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Praia do Tofo (pt: Tofo Beach) or simply Tofo is a small town in southeastern Mozambiquemarker. The town lies on the Indian Oceanmarker coast, on Ponto do Barra peninsula in Inhambane Provincemarker, 22 km drive from Inhambanemarker city. Inhambane Province » Cities and towns » Tofo Beach. 2008 Go2Africa Pty (Ltd). A major Mozambican tourist destination, Tofo is home to beach villas and diving retreats, with tourists drawn by a long Indian Ocean beach front and nearby reefs which attract sealife. Along with Manta Rays and Sea Turtles, Tofo is one of the best destinations for divers to see Whale Sharks.

Tourist center

Historically a small coastal fishing village, Tofo has grown into a foreign tourism center. There is a small vegetable and African market, at least 3 diving centers, a small hotel and several places of accommodation. There is also a horse riding stables and many bars and restaurants. The tourist center also includes the nearby settlement known as "Tofinho" ("Little Tofo") a 10 minute drive out of town with scenic views.
Tofo's tourist industry is built around its exceptional opportunities to see Manta Rays and Whale Sharks which are permanently resident in these waters. Diving centers run snorkeling trips to swim with the Whale Sharks and diving trips to see the Manta Rays (these dives are below 20 metres). Tofo is not otherwise a good location for those who wish to snorkel to see coral reefs and fish as these are too deep. A resident ecological center for local sea life has been created by hotels to manage and guide responsible tourism. Tofo beach, running from a rocky point in the south up much of the length of Ponto do Barra attracts surfers and bathers. Along the coast are a number of other small tourist centers, including Bazaruto Archipelago to the north, Praia de Zavala , praia de Zavoramarker , Baia dos Cocos, Praia da Barra and Pomene. School holiday periods tend to be busy with many South Africans and others visiting Tofo during this time.


Direct flights to Inhambane from Johannesburgmarker have enabled this industry. Otherwise Tofo is about 6 hours drive north of Maputomarker on rough roads. From the north, Tofo is about 5 hours drive from Vilankulomarker.


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