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To kafe tis Charas (Greek: Το καφέ της Χαράς) is a Greekmarker comedy TV series that broadcast on ANT1 and ran for three seasons from September 2003 until mid 2006, its timeslot was at 21:00 local time right after Ta Nea tou ANT1 which was the same timeslot for other ANT1 stations outside Greece, within the Greek diaspora in 2007, the show broadcast at 19:00 on one of ANT1 stations. Its producer is Kostas Lychnaras and the directors were Charis Romas and Anna Chatzisofia. The show stars Haris Romas (of Mama Mia, Oi Men Kai Oi Den and Konstantinou kai Elenis fame), Renia Louizidou, Joyce Eveidi, Vassilis Chalakatevakis, Kostas Flokatoulas, Christina Tsafou, Foteini Demiri, Haris Grigoropoulos, Stelios Goutis, Rania Ioannidou, Sofia Moutidou, Periklis Lianos, Dimitris Tsakalas, Hara/Chara Ismirou/Ismyrou, Dimitrios Macheras and Giannis Papathanas(s)is.

The show currently runs for reruns in 2007 and airs every Weekend mornings on ANT1 and has also Greek subtitles or closed captioning for the hearing umpaired, unlike most English programs, it is one of the few Greek speaking shows that offers closed captioning probably different.

Opening sequence

Its opening sequence shows the scenes of Kolokotronitsi with artistic drawings in order, the cafe, several houses, its school, the village square and the village. During the shows, it shows the entire cast with their faces when they were young. Its theme song is one of the popular used ones dating back to the early to mid 20th century, the remix is used only during the beginning of the program, the original is heard at the end with credits.


The show takes place in Kolokotronitsi (Κολοκοτρωνίτσι, presumably named after Theodoros Kolokotronis) located somewhere in Arcadiamarker, it has a neighboring village known as Peristeri, located in a deforested area, it was also filmed there somewhere in the area. The mayor of the village is Periandros Popotas (Περίανδρος Πώποτας), a relative of rich person which studied in Londonmarker with a change in folklore. He lives with his son Emmanouil and with the family help of Tasia, an old woman with a luck from Periandros and the brother of Stavroula and did not marry, Emmanouil was a younger kid and was sometimes a troublemaker, he disturbed the mayor (his father) in a few episodes. The mother of Manolaki did not participate in many stuff in the first episodes. In one of these episodes, it features an opera singer which is Lefteris Poulopoulos, a baker with his husband Kanela Poulopoulou. A resident known as Chari Chaska which she met the mayor several times Stavroula Fatsea who attended the village's school and has around 16 students and attends the same school as the mayor's son. Billy Polymeneas, a high school student and later a troublemaker, he had a friend Dionysios?.

About the two villages

The village features a square that includes its bakery with wooden walls, it has a school, the city hall and a village. It has three neighboring villages known as Megalochori, Ano Kremasta and Pera Rachoula.


Character ! Cast
Mayor Periandros Popotas
Περίανδρος Πώποτας (Δήμαρχος)

Haris Romas
Pinelopi Makratou Popota (Periandros' wife)
Πηνελόπη Μακράτου Πώποτα (Η Σύζυγος του Περιάνδρου

Kerasia Samara
Chara Chaska
Χαρά Χάσκα
Renia Louizidou
Stavroula Fatsea
Σταυρούλα Φατσέα
Tzoys Eveidi
Vangelis Fatseas
Βαγγέλης Φατσέας
Gerasimos Skiadaresis
Trelandonis or Trelantonis
Charis Grigoropoulos
Kanela Poulopoulou
Κανέλα Πουλοπούλου
Foteini Demiri
Lefteris Poulopoulos
Λευτέρης Πουλόπουλος
Vasilis Chalakatevakis
Chaido Polymenea
Χάιδω Πολυμενέα
Christina Tsafou
Tasos Polymenas
Τάσος Πολυμενέας
Kostas Flokatoulas
Μαρίκα (Παπαδιά)
Rania Ioannidou
Stelios Goutis
Aglea or Aglaia
Αγλαΐα (Δασκάλα Α')
Sofia Boutidou
Theodoros (Mayor's Assistant)
Θεόδωρος (Βοηθός Του Δήμαρχου)
Periklis Lianos
Maria Kanellopoulos
Chara Smyrou
Billy PolymeneasΜπίλλυ Πολυμενέας Dimitris Tsakalas
Dimitris Machairas
Emanouil Popotas
Εμανουήλ Πώποτας
Paris Skartsolias
Vallia Chaska
Βάλλια Χάσκα
Efi Rasia

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