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The seventh season of The X-Files commenced airing in the United Statesmarker on November 7, 1999, concluded on May 21, 2000, and consists of twenty-two episodes. The X-Files is an American serial science fiction-horror-thriller television series. Season seven took place after the destruction of the Syndicate, which marked the end of their long-running story arc. This season marks the end of various story arcs, most notably the Samantha Mulder arc, which involved finding the truth about what happened to her.

Season seven received mixed views from critics. After the broadcasting for the season ended, David Duchovny sued Fox and left the show as a main cast member. He would return in later seasons, but as a recurring character instead. After this point, many recurring cast members such as William B. Davis and Laurie Holden wouldn't make an appearance on the show, until the series final, which aired in 2002.

As sister show Millennium was cancelled in 1999 without concluding any of the long-running arcs, Chris Carter felt he needed to create "closure" for his cancelled show. This season would be the last to feature the old opening sequence for the series. The two later seasons changed the opening sequence in an attempt to renew the series.



The episode, "Millennium" was created to give a sort of "closure" for the series, Millennium which was cancelled in 1999. The episode would also mark the first time any of the original crew had done any work on the show, since Millennium was filmed in Vancouver, Canadamarker, as The X-Files had been before it. The episode was later included in the Millennium season three box set and The Complete Series, even though it wasn't officially a Millennium episode.

The decision to end the long-running story arc about Fox Mulder looking for the truth about what happened to his sister, was decided when the production crew was unsure if the show would be renewed for another season. Kim Manners, director for the show, even called it on of his "favorite" episodes. "My Weakness", a song by Moby from his album, Play, is used several times throughout the episode, most notably during the first scene and near the end. Carter never told the series' resident composer Mark Snow about the decision to use someone else's music, although Snow has since said that his reaction to the use of the song was more positive than negative and that the song was a "perfect" fit for the scenes in which it can be heard.

Duchovny contributed to two scripts for the show, the first being "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" with Carter, and the second being "Hollywood A.D." which he both wrote and directed. Co-star Gillian Anderson also contributed to her first and only script for The X-Files. The episode was entitled "all things" and centered solely around her character, Dana Scully. The original script for "all things" was intended to be 10–15 minutes longer, the most notable cut off was the scene featuring conversation between Scully and Daniel Waterson (Nicolas Survoy).


The theater audience in the episode "Hollywood A.D." largely consisted of crew members and their families as a "thank you" for their involvement with the show. Originally the entire audience was to have been made up of this group, but main co-star Gillian Anderson became ill after the filming of "all things", and production was pushed back a week. Extras were hired to fill the spots of people unable to adjust to the changed schedule.


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