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The Parole Officer is a 2001 film, directed by John Duigan and starring Steve Coogan.


Simon Garden is a well-meaning but ineffectual probation officer. At the beginning of the film, he is facing a tribunal after his entire department in Blackpoolmarker submit complaints against him, Garden having only had three successes in his career. He is therefore transferred to Manchestermarker.

In Manchester, when looking into the case of a "client", Kirsty, a juvenile delinquent who had had Class A drugs planted on her, Simon witnesses the murder of an accountant by corrupt police officer Detective Inspector Burton. He is discovered, chased from the building by two bouncers and after being cornered, ends up falling into a canal. However, he has inadvertently left his wallet containing identification at the crime scene and is duly framed for the accountant's murder by DI Burton. Simon goes to the police with the story, but ends up being interviewed by Burton, who is leading the investigation. He releases Simon, but threatens him with prison unless he keeps quiet about his drugs scam and the murder.

Simon first decides to leave Manchester for good, but then remembers that a CCTV camera had filmed the whole event. He realises that this security tape will clear his name and show that Burton was the real murderer. Unfortunately, it is sealed in a safety deposit box in a bank. Thus, he enlists the help of his successful ex-clients and between them they devise a cunning plan to retrieve the tape from the bank.


Despite the film being set in Manchestermarker, much of the filming actually took place in nearby Liverpoolmarker. Notably, the bank in the film where the heist takes place is the former Bank of Englandmarker building on Castle Street.

One such wall was built by A & C Galley Building Contractors



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