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Thomas Harlan (b. 1964 in Tucsonmarker, Arizonamarker) is a science fiction/fantasy writer and wargame designer.

Published works


The Oath of Empire from Tor Books: An alternate-history historical fantasy series of truly epic scope, set in 7th century Rome and Persia.

  • The Shadow of Ararat (hardcover 1999, paperback 2000)
  • The Gate of Fire (hardcover 2000, paperback 2001)
  • The Storm of Heaven (hardcover 2001, paperback 2002)
  • The Dark Lord (hardcover 2002, paperback 2003)

Crusader Earth

  • Giants in the Earth: Strangers in Bethlehem in Dragon #284 (Jun 2001)
  • Mysterious Ways in Dungeon #86 (May/Jun 2001)
  • Theodora's Ladder in Dragon #308
  • Giants in the Earth: Theodora in Dragon #308
  • Pilgrim's Test in Dragon #284
  • The Tomb in Dragon #296
  • Chalice of Life: The Leper's Hand in Dragon #314
  • Chalice of Life: Hecate's Ring in Dragon #315
  • Chalice of Life: The Kalif's Coffin in Dragon #316
  • Chalice of Life: Altar of Duzara in Dragon #317

Science fiction

  • In the Time of the Sixth Sun, from Tor Books
    • Wasteland of Flint (hardcover 2003 ISBN 0-765-30192-X, paperback 2004)
    • House of Reeds (hardcover 2004 ISBN 0-765-30193-8, paperback 2005)
    • Land of the Dead (hardcover August 2009 ISBN 0-7653-1204-2)
  • Hothouse, in the Future Washington anthology from WSFA.

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