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The Phoenix Club is a fictional working men's club in Farnworthmarker near Boltonmarker, and is the centerpiece of the acclaimed UK sitcom Phoenix Nights.

The Phoenix Club is home to entertainment of all types, including Bingo, singing, cabaret and a wide range of themed nights. The club was created and is run by Brian Potter along with his staff.

The club has a number of workers, all with their own part to it.

  • Brian Potter: Owner of the club, who goes to any extremes to keep it still standing.
  • Jerry St.Clair: Cabaret singer and fall guy of the show. He later becomes licensee of the club
  • Ray Von: A former fairground gypsy and electrician, who is the club's DJ and sound engineer.
  • Max and Paddy: The two doormen of the club.
  • Les and Alan: The two backing players with both drums and keyboard.
  • Kenny Senior: A handiworker at the club and habitual liar.
  • Young Kenny: A young, rather simple handyman.
  • Mary : Bar worker and devout Christian.
  • Spencer: Gormless but enthusiastic young barman.
  • Ant and Dec: Two illegal Chinese immigrants whom the club accidentally brought into the country. Employed by thrifty Brian Potter as chefs.

The club follows the layout of a typical working men's club, with a large cabaret room along with a lounge area (called 'The Pennine Suite' in the opening series). In an attempt to diversify and attract more customers, the lounge is later converted into a successful Chinese restaurant. There is also a games room in the club, that was named, The "Jocky Wilson Suite" in the first series, and the "Tony Knowles Suite" in the second. In the first series the room was shown as a home to the games supplied by "Dodgy Eric" such as the wonky snooker table, the bucking bronco and the child's aeroplane ride. In the second series, the room is used more as lounge, replacing the "Pennine Suite"(which was used as the Chinese Restaurant), for example, The "Kamikaze Lager Quiz Night" was hosted in the games room, whilst Jerry hosted his "Free and Easy Night" in the main cabaret room.

Throughout the two series of Phoenix Nights, an ongoing theme of the show is the rivalry between The Phoenix Club, and local rival club 'The Banana Grove', run by the flamboyant Den Perry. Brian Potter will devise ideas for the club to attract more customers, usually to the disapproval of Jerry St.Clair. However, as more people come to the club, the more popular the club becomes than its rivals, but this is at the expense of Brian Potter's thrifty ways, cutting corners in the running of the club wherever possible.

The second series follows on from the first. Following the staging of the highly regarded local talent contest 'Talent Trek' a vengeful Den Perry burns the club down. With the authorities taking a dim view of Potter's poor attitude towards fire and suspend his licence. Potter then rebuilds the club on the cheap, but with Jerry St. Clair with the licencee.The club bounces back and regains its popularity, with schemes such as placing a fake speed camera outside of the club to slow motorists down, and a re-enactment of the club's arson on TV show 'Crimetime' (a parody of Crimewatch) in order to gain free advertising.

Eventually, Den Perry unwittingly reveals to most of the local clientèle that he burned down the Phoenix Club, and the club is victorious.

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