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The sixth season of the science fiction television series The X-Files commenced airing on the Fox Broadcasting Network in the United States on November 8, 1998, concluding on the same channel on May 16, 1999, and contained 22 episodes. The series was developed by Chris Carter, who also serves as executive producer. Season six regular cast members include Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully and David Duchovny as Fox Mulder. The sixth season focuses on the Syndicate and their fight against Mulder and the FBImarker. The season ends with the destruction of the Old Syndicate by Alien rebels.

Episodes marked with an asterisk (*) are part of the series' mytharc. Episodes with a double asterisk (**) are part of the series' Alien Mythology.


The episode "Drive" references a real life navy communication project; Project Sanguine under a pseudonym. The opening footage is done in the style of a news report. "Dreamland was the only two part episode of The X-Files not directly related to the myth-arc of the show. The Marx Brothers mirror dance routine from the movie Duck Soup, is acted out by Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Morris Fletcher (Michael McKean). Morris Fletcher makes a cameo appearance later in the season in the episode "Three of a Kind". In "Dreamland II", the U-Haul that Mulder is using to pack Morris's belongings has a picture on the side of it displaying Wapakoneta, Ohiomarker, the birthplace of Neil Armstrong. The Air Force pilot in the cell adjacent to Mulder refers in fighter pilot jargon to his "RIO" or Radar Intercept Officer. In reality, RIO is a Navy acronym. The Air Force terminology is "WSO" or Weapons System Officer.

"How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" has the smallest cast of any episode of the series, with only David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Ed Asner, and Lily Tomlin. The film version of A Christmas Carol that Mulder is watching is the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim. The "glowing milk" scene in the episode "Terms of Endearment" is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion. What the mother is supposed to have said while "in a trance" - "Zazas, zazas, nastanada zazas" - are what the occultist Aleister Crowley used to open the 10th Aethyr, that of the Thelemic devil Choronzon. The song that plays several times in the episode is "Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage.

Some New Yorkmarker scenes from the episode "Tithonus" were filmed on sets from NYPD Blue, whose sets were located just across from The X-Files studios. The hospital billed as NYU Medical Center is actually Massachusetts General Hospitalmarker. The name Alfred Fellig is a reference to famous photographer Arthur Fellig, better known as Weegee. The character Tithonus is named after a reluctant immortal from Greek mythology.

"One Son" is the culmination of the work of the Syndicate regarding the alien conspiracy that began in the first season episode, "The Erlenmeyer Flask". This episode also marked the return of Marita Covarrubias, who had vanished since the fifth season episode "The Red and the Black". The title of the episode, "The Unnatural" is an offhand reference to the title of Bernard Malamud's baseball novel The Natural, which was later adapted in 1984 as a film starring Robert Redford. Darren McGavin, who played the first Arthur Dales in two previous episodes, filmed two scenes before illness forced him to step down from the project. M. Emmet Walsh was called in, and the script rewritten, to accept the changes. McGavin’s scenes are included on the DVD. Instead of "The Truth Is Out There", the text that appears at the end of the opening credits is "In The Big Inning".

"Three of a Kind" is a sequel of sorts to "Unusual Suspects", with the episode concluding the story of The Lone Gunmen and Susanne Modeski, the woman who led to the creation of the trio. Also, in "Unusual Suspects", Mulder played a supporting role in the episode, but in "Three of a Kind", the concept reverses, with Scully helping out The Lone Gunmen instead. David Duchovny lent only his voice to this episode, with The Lone Gunmen electronically synthesizing Mulder's voice to convince Scully to travel to Las Vegas.


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