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Brian Timothy "Tim" Finn, OBE (born 25 June 1952) is a New Zealandmarker born singer and songwriter. Finn is most known for his music with New Zealand 1970s and 1980s rock group Split Enz, and later for his solo work, a temporary membership in Crowded House and his joint effort with younger brother Neil Finn as the Finn Brothers.


Tim Finn was born in Te Awamutumarker, New Zealandmarker. He went to Sacred Heart College, Aucklandmarker, a Catholic boarding school. In 1971 he went on to study Philosophy and Politics for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Auckland Universitymarker. The music practice room 129 (later featured in one of the Split Enz hits) appealed to him, where he jammed with friends Mike Chunn, Robert Gillies, Philip Judd and Noel Crombie. Music soon became more important to Brian than his studies and in mid-1972 he quit University. A few months later, Phil and Tim (beginning to use his middle name as a stage name) formed a group called Split Ends (renamed Split Enz on the first trip to Australia a year later). The music style is best described as eclectic and wildly original, incorporating influences from art rock, vaudeville, swing, punk, glam rock, rock and pop. Between 1972 and 1977 Tim and Judd alternated as frontman for the band. Once Judd permanently left the band, Tim Finn's younger brother Neil Finn took his place.

Finn was married to English dancer Liz Malam in January 1981, but the marriage fell apart on October that year (providing material for Six Months In A Leaky Boat).

For much of the 1980s Finn was very publicly romantically involved with Italianmarker-born, Australian actress Greta Scacchi, who in 1989 married American actor Vincent D'Onofrio.

Finn is currently married to television presenter Marie Azcona, formerly of MTV and TVNZ One's Music Week, who shares a talent for songwriting. They have collaborated together on several songs, some of which are featured on Steel City, the soundtrack that Finn wrote and co-wrote on two tracks with Azcona, and collaborated on one more with Mike Chunn. Finn and Azcona have two children; a son, Harper, and a daughter, Elliott.


Finn recorded his debut solo album, Escapade, in 1983. This met with huge commercial success both in Australia and New Zealand. His success and his love affair with renowned actress Greta Scacchi, whom he had met on the set of indy film The Coca-Cola Kid, brought about a decision to leave Split Enz permanently to focus on a solo career in June 1984. In early 1985, Tim moved to London and released his second album Big Canoe, which failed to repeat the success of its predecessor. During his affair with Scacchi, Finn's focus turned to scoring films, and he had a few roles in movies that either he had scored or that Scacchi would star in. Though his role in The Coca-Cola Kid was about five minutes long, he did score a larger role in the movie La Donna della Luna (The Moon Woman). Other than that his contributions to film consisted primarily of that of stand-in roles, and those without lines.Finn also contributed "Cane Toad Blues" to the 1988 documentary film [Cane Toads - An Unnatural History']'".

Return to Australia

Crowded House

In late 1989, he was back living in Melbourne recording his eponymous third album, Tim Finn, with a contract with Capitol Recordsmarker. In early 1990, he reconciled with his younger brother Neil, intending a collaboration on a Finn brothers record. Instead, he found his brother had formed a promising band on his own, and joined as an additional member of Crowded House, the group Neil had formed after Split Enz dissolved. He performed with the band and recorded on the band's album Woodface, but both realised that Crowded House was not built to support two leading personalities and parted ways amicably, with Tim Finn returning to pursue his solo career. Riding on their past achievements, and Crowded House's successful third album, Woodface, both Tim Finn and Neil Finn were made OBE for services to New Zealand music in the 1993 Queen's Birthday Honours List.

The collaborative effort was repeated in 1995, and a low key album entitled Finn was released as a Finn Brothers release instead of a Crowded House release. In support of this album, the brothers toured Europe, Australia and the USA. Also in 1995, Finn collaborated with singers Andy White and Liam Ó Maonlaí, forming the band ALT (the name being the initial letters of their names). ALT toured in the UK, New Zealand and Australia and released the album Altitude.

5 June 2000 was proclaimed “Tim Finn Day” by the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniamarker, in the USA during Finn’s tour of the United States that year.

In 2000, the album Together in Concert: Live was recorded featuring Finn, Bic Runga, and Dave Dobbyn. Recorded in the months of August and September 2000 in venues around New Zealand, the three performers are each eqitably showcased. Both the concerts and album feature all three performers providing vocal and instrumental backing on each other's songs. The album was not released in the UK until the 29th of May, 2007. Unfortunately, iTunes lists Tim Finn's as "Tim Funn".

In 2004, the Finn brothers released their second album together, titled, Everyone Is Here. The album originally was intended to be produced by Tony Visconti but the final release shows most production credits going to long-time Finn producer Mitchell Froom.

Finn also contributed a song to the soundtrack of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe entitled “Winter Light,” which later appeared on Finn's Imaginary Kingdom album.

Finn has also guested recently on Peter Gabriel's song "Whole Thing" from the 2008 album Big Blue Ball.


This discography relates to releases by Tim Finn only. See Finn Brothers' discography, Crowded House discography and Split Enz discography for other related works.
Date Title Label Charted Country Catalog Number
1983 Escapade Mushroom Records #161 U.S. D19230
1986 Big Canoe Virgin Records - - CDV-2369
1989 Tim Finn Capitol Recordsmarker - - CDP7-48735-2
1993 Before & After - - CDP-594904
1999 Say It Is So Sonny's Pop Records - -
2001 Feeding the Gods Periscope Records - - 002
2006 Imaginary Kingdom Sonny's Pop Records - -
2008 The Conversation EMI Records - -
2009 North, South, East, West...Anthology Capitol Recordsmarker - -
2001 What You've Done EMI Records - -
1987 The Les Patterson Long Player WEA - - 2547791
1991 Woodface

(with Crowded House)
Capitol Recordsmarker 83 U.S. CDP-7-93559-2
1995 Altitude

(with ALT)
- -
1995 Finn

(with Neil Finn)
Discovery Records - - 77043
1998 Steel City CRS Records - - 5011402000
2000 Together in Concert: Live

(with Dave Dobbyn & Bic Runga)
- -
2004 Everyone Is Here

(with Neil Finn)
2009 The Sun Came Out Sony Music - - 88697568272


Year Single Album Charted Certification
1983 "Fraction Too Much Friction" Escapade #1 (NZ) -
1983 "In A Minor Key" Escapade - -
1983 "Staring At The Embers" Escapade #10 (NZ) -
1983 "Made My Day" Escapade - -
1984 "Through The Years" Escapade #34 (CAN) -
1985 "Home For My Heart" The Coca-Cola Kid Soundtrack - -
1986 "Carve You In Marble" Big Canoe - -
1986 "No Thunder No Fire No Rain" Big Canoe #24 (NZ) -
1986 "Spiritual Hunger" Big Canoe - -
1987 "You Saved The World" Les Patterson Saves The World - -
1987 "With You I'm Alive Les Patterson Saves The World - -
1989 "Crescendo" Tim Finn - -
1989 "How'm I Gonna Sleep" Tim Finn #27 (AUS), #77 (CAN), #1 (NZ) -
1989 "Not Even Close" Tim Finn #91 (CAN), #12 (NZ) -
1989 "Parihaka"

(with Herbs)
#6 (NZ) -
1990 "Long Hard Road" - -
1990 "Many's The Time" Tim Finn - -
1992 "Islands" - -
1993 "Hit The Ground Running" Before & After - -
1993 "Persuasion" Before & After #1 (NZ) -
1994 "Runs In The Family" - -
1998 "Steel City" Steel City Soundtrack - -
1999 "Far Out" - -
1999 "Twinkle" Say It Is So - -
2006 "Couldn't Be Done" Imaginary Kingdom - -
2007 "Horizon" Imaginary Kingdom - -
2008 "Out Of This World" The Conversation - -




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