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Timişoara ( ; , also Temeswar or Temeschwar, Serbian: Темишвар, Temišvar, , Bulgarian: Тимишоара, or , ), also known as "The City of Athletes", is a city in the Banat region of western Romaniamarker. It is the capital of Timiş County.

With 311,586 inhabitants (2009), Timişoara, the second largest Romanian city, is the main economic and cultural center in Banat in the west of the country.

The entire city center consists of buildings built in the Kaiser era.

Timişoara is a university center with the emphasis on subjects like medicine, mechanics and electro-technology. It is industrialized. It was the first mainland European city to be lit by electric street lamps in 1884. It was also the second European and the first city in what is now Romania with horse drawn trams in 1867. There are numerous claims that Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Towermarker in Parismarker, built one of Timişoara's footbridges over the Bega.

The old city consists of several historic areas. These are: Cetate (Belváros in Hungarian, Innere Stadt in German), Iosefin (Józsefváros, Josephstadt), Elisabetin (Erzsébetváros, Elisabethstadt), Fabric (Gyárváros, Fabrikstadt). Numerous bars, clubs and restaurants have opened in the old center in the fine old baroque square.


Timişoara has a population of 311,586 (2009). 14.2% of the population are under 15 years of age, 4.0% are over 75.


Iulius Mall with its 210 shops is one of the largest shopping centres in Romania

Timişoara has been a strong economic center since the 18th century when the Habsburg administration was installed. Due to the Austrian colonization, the ethnic and religious diversity and the innovation of laws, the economy began to develop. The technicians and craftsmen that settled in the city established guilds and helped develop the city’s economy.

During the Industrial Revolution most of the modern innovations were introduced. It was the first city with streets illuminated in the monarchy, and the first city of mainland Europe illuminated by electric light. In this period the Bega river was channelled - Bega canal. It was the first navigable canal in the recent Romanian territory. In this way the city had contact with Europe, and even with the world through the Black Sea. This led to the evolution of commercialism.

In the 19th century the railway system of the Hungarian Kingdom reached Timişoara. It was the first city in the country with international routes.

Timişoara has had a economic boom as the number of foreign investments, especially in high-tech sectors, has risen. It is considered the second most prosperous city in Romaniamarker (following Bucharest). In an article in late 2005, French magazine L'Expansion called Timişoara Romania's economic showcase, and referred to the increased number of foreign investments as a "second revolution".

Apart from the several local investments, there have been investments from the European Union, particularly from Germanymarker and Italymarker. Continental AG has produced tires here for several years. The company Linde produces technical gases, and a part of the wiring moulds for BMW and Audi vehicles are produced by the company Dräxlmaier Group.

Swissmarker company Nestlé produces waffles here.

The US company Flextronics maintains a workplace in the west of the city for the production of mobile telephony and government inspection department devices. The American company Procter & Gamble manufactures washing and cleaning agents in Timişoara. Smithfield Foods - the world's largest pork processor and hog producer - has two subsidiaries in Timişoara and Timiş County: Smithfield Ferme and Smithfield Prod.


Timişoara's public transport network consists of 10 tram lines, 8 trolleybus lines and 20 bus lines, of which 5 are metropolitan lines and 6 are express lines. It is operated by Regia Autonomă de Transport Timişoara(RATT) [9653], an autonomous corporation of the City Hall. The city is served by Romania's second busiest airport, Traian Vuia International Airportmarker, which is the hub of the Romania's second-largest airline, Carpatair.The city is connected to a series of major European and domestic destinations. Timişoara is a major railway centre and is connected to all other major Romanian cities, as well as local destinations, through the national Căile Ferate Românenetwork.


Main sights


"Politehnica" University's main building, the "Lloyd Palace", situated in Victoria square

High Schools: are some of the leading high schools in Timişoara.


Performing arts

  • Timoșoara Banatul Philharmonic (Filarmonica Banatul Timoșoara)
  • Romanian Opera House (Opera Romana Timoșoara)
  • National Theatre (Teatrul National)
  • German State Theatre (Teatrul German de Stat)
  • Hungarian State Theatre (Teatrul Maghiar de Stat Csiky Gergely)
  • Puppet Theatre (Teatrul pentru copii si tineret Merlin)





International relations

Twin towns — Sister cities

Timişoara is twinnedwith:

Famous natives

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Image:Bega Canal.jpg|Bega CanalImage:Piata Unirii.jpg|Unirii SquareImage:timi (8).jpg|Orthodox CathedralImage:timi (9).jpg|Orthodox Cathedral (other view)Image:Timisoara-andi (16).jpg|Victoriei SquareImage:timi (2).jpg|King Carol I StreetImage:timi (34).jpg|Baroque Palace, Art MuseumImage:timi (36).jpg|Catholic CathedralImage:timi (37).jpg|Unirii SquareImage:Timisoara-andi (6).jpg|Unirii Square (summer)Image:Timisoara-andi (7).jpg|Catholic Cathedral (other view)Image:Timisoara-andi (14).jpg|Unirii Square and the StatueImage:Timisoara-andi (12).jpg|Serbian CathedralImage:Timisoara-andi (10).jpg|Pub in Unirii SquareImage:Timisoara-andi (11).jpg|Lenau School in Unirii SquareImage:timi (33).jpg|BT CaféImage:Timisoara-andi (9).jpg|Libertăţii SquareImage:Timisoara-andi (3).jpg|Floral ClockImage:Timisoara-andi (4).jpg|Park near the Floral ClockImage:timi (29).jpg|Catholic ChurchImage:timi (17).jpg|National Bank of Romania (BNR)Image:timi (38).jpg|National Bank of Romania (BNR) (at night)Image:timi (40).jpg|Iulius Mall at ChristmasImage:timi (44).jpg|Traian SquareImage:timi (3).jpg|Millennium CathedralImage:Timi_13.11.2006_006.jpg|Millennium Cathedral (other view)Image:timi (11).jpg|Rozelor ParkImage:timi (18).jpg|Court of LawImage:timi (21).jpg|Cardinal PointsImage:Timisoara-andi (8).jpg|Dan Păltinişanu StadiumImage:County_hospital.JPG|Timişoara County HospitalImage:University_of_medicine_timisoara.JPG|Victor Babeş University of Medicine and PharmacyImage:Bega Channel.jpg|Bega CanalImage:Alpinet Park.JPG|Alpinet ParkImage:Orthodox Cathedral.JPG|Orthodox Cathedral


  1. IuliusMall
  2. Timişoara Romania's economic showcase
  3. Colegiul Bănăţean
  4. The West University of Timişoara

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A city bus in Timişoara, running on route 33.
One of the trams in Timişoara
  • Cetate
  • Freidorfmarker
  • Zona Odobescu
  • Fratelia
  • Mehala I, II
  • Ronaţ
  • Fabric
  • Elisabetin
  • Iosefin
  • Calea Girocului
  • Circumvalaţiunii I, II, III, IV
  • Dacia
  • Matei Basarab
  • Mircea cel Batran
  • Bucovina
  • Soarelui
  • Tipografilor
  • Calea Şagului
  • Dâmboviţa
  • Complex
  • Steaua
  • Torontalului
  • Bucovina
  • Calea Aradului
  • Aradului vest
  • Calea Lipovei
  • Blaşcovici
  • Ion Ionescu de la Brad
  • Olimpia
  • Stadion
  • Complex studenţesc
  • Ciarda Roşie
  • Crisan
  • Plopi
  • Ghiroda
  • Padurea Verde
  • Kuncz
  • Braytim
  • Lunei
  • Chişoda
  • Plăvăţ
  • Banat I
  • Noua Timisoara
  • Badea Cârţan
  • Traian
  • Modern

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