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Tin Machine is the debut album of Tin Machine originally released by EMI in 1989. The group was the latest venture of David Bowie, inspired by sessions with guitarist Reeves Gabrels. Hunt Sales (drums) and Tony Sales (bass) formed the rest of the band, with "fifth member" Kevin Armstrong providing rhythm guitar.

The project was intended as a back-to-basics album by Bowie, with a hard rock sound and simple production, as opposed to his past two solo albums. Unlike previous Bowie bands (such as The Spiders from Mars), Tin Machine acted as a democratic unit.

At the time of release, Tin Machine met with some success, winning generally positive reviews and reaching #3 in the UK album charts. However, long-term sales were not as good.

The original release had a photo of the band members on the front cover in different positions depending on the format of the album. The order of the LP cover was, from left to right, Hunt Sales, Gabrels, Bowie, and Tony Sales. The cassette order was Tony Sales, Gabrels, Hunt Sales, and Bowie. The CD order was Bowie, Tony Sales, Hunt Sales, and Gabrels. The remastered CD reverted back to the LP cover.

Later reissues have been in line with the rest of Bowie's back catalogue, and the spine and disc of the 1999 reissue gives the artist as David Bowie, with Tin Machine as the album name.

Track listing

  1. "Heaven's in Here" (Bowie) – 6:01
  2. "Tin Machine" (Bowie, Gabrels, Sales, Sales) – 3:34
  3. "Prisoner of Love" (Bowie, Gabrels, Sales, Sales) – 4:50
  4. "Crack City" (Bowie) – 4:36
  5. "I Can't Read" (Bowie, Gabrels) – 4:54
  6. "Under the God" (Bowie) – 4:06
  7. "Amazing" (Bowie, Gabrels) – 3:06
  8. "Working Class Hero" (Lennon) – 4:38
  9. "Bus Stop" (Bowie, Gabrels) – 1:41
  10. "Pretty Thing" (Bowie) – 4:39
  11. "Video Crime" (Bowie, Sales, Sales) – 3:52
  12. "Run" (Armstrong, Bowie) – 3:20 (Not on vinyl version)
  13. "Sacrifice Yourself" (Bowie, Sales, Sales) – 2:08 (Not on vinyl version)
  14. "Baby Can Dance" (Bowie) – 4:57

The 1995 Virgin Records reissue of the album included a live, country-styled version of "Bus Stop" recorded in Parismarker on the band's 1989 world tour.

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Year Chart Position
1989 Norway's album Charts 9

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