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The North may refer to:

  • A geographical section of the world (see latitude).

  • The wealthy and technologically advanced nations of the world, as contrasted with the nations comprising the South (see North-South divide).

  • The northern part of a particular country or geographical region. Within this region, if places with a common characteristic are mostly found in the north, then the North becomes a synonym for places with that characteristic. Among the many countries and regions with this designation are:
* Canadamarker, where the North refers to Northern Canada – usually understood as the three territories, or coincident northerly lands. Similarly, the Far North is sometimes used to refer to the Canadian Arctic.
* Italymarker, which has a north-south divide where the wealthier regions are in the north. The North is the richer industrial and commercial heartland of the country, whilst the South is mainly agricultural. Lega Nord (the Northern League) campaigns for the secession of northern Italy from the rest of the country.
* the United Kingdommarker, where 'the North' can refer to:
** the general area in Englandmarker that is North of the Midlandsmarker, though parts of the Midlands are sometimes seen as belonging to the North. This usage may also include Scotlandmarker, see also the North-South divide.
** a designation on road signs in the United Kingdom, particularly on motorways and other major trunk roads, to denote a direction of travel.
** Northern Irelandmarker, as an alternative to "the north of Ireland".
* the United Statesmarker, where "the North" may refer to the regions comprising the Northern United States or to the Union .

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