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A campus of Tōkai University
 is a private university in Tokyomarker, Japanmarker. It was established in 1943 by Shigeyoshi Matsumae, who had formerly been the engineering president of the Ministry of Communicationsmarker. The Shonan Campus was established in the 1960s.

Tōkai University is unique amongst Japanese universities in referring to its faculties as "schools." Special features of the university include the Department of Nordic Studies, including instruction in (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic) languages. The university also offers pilot training in cooperation with All Nippon Airways.

The university has focused particularly on the sciences and engineering, as the founder believed that "After the war, development and the peaceful use of the science and technology were necessary for the development of Japan where the resource was scarce" About 60 percent of students enrolled in those schools. Between 1994 and 2004, Tōkai University led all universities in Japan in the registration of new patents.

Graduate Schools

  • Letters
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • High-Technology for Human Welfare
  • Marine Science & Technology
  • Medicine
    • Master of Clinical Biomedical Science(New course open in April 2006 )
  • Health Science
New schools opening in April 2007
  • Human Environment Studies

Professional Graduate School

New schools opening in April 2007
  • Embedded Technology school


  • School of Letters
    • Department of Civilization
    • Department of Asian Civilization
    • Department of European Civilization
    • Department of American Civilization
    • Department of Nordic Studies
    • Department of History
      • Special Study of Japanese History
      • Special Study of Oriental History
      • Special Study of Archaeology
      • Special Study of Occidental History
    • Department of Japanese Literature
    • Department of Create Writing
    • Department of English
    • Department of Media Studies
    • Department of Psychological and Sociological Studies
  • School of Political Science and Economics
    • Department of Political Science
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Business Administrations
  • School of Law
    • Department of Law
  • School of Humanities and Culture
    • Department of Human Development
      • Special Study of Environmental and Resources
      • Special Study of Human Welfare Environment
    • Department of Arts
      • Special Study of Music
      • Special Study of Fine Arts
      • Special Study of Design
    • Department of International Studies
  • School of Physical Education
    • Department of Physical Education
    • Department of Competitive Sports
    • Department of Judo and Kendo
    • Department of Physical Recreation
    • Department of Sports and Leisure Management
  • School of Science
    • School of Mathematics
    • School of Mathematical Science
    • School of Physics
    • School of Chemistry
  • School of Information Technology and Electronics
    • Department of Human and Information Science
    • Department of Information Media Technology
    • Department of Management Systems Engineering
    • Department of Applied Computer Engineering
    • Department of Electronics
    • Department of Communications Engineering
    • Department of Electric and Electronics Engineering
  • School of Engineering
    • Department of Applied Biochemistry
    • Department of Applied Chemistry
    • Department of Applied Science
      • Special Study of Optics and Photonics
      • Special Study of Energy Engineering
    • Department of Material Science
    • Department of Architecture and Building Engineering
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Precision Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Prime Mover Engineering
    • Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • School of Information Design Engineering
    • Department of Network and Computer Engineering
    • Department of Architectural Design
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of High Technology for Human Welfare
    • Department of Perceptual Human Interface Design
    • Department of Information and Communication Technology
    • Department of Materials Chemistry
    • Department of Biological Science and Technology
    • Department of Bio-medical Engineering
  • School of Marine Scinence and Technology
    • Department of Maritime Civilizations
    • Department of Geo-Environmental Technology
    • Department of Marine Civil Engineering
    • Department of Marine Mineral Resources
    • Department of Fisheries
      • Special Study of Exploitation
      • Special Study of Aquaculture
    • Department of Marine Design Engineering
    • Department of Marine Science
    • Department of Natural Engineering
      • Special Study of Navigation
      • Special Study of Logistics
  • School of Medicine
    • Faculty of Medicine
  • School of Health Science
    • Department of Nursing
    • Department of Social Work

Research Institute

Facility facilities

  • Hospital affiliated to a medical school
    • Tokai University Hospital
      • Highly emergency medical care center
    • Tokai University Ōisomarker Hospital
    • Tokai University Tokyomarker Hospital
    • Tokai University Hachiōji Hospital


  • Marine research vessel, "Bosei-maru"
Image:Bosei-maru(Tokai Univ. Ship) .jpg|Bosei-maru that moors in Osanbashi Pier(Yokohama,Japan)Image:Bosei maru, Front perspective view(Tokai Univ. Ship).jpg|Bosei-maru, Front perspective view


SHONAN Campus gate

Isehara Campus

  • Numazu Campus
    • Address: 317 Nishino, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
    • Hara Station of JR Tōkaidō Line
  • Sapporo Campus
  • Takanawa Campus
  • Kumamoto Campus
    • Address:9-1-1 Tojika Kumamotoshi Kumamotoken
  • Aso Campus
    • Kouyou Minamiasomura Asogun Kumamotoken

Overseas Offices


  • Foreign student scholarship
  • Foreign student special scholarship
  • General entrance examination top performer scholarship
  • MATSUMAE Shigeyoshi Commemoration Fund
    • MATSUMAE Shigeyoshi Foreign student scholarship
    • Faculty scholarship
    • Self-study scholarship
    • Establishment commemoration paper scholaeship
  • Graduate school scholarship
  • Labor scholarship(Service in a University)
  • Emergency scholarship
(The person to whom tuition payment became difficult by sudden change of a household economy)
  • Medical department scholarship
  • SATO Kanezō scholarship loan(Department of Medical & Health science Student)
  • BOSEI scholarship(Department student of Health science of nursing)
  • Sport scholarship
  • International exchange scholarship
  • KAWAKAMI Masuo & UCHIDA Shoyu scholarship
  • SATO Kanezō Research training scholarship
  • TOKAI University Supporters' association scholarship

Famous Alumni

Le Mans 24 Hours

Study Car 2005
A student team at Tōkai University fielded a car for the Le Mans 24 Hoursmarker race in 2008. This was the first time that a university team attempted to enter the race.

The team entered a Courage-Oreca LC70-YGK numbered 22 in the LMP1 class. It completed 185 laps (just under half that of the race winner), retiring due to a gearbox problem, and was not classified.

It has been confirmed that they will race in the Asian Le Mans Series in November, 2009.

Global Green Challenge

The Tokai Challenger is a solar car. The Tokai Challenger is the winner of the 2009 World Solar Challenge, a race for solar cars across Australia. The car is designed and tested in collaboration with students from Tokai University and several Japanese companies in the automotive industry.

The Tokai Challenger covered the 3021 kilometer off in 29 hours 49 minutes and it took an average speed of 100.54 kilometers per hour.

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