often has audience participation games where prizes are awarded. During her Twelve Days of Giveaways promotion, she gives about $1,000 worth of prizes to each member of the studio audience (and a handful of home viewers as well) for 12 days in a row leading up to Christmas. Because the show has become so popular, not all who arrive hoping to see a taping can fit into the studio, so an off-shoot space referred to as "The Riff Raff Room" was created. Persons seated here are often referenced and shown briefly on camera but watch the taping from off-stage.
Ellen has also helped many non-famous people attain their 15 minutes of fame by having them as guests on the show. Guests in this role have included intelligent children, the owner of a small shop called "Mostly Moose and More", a flea market owner who raps in his commercials, and a male audience member who refused to dance, named Carl by Ellen based on the way he looks, while his real name is Jim. Most recently there has been Lisa Barnum, who attempted to step on Ellen's coffee table aggravating her back injury; in several later episodes Ellen jokingly blames Lisa for her back injury.

In the show's third season, Ellen began surprising fans by introducing them to their favorite celebrities.

On May 18, 2006, the show celebrated its 500th episode.

In October 2007, Ellen tearfully pleaded on-air with a private pet adoption agency. The agency took Ellen's dog back from her when it learned Ellen's girlfriend Portia de Rossi had violated a written agreement not to give ownership of the dog to a third party. The agency received threats from fans, according to their lawyer, which Ellen regretted. A distraught Ellen canceled two days of taping her show to compose herself.

On November 19, 2007, the show celebrated its 700th episode, even though the actual 700th show was over a month earlier.

The show moved to Warner Bros. studios for its sixth season due to the NBC lot being sold. The episode aired on May 27, 2008, featuring Evan Handler and Dr. Wayne Dyer, was the last show taped on the NBC lot. The show was taped on May 23, 2008.

On May 1, 2009, Ellen celebrated her 1,000th episode.

2007 Writers Guild strike

DeGeneres, a member of the Writers Guild of America, supported the 2007 writers' strike. However, on November 9, 2007, DeGeneres crossed the picket line to tape more episodes of her TV show stating:

DeGeneres decided to abstain from doing a monologue on her show (which is typically written by WGA writers) during the strike. Her show continued production as normal with the exception of her monologue being omitted. The WGAE issued a statement condemning DeGeneres, stating she was "not welcome in NY." DeGeneres' representatives asserted that she did not violate the WGA's agreement, arguing that she is competing with other first-run syndicated shows like Dr. Phil and Live with Regis and Kelly during the competitive November sweeps period, and that DeGeneres must fulfill her duties as host and producer, lest her show lose its time slot or be held in breach of contract. In addition, a statement defending DeGeneres was subsequently issued by AFTRA, pointing out that DeGeneres also works under the AFTRA TV Code, which bars her from striking. The WGAE then issued a response pointing out that DeGeneres is also a Writers Guild member, and that any writing work she did on her show during the strike constituted struck work.


Since the show's debut, DeGeneres has segued from her opening monologue by doing a dance. The dancing proved to be extremely popular with viewers, and has since progressed to a segment where DeGeneres dances into the audience, sometimes borrowing a coat or purse from someone's chair, and taking it with her. She has also featured a segment in which people teach her new dance moves. During the early 2006 season, Ellen shortened her dance routine and did not go through the audience, making more time for segments. Upset fans sent thousands of e-mails to Ellen as a result of this, and the dancing resumed as usual a few days later. One of her most famous dance moves is dancing over the table, and although she does not do it every day, it is a recurring theme. As an April Fools' Day prank in 2009, the show's staff placed a wider table top over her normal table. During the show when Ellen attempted to dance over it, she barely made it across, being forced on her tip-toes and using the table as leverage. On the seventh season premiere, Ellen performed a dance segment with the cast of "So You Think You Can Dance".

In September 2009, four major record labels sued the producers of the show for unspecified damages over the dance routine, for allegedly using songs without permission.


Unlike most talk shows, the show uses a disc jockey to supply music rather than a band. Originally, the role was filled by Los Angeles-based DJ Scott K, who lasted only a few weeks. He was later replaced by Tony Okungbowa, who DJed through season 3. Due to his growing acting career, Okungbowa left the show in Season 4, and was replaced by actor/DJ Jon Abrahams for the fourth season premiere. Abrahams stayed on the show for one season, and also left as his acting career grew. Ted Stryker of KROQ, who is also co-host of Loveline with Dr. Drew, was the DJ for the fifth season. Stryker stayed for one season when Okungbowa returned.


The Executive Producers are Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner and Jim Paratore. The writing staff has included Karen Kilgariff (Head Writer), Karen Anderson, Margaret Smith and Ellen DeGeneres. Margaret Smith recently left the show to work on her own projects, including her first book, What Was I Thinking? How Being a Stand Up Did Nothing to Prepare Me to Become a Single Mother (Crossroad Publishing, 2008).

Recurring elements

Ellen is known for its use of recurring elements, sarcastic jokes and gags, some of which have eventually petered out.
  • "Emmy Nominated." - Ellen says this when she makes a bad joke, saying that even though she makes all these bad jokes, the show still got nominated for an Emmy.
  • "Whuut?" - Ellen uses this word as a joke, usually when she is talking about somebody being surprised, either by her or somebody else. In the episodes filmed in February, she often mentions it being "Whuut? the February!".
  • "KAAA!" - Ellen frequently uses this made-up word as an enthusiastic response to the audience's applause. Often she will say the word in a high-pitched voice and drag it out for several seconds, or add unique hand gestures. This is often accompanied by the appreciative phrase, "Back at ya!" On one of the first episodes she was imitating a bird that flew over her head, and it stuck.
  • "I appreciate it" - Ellen often uses the phrase "I appreciate it" in response to the audience's applause. Also, Ellen frequently thanks the audience by telling them to "take it (the applause) and..."; filling in the end with a phrase such as "mix it up in a Margarita."
  • Mama chair - DeGeneres's mother Betty DeGeneres regularly attends the show and was frequently featured on camera, but she stopped appearing regularly early in 2006 because she moved. Her chair was designated the Mama chair and special privileges are given to the audience member who sits in it.
  • Shaking of the head - During the opening monologue, Ellen will frequently make sarcastic comments about her or other people but then shake her head and smile at the audience, making it clear she meant it as a joke.
  • Breaking news - Sometimes Ellen will be interrupted by "breaking news," which is always reported from in front of one of the rear projection screens. The gag is, however, that the reporter and Ellen seem to be in different locations at the beginning, but are then shown to be only feet from each other in the studio. The reporter also always holds her ear piece and experiences a delay in hearing Ellen. Usually Ellen will end up walking over to the reporter and attempt to talk to her face-to-face, while the reporter ignores her and carries on the charade of a satellite interview. The role of the reporter is played by Karen Kilgariff, the show's head writer.
  • Fireplace - During the third season, Ellen featured a small electric fireplace on the table between her and the guest.
  • Telephone - Ellen uses an old-fashioned, beige telephone to conduct interviews. Sometimes the phone seems to be dialed without Ellen pressing numbers or Ellen will put the phone down and walk around the studio while still talking to the person on the line.
  • Gladys Hardy - Ellen has called Gladys Hardy, a grandmother from Texas, who originally left Ellen a voicemail message. Gladys offers amusing advice and observations that often send Ellen into a fit of laughter. Gladys became so popular that the show now offers a Gladys T-shirt and Gladys has often replaced the show's professional announcers who introduce Ellen at the start of each episode. However, some have begun to question the authenticity of Gladys, leading some to believe she is a prank.
    • "Keep On Keepin' On!" - Gladys says this when speaking to Ellen.
  • Drawings - Despite her lack of drawing skills, Ellen will sometimes draw a person or other image on the set using a large easel. At the end of the show, each audience member received a large copy of the drawing.
  • Am I right, ladies? - Ellen usually says this when talking about men but has also said it on other occasions.
  • "Kitty" - "Kitty" is an elderly woman who attended an episode taping of Ellen. Before the crew begins to tape, Ellen's DJ will play music for the audience, and they are free to dance. Ellen, on a later episode, displayed video footage of "Kitty" dancing, showing her face changing abruptly and covering her ears when the DJ changed songs. Ellen nicknamed the woman "Kitty" and the clip became a fan favorite. The woman was later identified as Charlotte Pope of Riverside, Californiamarker and was invited back on the show as a guest.
  • Days of Our Lauren - Lauren is a writer from the show who was nominated for an Emmy in 2008 for her previous work on Saturday Night Live. She promised Ellen that she would run on stage with whoever won, but did not. Ellen said she was a liar and punished her by making her stand behind Ellen through the whole show on September 23, 2008. A man wrote in and said the Lauren was pretty, and Ellen read the letter on the show. Then, a lady wrote in saying that she was the man's girlfriend. Ellen brought the man on the show on October 15, 2008. Ellen dubbed the issue "Days of Our Lauren", and played the Days of our Lives theme song.
  • "Aww Snap!" - Anytime Ellen says "Aww snap," a sound effect of a whip cracking is played. Normally this happens when Ellen mentions her game of the same name, but sometimes the sound effect is played if Ellen mentions the phrase in general conversation. In November 2008, after guest Taylor Swift revealed that Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas broke up with her in 27 seconds over the phone, Ellen said "Aww snap," followed a few seconds later by the sound effect of a whip cracking.
  • Ellen Underwear - Ellen gives each of her guests underwear that say Ellen on the waistband. Sometimes the guests show them off on the show, or Ellen will show pictures of guests wearing them in other places.


Ellen premiered its fourth season on September 4, 2006 with a new set and on-screen graphics. The new set features two large rear projection screens that initially displayed a cityscape of Los Angeles. As the season progressed, producers replaced the screens with seasonal photographs contributed by viewers and DeGeneres. The screens are also designed to display video clips to the studio audience. In addition, the screens are also used during some of the show's gags, such as "breaking news" segments.

In front of the screens is the main area of the set, situated on a raised platform. Normally, this area features two red arm chairs with a plasma screen between them. Ellen typically sits in the chair on the right, while guests take the left side. On occasions when more than one guest is interviewed at one time, an additional chair is added to the left side or a large matching sofa replaces the chair. Throughout the show, the plasma screen is used to display graphics relating to the current segment, guest or other content.

To the left of the main area is a large wall with unique lighted segments that slides open for DeGeneres' entrance at the beginning of each show. The entrance is also used for crew members to wheel out audience gifts. The lighted segments often change colors to match the episode's theme and are also sometimes used as a game board for audience games. The area in front of this wall is often used for games as well as demonstration segments such as cooking or exercise features. The area behind the lighted wall is most frequently used for live music performances. Often this area is decorated with special scenery and lighting to match the mood of the singer and the song. The audience area of the set is decorated in similar tones as the main area. Audience members sit on folding chairs set up in rows on risers. One of these rows, near the center of the audience area, is slightly wider, and is almost always the one Ellen dances through at the beginning of the show.

Season 5 saw some minor tweaks to the set, including new textured glass covering in the audience area "windows" and a new monologue location in front of the lighted wall. The new season also saw the introduction of new on-screen graphics and a shorter opening clip. In addition, the show has reverted to using a professional announcer.

Season 6 is also seeing some changes to Ellen's set, mainly due to the fact that the show moved to the Warner Brothers Lot. The stage itself is the same, but what Ellen sees is different. There are more seats in the audience, with a whole new Riff-Raff Room, and new seats. The new seats are blue and feature cup holders. Behind the audience is different as well, featuring colored blocks on the walls that flash different colors. The aisles where Ellen dances are now made of wood.

Season 7 saw no changes. The screen behind Ellen changed and there was a new title opening which were the only changes.

In popular culture

The show was featured in an episode on the NBC sitcom Joey, with the main character (Joey Tribbiani) as a guest. It was also featured on an episode of the series Six Feet Under and The Bernie Mac Show, with Bernie Mac appearing as a guest. Still later, it was featured on an episode of the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; while the Holmes family of Altamonte Springs, Floridamarker was receiving a new home, they were in the audience during an episode of the show, and saw the unveiling of a secondary project of Ty Pennington's team, a turtle habitat, while there. Also, on The CW show Reaper, the Devil, played by Ray Wise, asked Sam Oliver, played by Bret Harrison, "What time does Ellen come on?" The clip of the show was later featured on Ellen. In a second season episode of Veronica Mars, Logan Echolls, played by Jason Dohring, after spending two days in jail, remarked that he had accumulated "Two days of Ellen on my TiVo." In the fifth season episode of Gilmore Girls, Luke tells Sookie, who is on bedrest, to "Sit back, relax and watch Ellen dance around a little."

Also, on a special feature on the Finding Nemo dvd, Jean-Michel Cousteau talks about the ocean. When he mentions the Spanish dancer, Marlin, one of the characters from the movie, appears and said, "Did somebody say 'dancing'?" and starts dancing, similar to Ellen's dancing routine.


The show averages about 3.0 million viewers per episode, according to daytime television ratings, which makes it one of the highest-viewed daytime shows.


  • Ellen DeGeneres — host
  • Scotty K — show DJ (September 8–September 29, 2003)
  • Tony Okungbowa — show DJ (2003–2006; 2007 substitute; 2008-present)
  • Jon Abrahams (Jonny) — show DJ (2006–2007)
  • Stryker — show DJ & announcer (2007–2008)


Ellen's show features a wide variety of regular segments. Some of these segments appear very frequently, while others are less popular. Most segments have a theme song, usually taken from popular music, that is played along with a full-screen graphic with the segment's title. After the segment is introduced, Ellen will usually clap or dance to the music before abruptly cutting it off.
  • Audience Dancing - Ellen displays video clips of some of her audience members dancing comically before the taping of the show, and during commercial breaks.
  • Bad Paid For Photos - Viewers send in 'Bad' paid for photos of somebody, or themselves, and Ellen features them on her show. In the 7th season, she began doing "Bad Paid For Photos LIVE!".
  • Best Photos Ever - Ellen shows the best viewer photos, sometimes with a theme based on the episode or season. Sometimes, Ellen's favorite is used as the set's background.
  • Call Me - Ellen plays messages left on her answering machine for her toll-free number (866-ELK-DOUG). The show originally advertised a standard number to the staff offices, but calls overloaded the phone system, forcing the toll free number to be introduced. It is not clear what the status of the number is, however, because in some repeat episodes the number is not displayed on-screen and Ellen reading the number out loud is edited out.
  • Celebrity Look-a-Like - Ellen shows photos of viewers who think they look like celebrities. This is also modified to dogs and babies. There is also a different but similar segment where dancing audience members are shown to look like celebrities.
  • Clip From The Future - Ellen shows us possible future happenings in this segment.
  • Clip From The Past - Ellen shows us the past happenings in this segment.
  • Ellen Is That You? - Ellen shows viewer-contributed photos of people they believe resemble her.
  • Ellen's Big Stimulus Package - Ellen sends one of her reporters to a person's house. The person then gets into a booth with a giant fan in the bottom. The fan is turned on, and the money flies around while the person catches as much money as he/she can in 30 seconds.
  • Ellen's Cash Clunker Jeanie (one of Ellen's assistants) drives from many different states with an older car filled with 2,500 cash. The lucky contestant has to try to vacuume up the money or use their hands to get as much as possible. This is just like "Ellen's Big Stimulus Package." GMC Gave Ellen a new 2010 GMC Terrain to use instead of the clunker, but Ellen gave it away to a winning contestant. They sent Ellen another 2010 GMC Terrain, and she gave that one away also.
  • Hidden Audience Talents - Used to be called "Look At You!"; Ellen calls three people from the audience to perform their "hidden" talents.
  • If You New York Like I Know York - Ellen quizzes audience members with "New York" related questions. Occasionally there are different versions of the game, such as "If You Knew Cinco De Mayo Like I Know Cinco De Mayo."
  • I'm Usually Very Positive, But This Has Annoyed Me. - Ellen (even though she talks about positive things) talks about something that happened that annoyed her. Her first problem that annoyed her was that her dog's face got stuck to the driveway because somebody threw their gum on her driveway.
  • Legs Go Andy! - Ellen sends Andy out to different cities to participate with a group. Andy gets to pick where he goes, and videotapes what he does there.
  • Look What I Found at the Drug Store - Ellen shares items that she has found at a drug store. These include unusual beauty products, household items and toys. During Ellen's "Show on a Plane," the segment became "Look What I Found in the SkyMall," where Ellen shared amusing items from the SkyMall catalog.
  • My Crazy Dreams - Ellen makes viewers' requests and dreams come true in this segment. In previous years, this segment was called "Oh, Yes You Can."
  • Picture Juxtaposition - Used in "Ellen: The Musical!" where random pictures are superimposed atop one another, timed to music.
  • Read Letter Day - Ellen reads and responds to viewer e-mail."Write On" was it's name to begin with, then in Season 5, the name is changed to "Express Yourself." In Season 6, the segment was called "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." It is currently "Read Letter Day."
  • Real or No Real - Ellen invites the audience to guess whether a person's item or a quality is real or not real. This segment is a pun on the game show Deal or No Deal.
  • Spanish with Señora Peña - Ellen learns Spanish with a Spanish teacher from a local school.
  • Super Startle-Bucks - Ellen put up hidden cameras in the front of Starbucks (outside) and when somebody walked out, she would play weird and loud songs to 'startle' them. Its "super" because Ellen added an air cannon, and a fake bush with a person inside of it.
  • The Men of Ellen/Telemundo/Heroes - Occurring from the end of Season 5 and onward, Ellen introduces a single man from her show's staff during this segment, usually a man who someone has written to her about and Ellen has read during "Write On/Express Yourself." This segment has even featured a gay member of the staff with the words "Ladies Need Not Apply" flashing on the screen.
  • Viewer Art - Ellen shares artistic works that viewers have sent in to the show. These often include depictions of Ellen in a variety of media.
  • Web Videos - Ellen picks funny videos from the web and shows them.
  • Wednesday's Wunnerful World of Web Videos - Ellen shows a selection of funny videos from the Internet, usually on Wednesday. However, Ellen frequently runs the segment on other days and uses this fact as a joke.
  • What Are You Doing While You're Watching - Throughout the first two seasons, viewers sent in photos on what they were doing while watching the program, such as knitting or exercising.
  • Whatcha' Sellin', Ellen? - Ellen sells some of her clothes and other items on eBay and gives the money to a charity.
  • What the Heck Are Those Kids Talking About? - Ellen explains common slang words, such as grillz
  • Whats Wrong With These Photos? Photos! - Viewers send in photos with something in them that's quite not right.
  • Yard Sale Away With Me - Ellen shows different weird items that she found at somebody else's yard/garage sale.


The show frequently features audience games. These games can be played with Ellen, guests or between members of the audience. All games involve a prize for all participants, whether they win or lose the game.
  • Audience Charades - The production crew randomly chooses two or three members of the audience to take part in this segment.
  • Audience Humdinger - Audience members hum a song that Ellen or a guest has to guess; this is done two or three times.
  • Aw Snap- Audience members are tied back to back and have to pull each other to reach apples on their end. There is also a St. Patrick's Day version.
  • Blindfolded Musical Chairs - 5 audience members are blindfolded and have to search for 4 stools which are normally brown or tan. Each time one chair is eliminated, like in regular musical chairs. Ellen will move the chairs from time to time, making it harder for the players. This is Ellen's favorite game.
  • Celebrity - Ellen and/or a guest holds up names of celebrities that another guest has to correctly guess the name of, with clues from the other participant. This game is modified to also be "Animal Celebrities" which are pictures of animals.
  • Does your Hoes Hang Low?- Two audience members hook on stockings that have a tennis ball in them. They must dangle the tennis balls to hit another ball into a little platform, and the 1st person with three, wins.
  • Doughnuts for Dough- Two audience members put on large doughnut-styled padded rings from head to foot, and fight to take a bite out of a real doughnut on a string hanging from a pole held by Ellen. Ellen has described this as the "stupidest game I've ever seen in my life." A one time variation changed the way the contestants got the doughnuts; instead of Ellen hanging a doughnut off a pole, she put many doughnuts on two wires and the players had to get as many doughnuts as they could in 30 seconds, and the player with the most won.
  • Gogo-Nuts For Coco-Nuts- two members of the audience come out and stand next to a small table with a real coconut on it. Ellen then asks a question and the first person to answer picks up the coconut. If they answer correctly they get a chance to throw the coconut through a hole on a board. First person to make it through wins. When they first played this (September 24 2009), the winning contestant made a hole in the board and won a trip.
  • Gold-Digger- One audience member or at-home contestant has to get into the gold-digger case, and money will fly around as the person inside tries to catch it. Usually, Ellen will give them all of the money in there or more, even if they do not catch all of it.
  • Guesstures- Hasbro game that Ellen plays on her show, where there are 2 contestants, and one is in the 'hot seat' and the other one waits. 3 Cards come up and Ellen has to act them out while the other person tries to guess them before the card disappears.
  • If You Had To Choose - After the audience is questioned on various topics before the show, Ellen asks an audience member what she thinks the most popular option was.
  • I'm Gonna Rip Your Face Off With These Big Filthy Mits - 5 Audience members get called down, and have to put on paper bags with funny faces on the bags (on their heads). When the music starts, they run around trying to rip each others bags off each others heads, and the person at the end with the bag still on their head, wins. "This is the stupidest game we have ever played, and I can guarantee you we will NOT play it again" Ellen said the following day. In October, Ellen plays this game again, changing the name because of a home-viewer. It used to be called: I'm Gonna Rip Your Face Off!
  • I Scream, You Scream, I Can’t See My Ice Cream!- There are two teams with two people each. Both teammates are blindfolded, and they stand with one person behind the other, in front of a table which has a bowl of ice-cream on it. One teammate then attempts to feed the other, and the team that has eaten the most ice cream by the end wins.
  • Musical Chairs - Selected audience members play for a prize. A one-time variation on this substituted bean bag chairs and Hawaii Chairs (on an episode where Ellen displayed various infomercial products) for regular chairs. Once the show got attractive men to sit on the chairs, and female audience members had to sit on them.
  • Mystery Word - Ellen has a word that she has to make one of her guests say; if they say it, the audience wins a prize. The guest is not made aware that a game is being played; however, Ellen usually succeeds in making the guests say the specified word. Ellen says: "The hardest word that I've ever gotten anybody to say, was 'mushroom'." This word was said by Drew Barrymore and Ellen had to try several times before succeeding. When Ellen plays this with an audience member, it is renamed: "Word of Mystery". In October 2009, Kevin Nealon did it to Ellen, and it was called: "Kevin Nealon's Mystery Word" (which happened to be Brass Knuckles).
  • Newly-Wed Game - There are two teams of two Newly-wed audience members each. Before they play, each team member on both teams answers questions about their spouse. During the game, one team goes at a time with the questions and both teammates hold up their answers. If their answers match, the team earns one point. Ellen and Portia (Ellen's wife Portia de Rossi) won this game when Portia was on the show.
  • Norwegian Nosedive - There are two different teams. Ellen calls out a specific number of body parts for the players to have touching the ground, and the two players have to have only these parts touching the ground between the two of them.
  • Obstacle Course, Of Course! - On set is an obstacle course that two people must go against each other on. Usually its different, but at the end every time they have to put on a hat with a pin on the hat, and pop a balloon that is hanging up.
  • Pictionary - Ellen and one of her guests or an audience member play Pictionary on a dry-erase easel.
  • Pictureka - Hasbro game that Ellen plays with 2 audience members. She shows a picture of an item and the contestant has to run up the isles of the audience members, trying to find that item that an audience member is holding up. The first person to get back with the item at the end wins.
  • Stranded on a Topical Island - A short game show with pop culture questions.
  • SuMove It Move It - This is a game where there are two people picked from the audience that have to wear blown-up sumo costume and answer questions that Ellen will ask. If the contestant knows the question, he or she would have to run to the object (usually a Nerf Football) and the first person to obtain this object gets to answer the question first.
  • The Marshmallow Game - Contestants try to eat marshmallows suspended on strings while tied to boards with rubber bands.
  • Thru The Wall or Take A Fall - Audience members watch a video clip and decide whether they will fit through a piece of foam, or take fall into a pit of balls. Other times, the audience plays the game instead of watching the video clips. Similar to the Brain Wall game in Japanmarker.
  • Which Came First - Throughout the second season, audience members guessed which people, places, objects, etc., existed first from two choices. (Ex. When given Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Aguilera (born in 1980) comes before Spears (born in 1981).
  • Whistle While You Work It - The game begins with two audience members that are blindfolded that stand behind a glass window-like structure. On the window, there are 3 fake crackers and 5 real ones. The first person to eat all the real crackers, and whistle a tune wins a prize.
  • Your Face Rings A Bell - Three audience members must put together a puzzle of Ellen, and then ring a bell to win a prize.

Special episodes

  • "Backwards Show" - Events and segments unfold in reverse. The "end" of the show now takes place at the beginning and the "beginning" of the show takes place at the end. DeGeneres performs her opening monologue and dance at the end of the actual hour.

  • "Two Shows In One" - DeGeneres gives us "two" shows in one episode. She wears two different outfits, gives two different monologues, and dances twice.

  • "Ellen: The Musical" - Similar to a Broadway musical, DeGeneres conducts her usual interviews but the guests eventually break out into song. Guests included Jack Black, teenaged singer-actress Olivia Olson, and Broadwaymarker star Kristin Chenoweth. At the end of the hour, Ellen and company sing "Breathe From Your Hoo-Hoo" as their finale.

  • "I Like It!" - A show (originated in 2007) where, as the title suggests, Ellen has things she likes on the show. On this episode, Ellen first was shown with her back injury.

  • "Ellen's Show on a Plane" - This show was taped in a Los Angeles airport terminal and on a plane from Los Angeles to New York City. According to Ellen, this is the first time a show has been filmed on an airplane.

  • "Ellen's After Oscar Special" - Ellen did the show live the day after she hosted the 2007 Academy Awards. Throughout the hour, she presented footage of the event and what happened backstage, during rehearsal, etc. and interviewed the winners via telephone.

  • "Ellen's 1,000th Episode" - Ellen celebrated her 1,000th show on May 1, 2009. As part of the celebration, starting back on April 24 and running all through May, she gave $1,000 to one member of the audience per day, using a process-of-elimination strategy. As part of the show, she provided the audience with airline tickets, a trip to Disneylandmarker and new luggage.

International broadcasts

Ellen can be seen on television internationally in Argentinamarker, Brazilmarker, Chilemarker, Denmarkmarker, Finlandmarker, Indiamarker, Irelandmarker, Israelmarker, Kenyamarker, Lebanonmarker, Malaysiamarker, Mexicomarker, Netherlandsmarker, New Zealandmarker, Norwaymarker, South Africa, Swedenmarker, Taiwanmarker, Trinidad and Tobagomarker, Turkeymarker, Venezuelamarker, Uruguaymarker, The Philippinesmarker and the whole Southeast Asia.


In Australia, the show is broadcast weekdays at 12.00pm on the Nine Network, including regional affiliates WIN, NBN and Imparja. It also airs on cable channel Arena at 8.00am and 11.00pm. Australia airs same-day episodes, just hours after they are originally aired in the U.S. It previously aired on Network Ten for a short time.


In Canadamarker, the rights to the show are currently owned by CTVglobemedia. Depending on the region, the program may air on CTV, A, or both, with morning and afternoon airings in some markets. The show is also repeated on the Star!marker cable channel.

New Zealand

In New Zealandmarker, the show airs on TVNZ (TV One), 3pm every weekday. The show airs one week behind the American schedule.

Recently, three fans calling themselves Team Ellen from Christchurchmarker in New Zealandmarker got a call from Ellen Degeneres live on her show. Ellen gave Nick McCabe, Lauren Mabbett and Kaitlin Spedding flights to the USA, the presidential suite at one of the biggest hotels in Los Angeles and tickets to come and watch her show live in the studio. Nick from the group is now working as an intern on the show and is living in the USA.

The popularity of the show in New Zealandmarker has grown exponentially over the past year, particularly among its Central North Island male 17-18 year old demographic.

Latin America

In June 23, 2008, Warner Channel premiered the show in Latin America at 5.00pm. Later the daily airing changed to 6.00am (airing of the last episode) and 11.00am (airing of the new episode). However, the episodes run at least two weeks after they are released due to the time needed to translate it into Spanish and Portuguese.

August 28 2009 was the last episode airing, and every body ask...why.


In India, the show is now currently shown on Star World at 2:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. However, the episodes run at least a month after they are released.


In Israel, the show airs on yes Base and HOT family respectively .

Southeast Asia

Like India, the show is also being aired on STAR World at 1:00 (GMT+7: HKmarker/Thaimarker/HNmarker), at 2:00 (GMT+8:Malmarker/Sinmarker/Philmarker) as well Koreamarker. It is encore telecast at 9:00 am next day.

This show is chosen to replace The Oprah Winfrey Show.


In the Philippinesmarker, the show is currently aired on Solar Entertainment's 2nd Avenue at 8:00PM with replays at 12:00MN.


In the Turkeymarker, the show is aired on E2 (the second channel of CNBC-E) channel.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdommarker, the show was originally aired on Fiver at 1.00p.m weekdays, but the channel later moved the show to 6.00am. As of 5 January 2009, the show is now airing on Diva TV (3pm weekdays. The show airs approximately 1 year behind the American schedule on Diva TV.

Republic of Ireland

In the Republic of Irelandmarker, the show is aired on the TV3 network. It airs on average one month behind the original filming in Los Angeles, not usually in order, but has been a big daytime hit on TV3. It runs directly after The Oprah Winfrey Show and has benefited from its ratings. There have been several online petitions made to get Ellen to host a show from Dublin, the country's capital.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs in Arubamarker at 3:00pm on NBC.

South Africa

Airs on M-Net Series (channel 110 on DSTV) weekdays at 6:00pm - repeats in the early morning and midday. The series is about 2 months behind the American schedule starting November 18, 2009 (the date of the 7th season premier).

The Middle East

In The Middle East, the show airs on Super Comedy part of Orbit cable network


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