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The Liberator was an abolitionist newspaper founded by William Lloyd Garrison in 1831. Garrison published weekly issues of The Liberator from Bostonmarker continuously for 35 years, from January 1, 1831, to the final issue of January 1, 1866. Although its circulation was only about 3,000, and three-quarters of subscribers were African Americans in 1834, the newspaper earned nationwide notoriety for its uncompromising advocacy of "immediate and complete emancipation of all slave" in the United Statesmarker. Garrison set the tone for the paper in his famous open letter "To the Public" in the first issue.

The Liberator faced harsh resistance from several state legislatures and local groups: for example, North Carolinamarker indicted Garrison for felonious acts, and the Vigilance Association of Columbia, South Carolinamarker, offered a reward of $1,500 ($25,957.20 in 2005 dollars) to those who identified distributors of the paper.

The Liberator continued for three decades from its founding through the end of the American Civil War. Garrison ended the newspaper's run with a valedictory column at the end of 1865, when the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery throughout the United States.


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