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The Local AccuWeather Channel is a 24-hour, weather-oriented, commercially-sponsored broadcast/cable television network owned and operated by AccuWeather, Inc., which is headquartered in State College, Pennsylvaniamarker.

About The Local AccuWeather Channel

The service provides weather-related content to television affiliates for broadcast on cable, digital subchannels, and digital cable by certain broadcast television affiliates in the United Statesmarker. Some stations also offer the channel via live streaming video on their websites.

The Local AccuWeather Channel has similarities and differences to its main competitor, The Weather Channel and counterpart digital service Weatherscan. The AccuWeather programming lineup provides national and regional video forecasts. In addition, there are AccuWeather travel, sports, and lifestyle segments. Most local affiliates add their own local weather updates and some even include local news and traffic updates. Unlike The Weather Channel, The Local AccuWeather Channel has an L-bar format (which is implemented on Weatherscan and is extremely similar to the former NBC Weather Plus L-bar) so that, even when the video window is playing content such as a national forecast, local information is always available around the periphery of the screen. The channel goes into a special mode when severe weather occurs, like Weatherscan. Several affiliates also break from the Local AccuWeather content when breaking news occurs and the station wants to utilize the subchannel for either extended news and weather coverage, or to push main channel programming to the subchannel. Weatherscan, however, does not feature any on-camera meteorologists, as its content is generated completely by weather computer at the cable headend.

Unlike NBC Weather Plus, the broadcast television affiliates with The Local AccuWeather Channel are not affiliated with one single network. Many of the stations are affiliated with the CBS, Fox, and especially the ABC networks. For the most part, the local stations do not label the AccuWeather service as a so-called "Local AccuWeather Channel". Instead, the local stations choose to have their own names such as "Weather Now". Also, there is no separate logo for the channel. In most places, the channel carries the station brand and either the brand or a statement such as "powered by" Local affiliates can add content to the Local AccuWeather content that is either weather or other; the most prominent example is in the KNXV-TVmarker implementation, which relies less on the weather content and more on traffic maps and text cards featuring road closure information.

There are currently seven NBC-affiliated stations that do not offer NBC Weather Plus but do instead offer The Local AccuWeather Channel: KNVNmarker, KOBImarker, KOTImarker are all locally owned; KULRmarker owned by Max Media; and WJHGmarker, WILXmarker and WMTVmarker are owned by Gray Television.

Not all of the stations air the digital channel's complete daily transmission; a few AccuWeather affiliates also air a limited amount of syndicated programming, and may even air regularly scheduled network programming (usually sports) when the main channel cannot. All of the subchannels must also have the required 3 hours per week of E/I compliant programming scheduled locally by the station, as AccuWeather does not produce E/I-compliant programming for their affiliates, unlike NBC Weather Plus, which provided Weather Plus U on their national feed for all of their affiliates.

Local forecasts


Viewers of the Local AccuWeather Channel can see the local forecasts for their respective area. These forecasts are usually shown after most national forecast segments, and aired as frequently as they are on NBC Weather Plus, airing for two to three minutes eight times an hour. Pre-recorded weather segments featuring local weather information from meteorologists of participating AccuWeather Channel affiliates are shown proceeding weather information. In many areas, a feed of that station's doppler radar may be shown and in some areas, it may be aired with that city's NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards feed (airing over the radar image instead of airing on a separate Secondary Audio Program channel, while other stations may air the NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards feed on a separate SAP channel).

The "L" Bar

Like NBC Weather Plus, the Local AccuWeather Channel uses an "L-Bar" across the left side third and bottom third of the screen to continuously air local weather information, even during commercial breaks. Although, AccuWeather's "L" Bar takes up more space than NBC Weather Plus' therefore making the screen displaying local weather segments and AccuWeather programming smaller. However, information on the AccuWeather Channel's "L" Bar is more broader based.

The left side of the bar is reserved for station identification on the top left (on local feeds, featuring that station's logo (and even web address on some stations)), and the middle left and bottom left are reserved for various things (regional current conditions, advertisements for the local station or for AccuWeather, etc.). Below these two areas are the current time and temperature.

The bottom right portion of the bar displays the forecast for the next 12 hours featuring sky condition and temperature, followed by the five day forecast showing sky condition and predicted high and low temperatures. Also, displayed are descriptive forecasts and forecast UV index values. The cycle for the current condition display cycle for one city, the 12-hour forecast cycle and the five-day forecast cycle runs 10 seconds each. The middle left and bottom right portions of the bar will also feature information on active watches, warnings and advisories when they are in effect. A map showing the advisories for the entire viewing area are displayed on the middle left, the legend displaying the colors corresponding to each advisory on the bottom left, and a descriptive adivsory product with the expiration time of the adivosry and a list of counties/parishes/boroughs in the advisory on the bottom right (though not always airing simultaneously with the watch/warning display to the left).

An L-bar revamp in December 2008 included new styling and the dissolution of the two-box setup in favor of a larger left box able to display more detailed radar and hourly forecasts, as well as AccuWeather and affiliate advertisements. The crawl area and bottom area also have a tweaked appearance.

On-Air Talent (may be replaced by local talent by the affiliate)


  • Amy Aaronson
  • Kate Bilo
  • Jack Boston
  • Jeannette Calle
  • Angelica Campos
  • Kari Chessario
  • Ava Dinges
  • Katie Fehlinger
  • Jason Handman
  • Raychel Harvey-Jones
  • Jim Kosek
  • Joe Lundberg
  • Mark Mancuso
  • Paul Pastelok
  • Jon Porter
  • Jared Plushnick
  • Bernie Rayno
  • Caitlin Roth
  • Nikki Stanzione
  • Dr. Joe Sobel
  • Lyndsay Tapases
  • Mary Yoon
  • Eric Wilhelm





  • Entertainment Weather with Nikki Stanzione - From a newly redesigned set, Nikki’s unique reports tie together weekend weather and its impact on entertainment options
  • Headline Earth with Katie Fehlinger - Headline Earth takes an unbiased look at climate change, bringing global warming back to the basics: the science
  • Health Front with Jeanette Calle - Similar to Weather Health
  • Travel Talk with Jason Handman - Each week Jason takes viewers to top vacation spots around the U.S.
  • Weather Detectives with Angelica Campos - Exploring the files of’s weather detectives, Weather Detectives profiles the fascinating science of forensic meteorology


  • Weather Health with Katrina Voss - AccuWeather reports on the fact and fiction surrounding the links between the weather and your health

Local Station Affiliates

DMA Market The AccuWeather Channel Affiliate Network Affiliation Digital subchannel Cable or Digital cable channel Station Owner Station Name
#1 New York Citymarker WABC-TVmarker 7 ABC DT3 Time Warner Cable 163
Comcast 246
Cablevision 108 (NY/NJ) or 117 (CT)

Disney/ABC Eyewitness News Now
#2 Los Angeles, CAmarker KABC-TVmarker 7 ABC DT3 Charter Communications or Time Warner Cable
175, 228, or 305
Disney/ABC ABC 7 Weather Now
#3 Chicago, ILmarker WLS-TVmarker 7 ABC DT3 Comcast 193 Disney/ABC ABC 7 News Now
#4 Philadelphia, PA WPVImarker 6 ABC DT3 Comcast 246 Disney/ABC 6ABC Weather Now
#4 Philadelphia, PA WFMZ 69 IND DT2 Service Electric 20 Maranatha Broadcasting Company, Inc. 69 News Accuweather Channel
#5 Dallasmarker-Ft.marker Worthmarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#6 San Francisco, CAmarker KGO-TVmarker 7 ABC DT3 Comcast 195 Disney/ABC AccuWeather Now
#7 Boston, MAmarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#8 Atlanta, GAmarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#9 Washington, DCmarker WJLA-TVmarker 7 ABC DT2 Comcast 204 Allbritton Communications Company Doug Hill's WeatherNow
#10 Houston, TXmarker KTRK-TVmarker 13 ABC DT3 Comcast 315 Disney/ABC ABC13 Weather Now
#11 Detroit, MImarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#12 Tampamarker/St. Petersburg, FLmarker WFTSmarker 28 ABC DT2 Bright House 629 The E.W. Scripps Company ABC Accu-Weather
#13 Phoenix, AZmarker KPNXmarker 12 NBC DT2 Cox Communications 83
Qwest Choice TV 66
Gannett 12 News Weather Plus
#13 Phoenix, AZmarker KNXVmarker 15 ABC DT2 Cox Communications 95 The E.W. Scripps Company GoAZ.TV (traffic products heavily emphasized)
#14 Seattlemarker/Tacoma, WAmarker KCPQmarker 13 Fox DT2 Comcast 116 Tribune Broadcasting Q13 Fox First Forecast
#16 Denver, COmarker KUSA-TVmarker 9 NBC DT2 Comcast 249 Gannett 9NEWS Weather Plus
#17 Miami, FLmarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#20 Sacramento, CAmarker KXTVmarker 10 ABC DT2 Charter Communications 61 Comcast 191 Gannett News 10.2
#21 St. Louis, MOmarker KSDKmarker 5 NBC DT2 Charter Communications 127 Gannett NewsChannel 5 Weather Plus
#25 Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hillmarker WSOCmarker 9 ABC DT2 Time Warner Cable 236 Cox Severe Weather Center 9 NOW
#28 Hartford, CTmarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#29 Raleighmarker/Durham, NCmarker WTVDmarker 11 ABC DT3 Time Warner Cable 213 Disney/ABC Eyewitness News Now
#31 Kansas City, MOmarker KMBCmarker 9 ABC DT2 Time Warner Cable and Comcast 12 Hearst-Argyle Television
#32 Columbus, OH WBNS-TVmarker 10 CBS DT2 Time Warner Cable, Wide Open West 101 and Insight 432 The Dispatch Broadcast Group (WBNS-TV, Inc.) Doppler 10 Now
#35 Salt Lake City, UTmarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#38 West Palm Beach, FLmarker WPBFmarker 25 ABC DT2 Comcast 208 Hearst-Argyle Television Weather First TV
#41 Harrisburg, PAmarker WHTMmarker 27 ABC DT3 Allbritton Communications ABC27 StormTrak
#45 Oklahoma City, OKmarker KOCO-TVmarker 5 ABC DT2 Cox Communications Channel 222 Hearst Television First Alert 24/7
#48 Memphis, TNmarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#54 Providence, RImarker TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
#55 Fresno, CAmarker KFSN-TVmarker 30 ABC DT3 Comcast Channel 193 Disney/ABC ABC 30 Weather Now
#59 Dayton, OHmarker WHIO-TVmarker 7 CBS DT2 Time Warner Cable 708 and Cox Broadcasting 7 Weather Now
#66 Flint, MImarker WJRT-TVmarker 12 ABC DT3 Comcast 247
Charter Communications 431
Disney/ABC ABC 12 Weather
#69 Wichita, KSmarker KWCHmarker 12 CBS DT2 Cox Communications 226 Schurz Communications Always on Storm Team 12
#71 Toledo, OHmarker WTVGmarker 13 ABC DT3 Buckeye CableSystem 615 Disney/ABC 13 ABC Weather Now
#72 Honolulu, HImarker KITVmarker 4 ABC DT2 Oceanic Time Warner Cable 0126 Hearst-Argyle Television Island Weather Now
#73 Des Moines, IAmarker KCCImarker 8 CBS DT2 MediaCom 247 Hearst-Argyle Television Weather Now
#75 Omaha, NEmarker KETVmarker 7 ABC DT2 Cox 123
Time Warner Cable 103
Hearst-Argyle Television Weather Now
#76 Portland, Mainemarker WMTW-TVmarker 8 ABC DT2 Time Warner Cable 165 Hearst-Argyle Television News 8 Now
#79 Columbia, SCmarker WLTXmarker 19 CBS DT3 Time Warner Cable 812 Gannett Company News 19 Weather Now
#85 Madison, WImarker WMTVmarker 15 NBC DT2 Charter Communications 247 Gray Television TrueView Weather 24/7
#99 Charleston, SCmarker WLCA-CA 18
WCIVmarker 4
n/a Faith Assembly of God
Allbritton Communications
Livin' Lowcountry Weather
Pinpoint Weather 24/7
#107 Tallahassee, FLmarker WTXLmarker 27 ABC DT2 Comcast 209 Calkins Media ABC 27 HD Weather Now
#110 Reno, NVmarker KTVNmarker 2 CBS DT3 Charter Communications 222 Sarkes Tarzian, Inc. Storm Watch 24/7
#112 Lansing, MImarker WILX-TVmarker 10 NBC DT2 Comcast 249
Millennium 454
Gray Television Sky Team 10 Weather Source
#114 Augusta, GAmarker WRDW-TVmarker 12 CBS DT3 Comcast 247 Gray Television StormTeam 12 24/7 Weather Source
#117 Montgomery, ALmarker WCOV-TVmarker 20 Fox n/a Charter Communications or Knology 247 Woods Communications Corporation FOX AccuWeather 24/7
#127 Columbus, GAmarker WTVMmarker 9 ABC DT2 Knology 170
Mediacom 810
Charter Communications 108

Raycom Media WeatherNow
#130 Chico, CAmarker KNVNmarker 24 NBC DT2 Comcast 193 and Charter Communications 284 Evans Broadcasting Northstate AccuWeather TV
#131 Amarillo, TXmarker KVII-TVmarker 7 ABC DT3 n/a Barrington Broadcasting StormSearch 7
#132 Columbus, MSmarker WCBI-TVmarker 4 CBS DT2 Cable One 35 Morris Multimedia WCBI First Alert
#133 Rockford, ILmarker WIFRmarker 23 CBS DT2 n/a Gray Television 23 Storm Team
#134 Wausau, WImarker WSAWmarker 7 CBS DT3 Charter Communications 247 Gray Television 24/7 Weather Channel
#140 Medford/Klamath Falls, ORmarker KOBImarker 5 / KOTImarker 2 NBC DT2 Charter Communications 285 California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc. NBC 5 WeatherNOW
#144 Palm Desert, CAmarker KESQmarker ABC DT2 Time Warner Cable 303 Gulf Cal. Bdcst First Alert
#147 Lubbock, TXmarker KJTV-TVmarker 34 Fox DT2 and Analog channel 32 NTS Communications 32
Suddenlink Communications112
Ramar Communications FOX AccuWeather Channel
#154 Panama City, FLmarker WJHGmarker NBC Analog 7 8 Gray Television
#166 Clarksburg, WVmarker WDTVmarker 5 CBS n/a Time Warner Cable 6 Withers Broadcasting AccuWeather
#170 Billings, MTmarker KULRmarker NBC Analog 8 11 Max Media
#175 Lake Charles, LAmarker KPLC-TVmarker 7 NBC DT2 Suddenlink 247 Raycom Media KPLC Weather Channel
#178 Harrisonburg, VAmarker WHSVmarker ABC Analog 3 Comcast 204 Gray Television First Alert 24/7
#181 Charlottesville, VAmarker WCAVmarker CBS DT2 Gray Television
#xxx Moline-Rock Island,IL-Davenport, IA WQADmarker ABC DT 8.2 Mediacom 14 Local TV, LLC Quad Cities Local Weather Channel


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