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The Manvils are a Canadianmarker rock band from Vancouvermarker. The band, consists of singer, songwriter and guitarist Mike Manville, bassist Greg Buhr and drummer Jay Koenderman.

The Manvils have shared the stage with Stereophonics, Suicide Girls, The Bellrays, The Horror Pops. Metric, De La Soul, Jarvis Cocker, Bif Naked, Sonic Youth & Ben Harper and The Relentless7.

The band signed a recording contract with Vancouver indie Label Sandbag Records in early 2008.

In 2008, The Manvils began writing and recording their new album with acclaimed producer, Ryan Dahle (Limblifter/Age of Electric). Recorded at The Factory and The RecRoom (Greenhouse Studios), the new album was finalized in early 2009. 'The Manvils' was released in Canada on August 11th, 2009 through Fontana North Distribution.


  • The band appeared on the front page of the popular Canadian fashion/Music magazine ION in the April 2006 edition.

  • Their music has been featured in films and television including the award winning CBC Television documentary series Moscow Freestyle and they are also featured performing in a 2007 Budweiser Beer commercial.

  • The soundtrack to the 2008 horror movie Never Cry Werewolf includes eight tracks from "Buried Love" and two tracks from Mike Manville's 2007 solo album "Broken Arms".


Brad Wheeler of The Globe and Mail proclaims The Manvils ‘Turpentine “…a killer single that is lustrous and bold.”* * */4

Joshua Kloke from Pop-Matters writes, “The search for genuine rock ‘n’ roll can be a fruitless one. The dodgy back alleys is where you’ll find the Manvils, a Vancouver trio who comes at you with an immediate sonic punch to the gut on its self-titled second full-length release. Although the Manvils owe a drink and a debt of gratitude to its predecessors, including the Tragically Hip on the tumbling yet uplifting “Substation” and Them on the harmonious sway of “The Stoker”, the band harnesses these sounds remarkably and adeptly, creating a vibe all its own. Lead singer and guitarist Mike Manville emits an omnipresent howl that not only keeps the record afloat but directs its ebb and flow. “Madame Guillotine” shakes with fervent emotion and may be the one to bring the house down, but ever the students of history, the Manvils will probably build it up again soon enough.”

Pop Matters "The Manvils" 8/10.

Backstage Vancouver "The Manvils".* * * * */5

Access Magazine "The Manvils" 8/10.

“There is nary a wasted note on The Manvils. The arrangements are concise, the musicianship tight and impassioned. So if you want one of those 500 vinyl beauties, you’d be well-advised to act now, before everyone else in the country is scrambling to get their hands on them…In 20 years, you’ll still be glad you did.”The Georgia Straight

“While their voice is clearly North American, this Vancouver quartet taps into the British indie sound with complete ease. And there’s plenty of evidence of this on the band’s self-titled second album. Just listen to Substation and you’d swear it was an outtake from a Smiths album. Another outstanding track is Riverside, on which vocalist/guitarist Mike Manville bares his soul to the woman he loves in this beautifully textured piece with razor-sharp guitar hooks. Boasting a good selection of up-tempo pieces and ballads, The Manvils present a balanced approach to their multifaceted style that melds everything from pop to metal.”* * */4 The Hour

“The band are served best by the likes of “Turpentine,” a wonderful song with a ’60s garage influence, and the other upbeat songs put the Manvils in a great light.”Exclaim!

“Fronted by the jovial and boisterous lead singer/guitarist Mikey Manville, the band kicked off the night by premiering their new video for “Turpentine,” which features Hollywood actor John Savage, of The Deer Hunter fame. The video was a speedy take on Pulp Fiction, in which a desperate dude beats a man to death with an ashtray. All the while, the Manvils, clad in Sgt. Pepper’s-esque uniforms kept up a snarling, uniquely Canadian beat.

Finally, the Manvils took the stage, putting forth chunky rhythms and a propulsive sound. The three-piece were louder than one might expect and treated the crowd to many a high-octane number from their self-titled sophomore effort. Debuting punk-ish numbers full of bravado, the Manvils soon plowed through “Turpentine,” with Mikey Manville joking about about how well the video would do on MuchMusic. Funny, seeing as how a video like “Turpentine” is exactly the kind of shot in the arm that MuchMusic needs.”Exclaim!

“Right from the beginning, “Good Luck Club,” the Manvils take control and don’t let go. Perhaps the peak is “The Stoker,” that has the band at its most wantonly commercial (a chant will do that) but “Madame Guillotine” and “True Believers,” which follow, burn with dramatic intensity.”The Province

Current band members

  • Mikey Manville (vocals/guitars)
  • Greg Buhr (bass/vocals)
  • Jay Koenderman (drums/vocals)

Previous band members

    • Andrew MacDougal (drums)
    • Mark Parry (guitar)



Info Track Listing
Buried Love

Year: 2007

Format: CD

Label: Sandbag Records/Manvils Music
  1. "Missing You"
  2. "Pretty Bleed"
  3. "Bible Billy"
  4. "Between The Lashes"
  5. "Undertow"
  6. "Unoriginal"
  7. "Over These Hills"
  8. "Can You Feel Me"
  9. "Buried Love"
  10. "Crowded Room"
Strange Disaster (EP)

Year: 2007

Format: CD

Label: Sandbag Records/Manvils Music
  1. "Strange Disaster"
  2. "Hang On Man "
  3. "Helter Skelter" (Lennon/McCartney)
The Manvils

Year: 2009

Format: CD, Vinyl, TBA

Label: Sandbag Records
  1. "Good Luck Club"
  2. "Turpentine"
  3. "Strange Disaster"
  4. "Substation"
  5. "Riverside"
  6. "The Stoker"
  7. "Guillotine"
  8. "True Believers"
  9. "Hollow Hands"
  10. "A Few Dollars More"
  11. "Passport"

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