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The Emperor's New School is an Americanmarker animated television series that airs on Disney Channel, ABC Kids, Disney XD (formerly Toon Disney) and Family Channel in Canada. Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, it is based on the characters and situations seen in the theatrical release The Emperor's New Groove and its direct-to-video sequel, Kronk's New Groove. It follows the adventures of a young emperor, Kuzco, as he tries to complete his education, allowing him to return to the throne.

The show premiered on the Disney Channel in January 2006 with its second season premiering on 23 June 2007. Its regular time slot is 11:00p.m. on Channel 290 on DirecTV and 2:00a.m. on Channel 291 on DirecTV and 1:00a.m on channel 34 on standard cable. The show also airs Saturday mornings at 11:00a.m. on ABC Kids, as well as on Disney XD at various times.On dish network it shows at 11:00pm and 2:00am

In January 2009, the only P.M. time slot for The Emperor's New School on the Disney Channel was replaced by The Proud Family, and later, Phineas and Ferb. Its 2:00a.m. time slot still remains.

In the United Kingdommarker, the show is broadcast at 7:45a.m. on GMTV's children's slot Toonattik, accessed through ITV1. The show also airs each day on Disney Cinemagic at 8:00a.m.

In Australia, it recently began airing as part of the Seven Network's Saturday Disney program. Seven has a long-term program supply agreement with Disney/Buena Vista.

In Latin America it is aired on Disney Channel Latin America from Monday to Friday on the animated block.

Initially, three original cast members returned to voice their characters for the TV series: Eartha Kitt as Yzma, Patrick Warburton as Kronk, and Wendie Malick as Chicha.

Although Fred Tatasciore voiced the role of Pacha for Season 1, John Goodman returned to the role in Season 2.

J. P. Manoux voices Kuzco, a role that he had already performed on "Disney's House of Mouse," taking over from David Spade.

Jessica DiCicco joined the cast to voice the new character of the show, Malina (who did not appear in the 1st or 2nd film).


The show comes after The Emperor's New Groove. This is indicated by knowledge of the events of the movie, which are brought up in multiple episodes.

The show's position in relation to Kronk's New Groove is less clear. It is possible that the series and Kronk's New Groove are two separate continuities. In the series, Kronk is still working for Yzma and is single, but in Kronk's New Groove he retires as Yzma's lackey and gets married during the closing credits. In the beginning of Kronk's New Groove, Yzma is pictured with a cat's tail, claiming it was a side effect from her kitten transformation at the end of The Emperor's New Groove. She does not, however, have a tail in the series.

Main Characters


Voiced by: J. P. Manoux (David Spade in the movie)

Kuzco is the main protagonist of the series and movie. He is the teenage ruler of the Incas, and his name is a reference to the ancient Incan city of Cuzco. Kuzco is very self-centered, thinking that everyone should be put below him, because he is "emperor". He is also the emperor of a fictional South American country, who is forced by law to graduate from Kuzco Academy, a school, that he paid for, in order to stay emperor. Kuzco's former advisor, Yzma, and her dim-witted assistant, Kronk Pepikrankenitz, continually plot to make sure that he fails. Kuzco has shown interest in fellow classmate, Malina, who he often refers to as a "hottie hot hottie". Kuzco's catch phrases are "Boom, bam!" and "It's all about me!".


Voiced by: Eartha Kitt

Yzma is the main antagonist of the series and movie. Formerly the Royal Advisor to the Emperor, Yzma was fired during the events in The Emperor's New Groove for meddling in Kuzco's affairs and attempting to act as Empress in his absence. In the series, she constantly schemes for Kuzco to fail at Kuzco Academy, thus allowing herself to rule. She has disguised herself as Principal Amzy (Yzma spelled backwards) in order to achieve that end.


Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Kronk served as Yzma's right-hand man in The Emperor's New Groove and continues to serve her in the series while also attending Kuzco Academy. He has befriended Kuzko even as he continues to assist Yzma in her attempts to overthrow the young Emperor. Kronk is an excellent cook and is also capable of incredible superhuman athletics, such as running from the school to his house and back in mere seconds, climbing a mountain (while having a seat with Yzma riding tied to his body), and so on. Whenever he faces a moral quandary, a devil and angel, who look like Kronk in costume, appear on his shoulder to advise him. He is an employee at Mudka's. He was banished from the latter in "Demon Llama!" because Yzma's demon potion made him turn into an angry demon who insults the staff and becomes banished. In the same episode, it is revealed he doesn't like cream cheese. He also in one episode takes the place of Principal Amzy and becomes Principal Knork (Kronk spelt backwards) in order to get rid of Mr Molegwaco. His most famous dish is spinach puffs.


Voiced by: Jessica DiCicco

Malina is Kuzco's classmate and love interest. She is a cheerleader and a straight-A student. Kuzco has a not-so-secret crush on her, which she sometime shows signs of reciprocating. Kuzco often refers to as a "hottie-hot-hottie". Although Malina is often annoyed by Kuzco's large ego and stupidity, she will support him whenever he needs help and will even act as a voice of reason. Malina is usually well-mannered, hard-working, and down-to-earth. However, she has been seen to be a perfectionist who obsesses about her looks and grades and has even been shown to be very competitve. She is also good friends with Kronk. In clash of the families, her family's crest, is that the same as Mrs. Birdwell's from Kronk's New Groove.


Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore (1st season) & John Goodman (2nd season)

Pacha is a villager who previously assisted Kuzco during the events of The Emperor's New Groove, in which he was voiced by John Goodman (also to reprise his role in season 2 of the series). He is a well-meaning peasant and family man, and a subject in the selfish Emperor Kuzco's kingdom. He is the most noble character in the movie, and it is in part due to his example that Kuzco begins his self-transformation into a noble man himself.

Pacha also reappeared in the direct-to-video sequel called Kronk's New Groove (once again voiced by Goodman) and then in the follow-up series The Emperor's New School (in which his voice acting was taken over by Fred Tatasciore and once again by Goodman later in the series.

In The Emperor's New Groove, Pacha is summoned to the palace by Kuzco and is told that his house on the hill will be destroyed to make room for Kuzco's summer home. Distraught, and horrified that the emperor could be so callous, he travels home to tell his wife (Chicha) and his two children (Chaca and Tipo) that they have to leave their ancestral home. However, before he can tell them, he discovers that Kuzco has been transformed into a llama and dropped in the back of his cart. The two set out to turn Kuzco back to a human by getting to Yzma's lab. Kuzco lets Pacha keep his house.

In Kronk's New Groove, Pacha is Kronk's friend. He disguises himself as Pachita, Kronk's mother-in-law. (They initially planned for him to pretend to be his wife, but Pacha's wife Chicha did that instead.)

In The Emperor's New School, his character is much more brief, and isn't seen as much like in the movies. He often is like a father to Kuzco and lets him live with him. He always gives Kuzco advice to help him out of any situation. For example, when Kuzco was transformed into a rabbit, he told Kuzco to "Make the best of what you've got," which in this case was speed. In "Cart Wash," when Kuzco is transformed into an elephant and laments how he is going to wash carts, Pacha tells him that elephants wash themselves through their trunks and he could do the same with carts.

Pacha is married to Chicha, and as of the time of the first movie they have two children together: their daughter, Chaca (seven and a half), and their younger son Tipo, with another one on the way. This third child, a son named Yupi, is born before the movie's final scene and appears in all spin-off material. After Kuzco's graduation in Graduation Groove, he reveals during the credits that he had Pacha and his family move into the palace with him.

Recurring Characters


Voiced by: Wendie Malick

Pacha's loving wife. She's like a mother to Kuzco, but is often exasperated with his lack of helping out around the house, and his selfish nature. She's prone to being sarcastic, much of which is directed at Kuzco or his actions.She is a devoted stay at home mother who takes care of her three children and Kuzco. She cooks, cleans and has a good head on her shoulders.


Voiced by Jessie Flower

The seven and a half year old daughter of Chicha and Pacha. She can be mischievous when it comes to Yzma and is smart enough to out smart her with her brother Tipo's help. She has the ability to bust Kuzco when he acts badly and treats him like a brother she never needed. She is thin with two pigtails and has large front teeth.

Mr. Flaco Moleguaco

Voiced by: Curtis Armstrong

Kuzco's short-tempered and short in height teacher. He often finds Kuzco annoying and also tries to play on his weaknesses. He also threatens to fail Kuzco quite often. However, it was revealed in Kuzcogarten that Mr. Moleguaco found his class boring without Kuzco and gladly welcomes him back. His last name seems to be guacamole, having the first half placed after the second, a perfect example of a spoonerism. Even Kuzco himself has called him "Mr. Guacamole". Mr Moleguaco prides himself on being a member of The Llama Lodge, a fact revealed in The Lost Kids.


Voiced by Jason Earles

One of the students who attend Kuzco academy, Guaca's name was not revealed until the episode Monster Masquerade. Although initially a background character, Guaca has made various appearances since the beginning, shouting his signature line, "Kuzco rules!" He eventually becomes friends with Kuzco and Malina, often acting as a loyal, but unappreciated sidekick to Kuzco. While he seems to deeply respect and idolize Kuzco, Guaca is usually the first member of the group to be abandoned or forgotten in the midst of a bad situation, which often acts as a running gag in the series.Guaca is a major fan of Kuzco, and in Season 2, he refers to him as "sir". It is revealed that Guaca already passed Kuzco Academy, but he says that he only stays in the school to spend time with Kuzco. During the credits in Graduation Groove, Kuzco hired Guaca as his spin doctor to tell everyone how great a job Kuzco is doing as emperor.


Voiced by: Miley Cyrus

Yata is first introduced as a friendly waitress that works at Mudka's Meat Hut #12. In "Working Girl" she is replaced by Malina, who proved to be much more efficient, but is rehired when Kuzco and Malina devise a plan to get Yata her job back. Outside of her job at Mudka's, Yata attends Kuzco Academy with the rest of the gang and is one of Malina's best friends. Although she expresses contempt for Kuzco's selfish nature, Yata is still a loyal friend, and is willing to help out when the situation demands it. She is a vegetarian and speaks with a Southern American accent.

The Royal Record Keeper

Voiced by: Rip Taylor

The Royal Record Keeper is an annoying little man that keeps track of Kuzco's record in school and also reminds Kuzco of the limitations to his power that are in place until he graduates. Despite his tendency to turn up in strange places, the Royal Record Keeper always seems to be aware of the current situation in the episodes in which he appears.

Minor characters

Bucky the Squirrel makes various appearances in the show and he has a massive tail. He made a first appearance in The Emperor's New Groove and a second one in Kronk's New Groove. He dislikes Yzma and is good friends with Kronk. He was also Kuzco's tutor in the episode "Squeakend at Bucky's". However, he has been shown to be slightly sadistic around Kuzco, particulary after Kuzco makes an offensive remark about him. He appears to be highly intelligent, however, being a squirrel, he only speaks in high-pitched squeaking sounds. It turns out that this is a language which has been studied by other students at the academy, including Kuzco, but Kronk is the only human shown to be fluent in it.

Two old men who always play checkers. Topo is the one who always makes jokes. It is possible that Topo is Kavo's grandfather according to Clash of the Families tug-o-warring and in Kuzco's slideshow of his memory from the Familyimpics before. They are similar to Statler and Waldorf.

Originally worked at Mudka's Meat Hut in the first movie, but is now Kuzco Academy's lunch lady. She likes to cook disgusting food such as octopus burgers, and 'The Tooth Surprise' (Jelly with a tooth inside) and speaks in cafeteria speech when she talks. Mata maybe Yata's relative due to her saying she has a GrandMata a Mata and an uncle named Mata.

Cheerleaders of Kuzco Academy and also good friends with Malina. They seem to have a crush on Ozker because he is a Full Varsity Decathlon Champion. They appear to be sisters because their names all start with C.

The big classroom bully who Kuzco makes fun of because of the way he speaks. He easily becomes angry. Oddly, he is a member of the Kuzco Academy musical club. Kavo got held back 4 times, and is stupid. Kavo refers to himself in the third person, and mispronounces Kuzco's name as "Kussco".

Kuzco Academy's school counselor. He is obsessed with wind chimes and points out Coach Sweetie's mistake on Malina's grade. He also points out that Moxi is an A student like Malina. In "Officer Kronk", he is sent to the dungeon for obsession with wind chimes. Mr. Purutu has quite a bored voice when he speaks, but doesn't really have a boring personality.

Coach of Kuzco Academy. Addressed as Coach Sweaty by Kuzco, Malina, and Mr. Purutu. She made an error on Malina's grade list by giving her an A- while writing an A+ when her pen had run out of ink in the middle of the plus.

  • Ramone
Ramone is a new student at Kuzco Academy, and Kuzco's new rival for Malina's affection. Ramone is devilishly handsome, very athletic, and nice. However, on the inside, Ramone thinks very lowly of Kuzco and has a mean streak. Because he is so handsome, Malina likes him more than Kuzco. Ramone is from Spanish descent but Kuzco sometimes refers to him as the Australian or German. In the Latin American version, his name is pronounced like "Raymond".

Kronk's brother. First appeared in Clash of the Families. He also announces the prizes and winners in the Familympics. He also gets Kuzco's name wrong in the episode "U.F.KuzcO". Kuzco addressed him as the "talk-a-tron 2000" in Clash of the Families.

Running gags

Most of the running gags in The Emperor's New School are originated in the first movie, The Emperor's New Groove. These include:
  • The introduction, where Kuzco pops out and says something to the viewers, with the last sentence "Theme music!". In rare times Malina would pop out.
  • Two characters, usually Kronk and Yzma, try to get to Yzma's secret lab. One shouts for a lever to be pulled, then an unpleasant action occurs, such as a huge urn falling on Yzma or the fire alarm going off in the school.
  • A monkey/chimp eating a bug, this gag appeared in the first movie.
  • A character will be tossed out of a high window, only to land in something soft that has just been mis-delivered (mostly happens to Yzma).
  • Kronk forgetting that Yzma and Principal Amzy are the same person causing her to throw off her disguise; often with unintentional results. In the last episode Kronk reveals that he knew the whole time claiming that it was so obvious.
  • Yzma's roller coaster access to the lab is slightly different each time; such as passing by a toll booth or Yzma gaining a speeding ticket. Plus, the intro by the ride announcer is different each time.
  • Kuzco "halts" the show for some "audio commentary", to skip over boring parts or to explain how great he is, or even to tell everyone not to forget that the show is about him. In some rare cases Malina, Yzma and Kronk also pop out to make some comments.
  • Kuzco drawing some details, sketches or charts with a red marker while in his "audio commentary".
  • Kuzco explaining what happens next through "Kuzco's Doodles", animated simplistic drawings. Malina and Kronk have a few as well sometimes. Though Malina's are cute anime chibi like doodles while Kronk's are more realistic. In episode "Oops All Doodles", Yzma and Pacha also use doodles, with Yzma drawing resembling Tim Burtonesque-style drawing, while Pacha drawing in a seemingly traditional Japanese ink picture. Guaca once did doodles but revealed he was horrible at drawing.
  • Kuzco talking in his head when bored by someone who is talking to him.
  • Whenever Kuzco gets turned into an animal or person, he ends it with "face". (I'm a Rabbit Face! etc.)
  • Kuzco or Kronk often referring to Yzma as a dinosaur (Like in one episode Kronk calls Yzma an Yzmasaurus)
  • Kuzco gets stuck in a vessel and laughs embarrassedly, "Haha, my butt's in a/an/the" and the name of the vessel. (e.g. "Haha, my butt's in the fountain.")
  • A devil and angel Kronk appear on Kronk's, or occasionally Kuzco's shoulder, and fight each other, never helping the one with the problem. Rarely there will be a Kuzco devil and a Malina angel.
  • Kronk mummering his own theme music.
  • Objects, places, and events being named after Kuzco, usually something that begins with a C or K with "Kuz" at the beginning (e.g. Kuzcoween, KuzCarnival, KuzCola).
  • Kronk sneaks around, hiding behind things, saying, "Tiptoe tiptoe hide! Tiptoe tiptoe hide! Tiptoe tiptoe disguise!" for example.
  • Whenever there will be a flashback , the show uses a tape recorder to do the flashbacks.
  • Whenever a flashback is starting,or about to start Kuzco or occasionally Kronk saying something like "yay flashback" for example.
  • Kuzco follows Malina somewhere, telling her something about a date, and her replying "This is NOT a date!"
  • A character holding something, only to throw it away almost immediately. You often hear the object breaking.
  • The show taking place in ancient times with many aztec-like anachronisms are involved, such as computers, radios, cameras, airports, cell phones, pop culture et, therefore hinting that the show might actually take place in the present.
  • Meta-fictional elements, such as Kuzco breaking the fourth wall or characters talking about twists and cliches in the show's plot.
  • The number 37 is shown or said frequently throughout the series, usually being said by a character for a numerical value of something (Kuzco once says that he wants to be able to live to "..the ripe old age of 37.")
  • Malina knowing when Kuzco is thinking about her.
  • Kronk's obsession with spinach puffs.
  • The constant high-fiving of Kronk and Yzma after every roller coaster ride.
  • Yzma always says something after every plan. (e.g."It's Brilliant,Brilliant,Brilliant"!)
  • Certain episodes beginning with an event that happens later in the story, to which Kuzco reminds the audience that "it all make sense if you go back earlier".
  • Yzma usually concocts an overly-complicated plan to destroy Kuzco, to which she has the tendency to go off-topic.
  • The way Kronk disagrees with Yzma after every plan thus making her use a potion.
  • The way Kronk puts potions into different types of food to trick Kuzco.
  • The way Kuzco always fall for the food trick.
  • Yzma always forgetting to label her potions.
  • In the episodes end with the credits - it could be a blooper, a joke, a song or an episode extra.


The series ran for two seasons and 52 episodes. A third season may have been planned, but the series was cancelled due tothe death of Eartha Kitt (the voice of Yzma).

Season Ep # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 21 27 January 2006 11 November 2006
Season 2 31 23 June 2007 20 November 2008


Guest Stars


  1. The Emperor's New Groove - September 2008
  2. Aww Nuts and a Mudka Meat Party - September 2008


Eartha Kitt won the 2008 Annie Award for "Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production" for her performance as Yzma in the episode "The Emperor's New Musical". Eartha Kitt also won the 2008 Emmy Award for her voice performance as Yzma. Jessica DiCicco was also nominated for her voice performance as Malina.


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