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The Real McCoys is a television situation comedy co-produced by Danny Thomas' "Marterto Productions", in association with Walter Brennan and Irving Pincus's "Westgate" company. The program aired on the ABC network from 1957 through 1962. It aired for one more season on CBS before its end in 1963. From September 1962 through September 1966, CBS also carried daytime repeats of the series. The program was entitled The McCoys in 1962-1963.


The series revolved around the lives of a mountain family who originally hailed from the fictional community of Smoky Corners, West Virginiamarker. The McCoys moved to Californiamarker, where they became dirt farmers. The family consisted of Grandpa Amos McCoy, the head of the family (Walter Brennan), his grandson Luke (Richard Crenna), Luke's new bride Kate (Kathleen Nolan), teenage sister Hassie (Lydia Reed), and 11-year-old brother Little Luke (Michael Winkelman). The double-naming of the brothers was explained in the first episode by the elder Luke: Because their parents were so excited over the birth of the younger boy, "they forgot all about me!"

When they arrived at the new ranch, which had been in the family (it was originally owned by an uncle, Ben McCoy, who had died), they also gained a Hispanic ranch hand named Pepino (Tony Martinez), who worked with them and eventually became part of the family. The McMichaels, a brother-and-sister family, lived on the hill not far from the McCoys, and Amos and George would sometimes spat. Kate was friendly with Flora McMichael, George's sister, and got involved with a lot of the life in the community. She also served as a mother figure for Luke's younger siblings, Hassie and Little Luke.

Just before the show ended its run on ABC, Nolan decided to leave the show because of a contract dispute, so her character was killed off for the final season. The beginning of the last season also saw Hassie leaving home to attend college and Little Luke joining the Army. Luke became a widower, and many of the stories revolved around Grandpa trying to match him up with a new wife. This nearly worked when Luke met Louise Howard (played by Janet De Gore), a widow with a young son, Greg (played by Butch Patrick).


Although the series had ranked in the Top 10 the entire time it was on ABC, it fell into disfavor after being sold to CBS and was cancelled in the summer of 1963. Factors in the cancellation were the changes in the series (the death of the character Kate), its new time slot opposite NBC's Bonanza, and CBS's concentration on another rural show, The Beverly Hillbillies, which had become the number 1 entry on television.

A year after The Real McCoys ended production, Brennan starred in the short-lived ABC series The Tycoon as eccentric and sometimes cantankerous businessman Walter Andrews. The program, another Danny Thomas production, ceased after 32 episodes.

DVD Releases

On July 24, 2007, Infinity Entertainment released the first season of The Real McCoys on Region 1 DVD. The second season was released on October 30, 2007.


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