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The Summit League
Established 1982
Members 10
Sports fielded 19 (9 men's, 10 women's)
Region Midwest United States
States 9 - Illinoismarker, Indianamarker, Louisianamarker,

Michiganmarker, Missourimarker, North Dakotamarker,

Oklahomamarker, South Dakotamarker, Utahmarker
Past names Association of Mid-Continent Universities

(AMCU) 1982-1989

Mid-Continent Conference 1989-2007
Headquarters Elmhurst, Illinoismarker
Commissioner Tom Douple

The Summit League (or The Summit) is an NCAA Division I college athletic conference which operates primarily in the Midwestern United States, with outlying teams in Louisianamarker and Utahmarker. On June 1, 2007, the conference changed its name from the Mid-Continent Conference.


Institution Location Founded Affiliation Enrollment Joined Nickname
Centenary College of Louisianamarker Shreveport, Louisianamarker 1825 Private/Methodist 1,017 2003 Gentlemen and Ladies
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Waynemarker Fort Wayne, Indianamarker 1917 Public 13,675 2007 Mastodons
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolismarker Indianapolis, Indianamarker 1969 Public 27,184 1998 Jaguars
University of Missouri-Kansas Citymarker Kansas City, Missourimarker 1933 Public 14,499 1994 Kangaroos
North Dakota State Universitymarker Fargo, North Dakotamarker 1890 Public 14,186 2007 Bison
Oakland Universitymarker Rochester, Michiganmarker 1957 Public 17,737 1998 Golden Grizzlies
Oral Roberts Universitymarker Tulsa, Oklahomamarker 1963 Private/Christian 3,417 1997 Golden Eagles
South Dakota State Universitymarker Brookings, South Dakotamarker 1881 Public 12,376 2007 Jackrabbits
Southern Utah Universitymarker Cedar City, Utahmarker 1897 Public 7,509 1997 Thunderbirds and Lady Thunderbirds
Western Illinois Universitymarker Macomb, Illinoismarker 1899 Public 13,602 1982 Western Illinois Leathernecks
Locations of current Summit League full member institutions.

Associate members

Future members

Former members

Institution Years Moved To
University of Akronmarker 1990-1992 Mid-American Conference
University at Buffalo 1994-1998 Mid-American Conference
Central Connecticut State Universitymarker 1994-1998 Northeast Conference
Chicago State Universitymarker 1994-2006 Great West Conference
Cleveland State Universitymarker 1982-1994 Horizon League
Eastern Illinois Universitymarker 1982-1996 Ohio Valley Conference
University of Illinois at Chicagomarker 1982-1994 Horizon League
Northeastern Illinois Universitymarker 1994-1998 Disbanded sports
Northern Illinois Universitymarker 1990-1994 Mid-American Conference
University of Northern Iowamarker 1982-1991 Missouri Valley Conference
Missouri State Universitymarker 1982-1990 Missouri Valley Conference
Troy Universitymarker 1994-1997 Sun Belt
University of Wisconsin–Green Baymarker 1982-1994 Horizon League
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukeemarker 1993-1994 Horizon League
Valparaiso University 1982-2007 Horizon League
Wright State Universitymarker 1991-1994 Horizon League
Youngstown State Universitymarker 1992-2001 Horizon League
Centenary Collegemarker 2003-2011 NCAA Division III
Centenary will leave the Summit League in 2011 and drop down to Division III



The conference was created in 1982 as the Association of Mid-Continent Universities (or AMCU or AMCU-8, pronounced Am-cue), which it was known as until 1989. The conference sponsored football from 1982 until 1984 at the Division II level, and current members North Dakota Statemarker, South Dakota Statemarker, Southern Utahmarker, and Western Illinoismarker have Division I FCS (formerly known as Division I-AA) football programs.
Mid-Continent Conference logo, -2007

Horizon and ECC transitions

In 1994, charter members Cleveland State Universitymarker, the University of Illinois at Chicagomarker, and the University of Wisconsin–Green Baymarker, as well as newer members University of Wisconsin–Milwaukeemarker, Northern Illinois Universitymarker, and Wright State Universitymarker left the conference to join the Midwestern Collegiate Conference, now known as the Horizon League.

In response, the Mid-Continent absorbed Central Connecticut State Universitymarker, Chicago State Universitymarker, the University at Buffalo, Troy State Universitymarker (now Troy University), and Northeastern Illinois Universitymarker from the collapsed East Coast Conference. None of these institutions remain in the league.

Missouri-Kansas Citymarker, formerly an independent, also joined the Mid-Continent Conference in 1994.

Declining membership

Eastern Illinois moved to the Ohio Valley Conference in 1996, reducing membership to nine programs. Troy State departed for the Trans America Athletic Conference while Central Connecticut went to the Northeast Conference in 1997. Buffalo joined the Mid-American Conference in 1998 while Northeastern Illinois ceased athletic operations at that time. Oral Roberts Universitymarker and Southern Utah Universitymarker replaced the former pair while IUPUImarker and Oakland Universitymarker moved into the latter duo's spots a year later.

Youngstown State Universitymarker switched to the Horizon League in 2001, followed by founding member Valparaiso University in 2007, and seven of the ten current Horizon League programs are former Summit League members. Centenary College stepped into Youngstown State's place in 2003, but Chicago State University announced in the spring of 2006 that it would withdraw from the conference to compete as an independent starting in the 2006-07 school year, dropping membership to seven programs.

Renewed expansion

At the Mid-Continent Conference annual Presidents Council meeting in 2006, conference expansion was discussed at length, and Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Waynemarker (IPFW), North Dakota Statemarker, and South Dakota Statemarker were approved for site visits. On August 30, 2006, IPFW accepted an invitation to join the Mid-Continent Conference as a full member starting July 1, 2007. The following day, North Dakota State and South Dakota State also accepted invitations to join the conference.

The Summit League has continued its renewed expansion push with the admission of the University of South Dakota. The Coyotes will begin conference play in the 2011–2012 academic year and become eligible for all championships the following season. Centenary College subsequently announced that it will leave the Summit League following the 2010–2011 campaign. The Summit League has not announced publicly whether it will retain 10 schools or expand to 12 once that happens.

Membership timeline

DateFormat = yyyyImageSize = width:750 height:auto barincrement:20Period = from:1982 till:2009TimeAxis = orientation:horizontalPlotArea = right:30 left:0 bottom:50 top:5

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        id:bg       value:white

 width:15 textcolor:black shift:(5,-5) anchor:from fontsize:s

 bar:1  color:orange from:1982 till:1994 text:Cleveland State Universitymarker (1982-1994)
 bar:2  color:orange from:1982 till:1996 text:Eastern Illinois Universitymarker (1982-1996)
 bar:3  color:orange from:1982 till:1994 text:University of Illinois at Chicagomarker (1982-1994)
 bar:4  color:orange from:1982 till:1991 text:University of Northern Iowamarker (1982-1991)
 bar:5  color:orange from:1982 till:1990 text:Southwest Missouri State Universitymarker (1982-1990)
 bar:6  color:orange from:1982 till:1994 text:University of Wisconsin–Green Baymarker (1982-1994)
 bar:7  color:orange from:1982 till:2007 text:Valparaiso University (1982-2007)
 bar:8  color:orange from:1982 till:end  text:Western Illinois Universitymarker (1982-present)
 bar:9  color:orange from:1990 till:1992 text:University of Akronmarker (1990-1992)
 bar:10 color:orange from:1990 till:1994 text:Northern Illinois Universitymarker (1990-1994)
 bar:11 color:orange from:1991 till:1994 text:Wright State Universitymarker (1991-1994)
 bar:12 color:orange from:1992 till:2001 text:Youngstown State Universitymarker (1992-2001)
 bar:13 color:orange from:1993 till:1994 text:University of Wisconsin–Milwaukeemarker (1993-1994)
 bar:14 color:orange from:1994 till:1998 text:University at Buffalo (1994-1998)
 bar:15 color:orange from:1994 till:1998 text:Central Connecticut State Universitymarker (1994-1998)
 bar:16 color:orange from:1994 till:2006 text:Chicago State Universitymarker (1994-2006)
 bar:17 color:orange from:1994 till:1998 text:Northeastern Illinois Universitymarker (1994-1998)
 bar:18 color:orange from:1994 till:1997 text:Troy State Universitymarker (1994-1997)
 bar:19 color:orange from:1994 till:end  text:University of Missouri–Kansas Citymarker (1994-present)
 bar:20 color:orange from:1997 till:end  text:Oral Roberts Universitymarker (1997-present)
 bar:21 color:orange from:1997 till:end  text:Southern Utah Universitymarker (1997-present)
 bar:22 color:orange from:1998 till:end  shift:(-135,-5) text:Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolismarker (1998-present)
 bar:23 color:orange from:1998 till:end  text:Oakland Universitymarker (1998-present)
 bar:24 color:orange from:2003 till:end  shift:(-140,-5) text:Centenary College of Louisianamarker (2003-present)
 bar:25 color:orange from:2007 till:end  shift:(-303,-5) text:Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Waynemarker (2007-present)
 bar:26 color:orange from:2007 till:end  shift:(-209,-5) text:North Dakota State Universitymarker (2007-present)
 bar:27 color:orange from:2007 till:end  shift:(-209,-5) text:South Dakota State Universitymarker (2007-present)

ScaleMajor = gridcolor:line unit:year increment:2 start:1982

TextData =
  pos:(175,30) # tabs:(0-center)
  text:"Membership History"

Men's basketball in the NCAA tournament

Year Team Seed Results
1983 none
1984 none
1985 none
1986 Cleveland State 14† defeated Indiana

defeated Saint Joseph'smarker

lost to Navymarker
1987 Southwest Missouri State 13 defeated Clemson

lost to Kansas
1988 Southwest Missouri State 13 lost to UNLV
1989 Southwest Missouri State 14 lost to Seton Hallmarker
1990 Southwest Missouri State 9 lost to North Carolina
Northern Iowa 14 defeated Missouri

lost to Minnesota

1991 Wisconsin–Green Bay 12 lost to Michigan State
Northern Illinois 13† lost to St. John'smarker
1992 Eastern Illinois 15 lost to Indiana
1993 Wright State 16 lost to Indiana
1994 UW–Green Bay 12 defeated California

lost to Syracuse
1995 none
1996 Valparaiso 14 lost to Arizona
1997 Valparaiso 12 lost to Boston College
1998 Valparaiso 13 defeated Ole Miss

defeated Florida State

lost to Rhode Islandmarker
1999 Valparaiso 15 lost to Maryland
2000 Valparaiso 16 lost to Michigan State
2001 Southern Utah 14 lost to Boston College
2002 Valparaiso 13 lost to Kentucky
2003 IUPUI 16 lost to Kentucky
2004 Valparaiso 15 lost to Gonzaga
2005 Oakland 16 defeated Alabama A&Mmarker

Lost to North Carolina
2006 Oral Roberts 16 lost to Memphis
2007 Oral Roberts 14 lost to Washington State
2008 Oral Roberts 13 lost to Pittsburgh
2009 North Dakota State 14 lost to Kansas

† at-large bid‡ opening round game

Conference facilities

School Basketball arena Capacity Football stadium Capacity Baseball stadium Capacity Soccer stadium Capacity
Centenary Gold Domemarker 3,000 Non-Football School Shehee Stadium Mayo Field 500
IPFW Allen County War Memorial Coliseummarker (men)

Hilliard Gates Sports Centermarker (women)

Non-Football School Outdoor Sports Complex Hefner Soccer Complexmarker 2,000
IUPUI IUPUI Gymnasiummarker 2,000 Non-Football School Non-Baseball School Carrol Stadiummarker 12,100
UMKC Municipal Auditoriummarker 9,287 Non-Football School Non-Baseball School Bourke Field
North Dakota State Bison Sports Arenamarker 6,000 Fargodomemarker 19,500 Newman Outdoor Fieldmarker 4,600 Schlanser Track
Oakland Athletics Center O'Renamarker 4,005 Non-Football School OU Baseball Field 500 OU Soccer Field
Oral Roberts Mabee Centermarker 10,575 Non-Football School J.L. Johnson Stadium ORU Soccer Complex
South Dakota State Frost Arenamarker 6,500 Coughlin-Alumni Stadiummarker 16,000 Erv Huether Field Fishback Soccer Park 1,500
Southern Utah Centrum Arenamarker 5,300 Eccles Coliseummarker 8,500 Thunderbird Park Thunderbird Soccer Field 600
Western Illinois Western Hallmarker 5,139 Hanson Fieldmarker 17,168 Alfred D. Boyer Stadium 500 MacKenzie Alumni Field 1,000


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  8. MSU was known as Southwest Missouri State University until 2005.

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