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The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam is a compilation of lectures delivered by Muhammad Iqbal on Islamic philosophy; it was published in 1930. These lectures were delivered by Iqbal in Madrasmarker, Hyderabadmarker, and Aligarhmarker. The last chapter, "Is Religion Possible", was added to the book from the 1934 Oxford Edition onwards.

In Reconstruction, Iqbal called for a re-examination of the intellectual foundations of Islamic philosophy. The book is a major work of modern Islamic thought.

Quotes from the book

  •, time, and matter are interpretations which thought puts on the free creative energy of God. line 24, page 65.


  • Knowledge and Religious Experience
  • The Philosophical Test of the Revelations of Religious Experience
  • The Conception of God and the Meaning of Prayer
  • The Human Ego – His Freedom and Immortality
  • The Spirit of Muslim Culture
  • The Principle of Movement in the Structure of Islam
  • Is Religion Possible?


  • Iqbal, Muhhamad. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. Kitab Bhavan, 2000. ISBN 81-7151-081-7.

Secondary literature

  • Raschid, M.S. Iqbal's Concept of God. London: KPI, 1981. ISBN 0-7103-0187-1.

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