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A tippet is a stole or scarf-like narrow piece of clothing, worn around the arms and above the elbow. They evolved in the fourteenth century from long sleeves and typically had one end hanging down to the knees. In later fashion, a tippet is often any scarf-like wrap, usually made of fur, such as the 16th century zibellino or the fur-lined capelets worn in the mid-18th century.

Ecclesiastical use

The ceremonial scarf worn by Anglican priests is called a tippet. The tippet is worn with choir dress and hangs straight down at the front. Ordained clergy wear a black tippet, while licensed readers wear a blue one. In some countries it is normally simply referred to as a preaching scarf, black scarf, or blue scarf. The tippet is different from the stole, which although often worn like a scarf is a Eucharistic vestment, usually made of richer material, and varying according to the liturgical color of the day. Tippets are worn for the Daily Offices of Morning Prayer and Evensong.

The black preaching scarf (rarely blue, grey or green) is also worn by some Scottish Presbyterianmarker ministers and other non-conformist clergy.


Image:Romance of alexander.jpg|14th century fur-lined tippet or hanging sleeveImage:Clouet Claude de Chateaubrun.jpg|16th century zibellino or fur tippetImage:Tessin 1741.jpg|18th century fur-lined tippet or capelet


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