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The Others are an Englishmarker rock band, signed to Poptones in July 2004 and their eponymous debut album was released on 31 January 2005.

The band were renowned for their live shows, particularly the so-called "guerilla gigs", which saw them play on a Hammersmith and City Line tube train, on the dodgems at the Leeds festival, and on the famous Abbey Roadmarker crossing in London. The band, particularly lead singer Dominic Masters, maintain a close relationship with their fanbase, affectionately known as the 853 Kamikaze Stage-Diving Division. The band are also known for accessibility which resulted in the popularity of the websites forum, which played a key part in keeping the fanbase together and organizing the following to collect together for gigs.

Their self titled debut album divided critics and public alike on its release in 2005. Whilst NME gave it 8/10, Q Magazine rated it one of the worst albums of the year, mocking Masters' boastful attitude towards drug abuse. In April 2006, the magazine placed the album at Number 40 in a countdown of "The 50 Worst Albums Ever", claiming the band had taken "the freewheeling spirit of [contemporary band] The Libertines... remove(d) all the talent and added even more crack. This [album] is what's left". By autumn 2006, the disappearance of their early promise and seeming fall from grace led NME to run an article entitled 'Whatever Happened to Dominic Masters?'

In an interview with Phoenix FMmarker in December 2005, the band confirmed that they had left Poptones and in October 2006 they released their second album, Inward Parts. In August 2007, drummer Martin Oldham left the band for health reasons.

In November 2009 Dominic was named 19th greatest rockstar of the noughties by NME magazine.

The band are currently writing and recording songs for their third album expected in 2010.


The band is composed of:
  • Dominic Masters - Vocals
  • Johnny Others - Bass
  • Jimmy Lager - Guitar
  • James Moulson - Drums

Previous members:Martin Oldham - Drums



Year Song UK Singles Chart Album
May 2004 "This Is For The Poor" UK #42 "The Others" CD - This Is For The Poor, How I Nearly Lost You (Demo), Almanac 7" - This For The Poor, How I Nearly Lost You (Demo) Original single release
Oct 2004 "Stan Bowles" UK #36 "The Others" CD - Stan Bowles, Boy Is A Girl, This Is For The Poor (demo) DVD - Stan Bowles, Guerrilla Gigging Pt 1 (The Tube Train)/7" - Stan Bowles, Stan Bowles (BBCRadio 1 Session), This Is For The Poor (BBC Radio 1 Session) Original single release
Jan 2005 "Lackey" UK #21 "The Others" CD - Lackey, King Prawn DVD - Lackey, Guerrilla Guide To Gigging Pt 2 (Abbey Road)/7" - Lackey (Radio Edit), Neil Armstrong Original single release
April 2005 "William" UK #29 "The Others" CD - William (Single Mix), This Is For The Poor (Phones Bourgeois Mix) 1st 7" - William, Psychovision (demo)/2nd 7" - William (Live at The Astoria), Stan Bowles (Live at The Astoria, Community 853 (Live at The Astoria) Original single release
Oct 2006 "The Truth that Hurts" UK #81 "Inward Parts" CD - Truth That Hurts (single mix), It Alright You See, Truth That Hurts (Gang Of Four Remix) 1st 7" - Truth That Hurts (single mix), Never Wanted You More2nd 7" - Truth That Hurts (Filthy Dukes Remix), Truth That Hurts (demo) Original single release
Feb 2007 "Always Be Mine" UK --(Ineligible) "Inward Parts" 1 track - Free "Valentines Day" Released Via Video single release
March 2008 "Probate" UK --(Ineligible) "Inward Parts" Probate (edit)/It Doesn't Matter To Me (demo)/Looking For A Product(Download Only "Tour Single") download only release



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