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Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a 2009 computer animated film based on the Disney Fairies franchise produced by DisneyToon Studios. It is a sequel to 2008's Tinker Bell, and revolves around Tinker Bell, a fairy character created by J. M. Barrie in his play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, and featured in subsequent adaptations, especially in animated works by the Walt Disney Company. The film was produced using digital 3D modeling. It was released on DVD and Blu-Ray by Walt Disney Home Video on October 27, 2009.


The fairies (Mae Whitman, Kristin Chenoweth, Lucy Liu, Raven-Symone, Angela Bartys) are bringing to the mainland the season of leaves, hibernation, chilly breezes, and pumpkins: Autumn. Every eight years, there is a blue harvest moon in Pixie Hollow. When the light of this blue moon passes through the rare and precious moonstone, it creates blue pixie dust to rejuvenate the pixie dust tree. The Autumn Revelry is the associated event during which the fairies gather to collect this rare dust and to bring it to the tree.

In order to have this revelry though, a new scepter is to be made (to raise up the moonstone) by a fairy of the next talent group in line--this time it’s the Tinkers. Tinker Bell is recommended to create the new scepter, but as she goes to work, she has trouble coping with her friend Terence (Jesse McCartney) as he tries too hard to be helpful. Tinker Bell finds him annoying and noisy. An accident or two occur, causing her almost-finished scepter as well as the very delicate moonstone to break. To set things right again,Tink learns she can set out on a quest (during which she meets Blaze, an errant firefly) to find a magic mirror, which grants three wishes. However, pirates had already used up two of the wishes before they lost the mirror. This means Tinker Bell only has one chance to make a wish with it.

Tinker bell finally recovers the mirror, with Blaze’s help, but she wastes the wish on an anxious Blaze: “I wish you would be quiet for a minute!” Blaze’s tail stops glowing. In tears and anguish, she wishes for Terence, her best friend, knowing it won’t work. But Terence nevertheless is really standing behind her--he had been following her after discovering her plans, and fragments of the moonstone, in her empty house. They leave the island together, and as they head back to Pixie Hollow, Tink is still worried. Then she has an idea: they fix the scepter using a white gem from atop the mirror, the scepter pieces Terence has wisely brought, and the moonstone pieces, all set at just the right angle. With all her adventures, she discovers the magic of friendship, humility (not blaming others for everything) and love, and thanks to inspired teamwork with Terence, she is ready to give the scepter to Queen Clarion.

When she unveils the scepter, the assembled throng see the moonstone fragments and are alarmed. Tink murmurs, “Please work!” The rays of the blue moon fall upon the scepter, reflecting through all the moonstone fragments, thus making the most blue pixie dust ever seen in Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell then leads the fairies to the tree where they strengthen it once more. The movie ends with the song "Take to the Sky".


The voice actors are largely the same as in the previous film. America Ferrera did not return to voice Fawn and was replaced by Angela Bartys.


The score to the film was composed by Joel McNeely, who scored the first Tinker Bell film. He recorded the music with an 82-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony and Celtic violin soloist Máiréad Nesbitt at the Sony Scoring Stage.


The soundtrack was released on September 22, 2009, and contains songs from and inspired by the film. The soundtrack also contains "Fly to Your Heart" from the first film.. The Japanese theme-song 'You were...' is sung by Ayumi Hamasaki.

  1. "Gift of a Friend" - Demi Lovato
  2. "Take to the Sky" - Jordan Pruitt
  3. "Where the Sunbeams Play" - Méav Ní Mhaolchatha
  4. "Road to Paradise" - Jordin Sparks
  5. "I'll Try" - Jesse McCartney
  6. "If You Believe" - Lisa Kelly of Celtic Women
  7. "Magic Mirror" - Tiffany Thornton
  8. "The Magic of a Friend" - Haley Orrantia
  9. "It's Love That Holds Your Hand" - Jonatha Brooke
  10. "A Greater Treasure Than a Friend" - Savannah Outen
  11. "Pixie Dust" - Ruby Summer
  12. "Fly Away Home" - Alyson Stoner
  13. "Fly to Your Heart" - Selena Gomez


The film was released in Mexicomarker and various parts of South America in September 2009, and in the United Statesmarker on 27th October 2009. The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the United Kingdom on 16th November 2009. The film will be shown on the Disney Channel on November 29, 2009.


Three additional sequels, titled Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Tinker Bell: A Winter Story and Tinker Bell: Race Through the Seasons have been announced.


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