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Pedestrianized street of Thisted
The main church of Thisted
Coat of arms

Thisted is a town in Thisted municipality of Region Nordjyllandmarker, in Denmarkmarker. It has a population of 12,995 (1st January 2009) and is located in Thy, in northwestern Jutland.

The town name ultimately derives from the Germanic deity Tyr and could be translated into Tyr's Stead.The status as a market town was given to Thisted in the year 1500.

People from Thisted

J.P. Jacobsen, Jesper Grønkjær, Yutte Stensgaard, Christian Kold, and the pop duo Junior Senior are some notable people from Thisted.Bent Larsen


There are several educational institutions in Thisted. There are three schools, Østre skole, Rolighedskolen, and Tingstrup skole. There's also a gymnasium, Higher Preparatory Examination, Higher Commercial Examination Programme and Higher Technical Examination Programme.


Thisted has a soccer-team Thisted FC in the Danish 1st Division Viasat Divisionen.



Thisted is also home of the Brewery Thisted Bryghus known for its high quality organic beer.

Burial mound

Langdos, the largest bronze age burial mound in Denmark, is located in Thisted. The burial mound is 175 meters long and was built between 1800 and 1000 BC.

Thisted Church

Thisted features a church Gothic-style church, the exterior of which contains a stone with Runic inscriptions.

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