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The Volcano, also known as Lava Fork volcano, is the name of a cinder cone in northwestern British Columbiamarker, Canadamarker, located immediately north of the British Columbia-Alaskamarker border.


The Volcano is probably the youngest volcano in Canada. Lava flows traveled south 5 km where they crossed the border into Alaskamarker and dammed the Blue River, a short tributary of the Unuk Rivermarker flowing from the southeast flank of Mount Lewis Cass (Boundary Peak 47). In doing so it formed several small lakes. The lava flows are approximately 22 km long, and still have the original features and pits formed when the overlying solidified lava collapsed into underlying lava tubes and tree mold. The youngest of these lava flows could be only 150 years old and the oldest eruption is possibly 350 years old. Volcanic activity at The Volcano was reported in 1904, however this eruption is considered uncertain. The Volcano is the southernmost of ten volcanoes in the Iskut volcanic field, which includes volcanoes at Hoodoo Mountainmarker and the Iskut-Unuk River Conesmarker.

The Volcano is one of the top 10 Canadian volcanic areas with recent seismic activity, the others include: Castle Rockmarker, Mount Edziza volcanic complexmarker, Mount Cayleymarker, Hoodoo Mountainmarker, Crow Lagoonmarker, Silverthrone Calderamarker, Mount Meagermarker, Wells Gray-Clearwater volcanic fieldmarker and Mount Garibaldimarker.

Volcanic hazards

Because The Volcano is located in the remote Iskut region and involves passive lava flows, future eruptions at The Volcano pose little threat. Damming of rivers and other local water courses may disrupt fish habitat. Clouds of volcanic ash could threaten lower-flying aircraft along the northern coastal corridor between Vancouvermarker and Alaskamarker. Lava Fork is not being seismically monitored to warn of any future activity.

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