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The New Woody Woodpecker Show is an animated television series based on the original cartoon by Walter Lantz, produced by Universal Animation Studios and aired from 1999 until 2002 on FOX (United States) and YTV (Canada). It is an updated version of The Woody Woodpecker Show with characters from the classic series and a few new ones appearing in their own segments.


Woody Woodpecker characters

Chilly Willy characters

  • Chilly Willy (Voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Smedley (Voiced by Billy West)
  • Maxie the Polar Bear (Voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Sarge Hogwash (Voiced by Jeff Bennett from episodes of 2nd and 3rd Season "A Chilly Spy", "Armed Chilly", "Chilly Solar Wars", "A Chilly Party Crasher", "A Chilly Furnace", "A Chilly B-B-Q", "A Chilly Cold & Flu Season", "Chilly Bananas" and "Hogwash Junior")
  • The General (Voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Rufus le Dufus (Voiced by Mark Hamill)
  • Chilly Lilly (Voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Hogwash Junior (Voiced by Grey DeLisle)
  • Guard Dog (Voiced by Frank Welker)

Other characters

List of The New Woody Woodpecker Show episodes

Season 1: 1999-2000

  1. Wiener Wars (Pilot) / Electric Chilly / Woody & The Termite
  2. Fake Vacation / Medical Winnie Pig / Cable Ace
  3. Temper, Temper / A Classic Chilly Cartoon / Crash Course
  4. Woody's Ship of Ghouls / Bad Hair Day / Downsized Woody
  5. Ya Gonna Eat That? / Chilly & Hungry / Brother Cockroach
  6. Father's Day / Camp Buzzard / He Wouldn't Woody
  7. Wally's Royal Riot / Mexican Chilly / Sleepwalking Woody
  8. Pinheads / The Chilly Show / Silent Treatment
  9. Over the Top / Chilly & the Fur-Bearing Trout / Painfaker
  10. Tee Time / S & K Files / Goldiggers
  11. Mirage Barrage / Queen of De-Nile / Party Animal
  12. K-9, Woody-O / Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Walrus / Gopher It
  13. Spy-Guy / Ye Olde Knothead and Splinter / Life in the Pass Lane
  14. Signed, Sealed and Delivered / Out to Launch / Spa Spa Blackbird
  15. Pecking Order / Chilly on Ice / Just Say Uncle
  16. The Contender / Snow Way Out / Hospital Hi-Jinx
  17. Dr. Buzzard's Time Chamber / Winnie P.I. / Foiled in Oil
  18. Aunt Pecky / Terror Tots / Carney Con
  19. A Very Woody Christmas / It's a Chilly Christmas After All / Yule Get Yours
  20. Meany Side of the Street / Chilly to Go / Ant Rant
  21. Bavariannoying / Kitchen Magician / Cheap Seats Woody
  22. Woody Watcher / Chilly Dog / Beach Nuts
  23. Stuck on You / Freeze Dried Chilly / That Healing Feeling
  24. Baby Buzzard / Bait & Hook / Bad Weather

Season 2: 2000-2001

  1. Automatic Woody / Zoom-a to Montezooma / Chicken Woody
  2. Bonus Round Woody / Winnie at the Ball / Date with Destiny
  3. Woody's Roommate / Winnie's New Car / Whistle Stop Woody
  4. Lap It Up / Swiss Family Buzzard / Getting Comfortable
  5. Sync or Swim / Armed Chilly / Difficult Delivery
  6. Cabin Fever / Everybody's a Critic / Hide and Seek
  7. The Ice Rage / Endangered Chilly / Attila the Hen
  8. FrankenWoody / The Meany Witch Project / Fright Movie Woody
  9. This Seat's Taken / Cajun Chilly / Out of Line
  10. Inn Trouble / Wishful Thinking / Trail Ride Woody
  11. Super Woody / Skating By / Be a Sport
  12. Like Father, Unlike Son / A Chilly Spy / Country Fair Clam-Ity
  13. Eenie, Meany, Out You Go! / Stage Fright / Gone Fishin'
  14. Teacher's Pet / Dirty Derby / Hooray for Holly-Woody
  15. Cyrano-De Woody Woodpecker / Chilly Lilly / Meany's Date Bait
  16. The Twelve Lies of Christmas

Season 3: 2002

  1. Woodsy Woody / Chilly Solar Wars / Cue the Pool Shark
  2. Couples Therapy / Chilly Blue Yonder / Hiccup-Ed
  3. Crouching Meany, Hidden Woodpecker / A Chilly Party Crasher / Junk Funk
  4. Two Woodys, No Waiting / A Chilly Amusement Park / Born to Be Woody
  5. Mechanical Meany / A Chilly Furnace / Homerun Woody
  6. Spring Cleaning / A Chilly B-B-Q / Tire Tyrant
  7. The Fabulous Foodbox by Scamco / A Chilly Hockey Star / Corn Fed Up
  8. Infrequent Flyer / A Chilly Cold & Flu Season / Moto-Double Cross
  9. Wild Woodpecker / A Chilly Fashion Model / Speed Demon Mountain
  10. Niece and Quiet / Chilly Bananas / Surf Crazy
  11. Birdhounded / Run Chilly, Run Deep / Surviving Woody
  12. Firehouse Woody / Hogwash Junior / Thrash for Cash
  13. Miniature Golf Mayhem / A Chilly Cliffhanger / I Know What You Did Last Night (Series Finale)


In Brazil was released the DVD "Pica-pau Sai de Férias", and in Spanish the DVD "Pajaro Loco: Pánico Escénico y otras aventuras from these series. As of June 2009, there are currently no plans to release the show on DVD in the US. Few DVDs were released in the UK, previously on VHS.

This is the Spanish DVD cover:[302180]

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  • STS, 2000-present

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