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Launched 2001
Based in Minneapolismarker, Minnesotamarker, USmarker
Created by Mr P
Owner Mr P
Registration No
Type of website Music webzine
Status Active
Tiny Mix Tapes (also TMT or tinymixtapes) is an online music and film webzine that focuses primarily on new music and related news. In addition to its reviews, it is noted for its subversive, political, and sometimes surreal news, as well as its mix tapes generator.


Originally called Tiny Mixtapes Gone to Heaven and hosted on GeoCities, the webzine moved to its current domain in 2001. Tiny Mix Tapes is a featured reviewer on Metacritic.

The writing staff is composed of volunteers who often use pen names (such as Wolfman, Mango Starr, Chizzly St. Claw, and Filmore Mescalito Holmes). The co-founder and editor-in-chief is Minneapolis-resident Marvin Lin (code name Mr. P). The News, Music Reviews, Automatic Mix Tapes Generator, DeLorean, and Features are handled by Squeo, Jay, Trillian, Keith Kawaii, and Mr P, respectively.


Tiny Mix Tapes offers news, music reviews, movie reviews, and columns. The "DeLorean" section reviews music released before Tiny Mix Tapes began that may no longer be popular, albums that the writer believes are "classic" or influential, or older music that is significant to the writer.

Similarly, "Eureka" consists of reviews highlighted by the site as particularly avant-garde or experimental.

There is also a features section devoted to interviews, articles, fest reviews, as well as a "Live Blog," in which writers review live music shows. In 2009, Tiny Mix Tapes added a columns section.

As of 2008, Tiny Mix Tapes started reviewing films and now has a section devoted to film. This section also includes features on film-makers and other numerous subjects within the film medium.

The Automatic Mix Tape Generator

The Automatic Mix Tape Generator, or AMG, was created to offer two-way communication with the website. Started in 2002, readers may submit a title or the theme for a mixtape, and a group of volunteers (called the "Mix Robots") will compile a track list. Due to the large volume of requests as well as request redundancy, not all requests are filled. The "Mix Robots" produce and submit track lists fulfilling the request as they interpret it. Mixtape track lists are then available on the website. Most of the songs on the mix tapes come from indie or underground bands/musicians. In 2008, Trillian, the AMG editor, was on Talk of the Nation to discuss Valentine's Day mixes.

Chocolate Grinder

At the beginning of 2009, Tiny Mix Tapes began a feature podcast called Chocolate Grinder. Published approximately twice a month, each installment sees a writer collecting ten brand new tracks they want to shed light on and mix it as a continuous stream or download. The tracks are posted for stream or download in a single continuous file with a unique name.

Benefit Compilation

In April 2009, the site began selling a benefit compilation CD/LP to benefit the victims of the War in Darfur. It featured 11 exclusive songs.

Humor and Politics

Tiny Mix Tapes is often noted for its inclusion of humor into its news section, meant to be subversive, satirical, and absurdist. It also tends to include politics into its news, mixing industry news with its regular music news. In 2005, Tiny Mix Tapes published fake reviews of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief and The White Stripes' Elephant as part of an April Fool's joke. It published reader mail the next day.

On March 30 2007, Tiny Mix Tapes announced it was hosting a festival in Minnesotamarker. At this festival, long-since dissolved indie band Neutral Milk Hotel were billed to be "reuniting all over your Cheerios" as the headlining act. Amidst a blog flurry, and articles disputing the legitimacy of the event in Billboard and Prefix, the festival was revealed as an early April Fools joke later the same day.

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