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Tolyatti or Togliatti ( , ) is a city in Samara Oblast, Russiamarker. It is the administrative center of Stavropolsky District. Population: 718,030 (2007 est.); It is the largest city in Russia which does not serve as an administrative center of a federal subject.

It was founded in 1737 as a fortress called Stavropol ( ) by the Russian politician Vasily Tatishchev. Informally it was often referred as Stavropol-na-Volge ( ) to distinguish from Stavropolmarker, a large city in South-West Russia. During the construction of Volga Hydroelectrical Plant in the 1950s, the old settlement fell into the flooding zone of the Kuybyshev dammarker on the Volga River and was completely rebuilt on a new site. In 1964, the city was renamed Tolyatti (after Palmiro Togliatti, the longest-serving secretary of the Italian Communist Party).

There are three districts in the city:
  • Avtozavodsky ( ), also called Novy Gorod (lit. New City), is the most modern; it was designed to host the workers of the city's AvtoVAZ factory, home of the Lada car;
  • Tsentralny ( ), also called Stary Gorod (lit. Old City), home of the city government and industrial center;
  • Komsomolsky ( ), the oldest district, built to house Hydroelectrical Plant builders. Komsomolsky City District has two urban-type settlements in its administrative jurisdiction—Fyodorovka and Povolzhsky.


The city's main claim to fame has been automobile manufacturing by AvtoVAZ's Lada car plants, employing some 110,000 people — in cooperation with Italy's Fiatmarker since 1971 and, since 2001, with General Motors.

Other industries have moved into Tolyatti because it is close to abundant supplies of electricity and water. Petrochemicals are well represented in the city. Among the significant enterprises based there are "TolyattiAzot" ( ) (Russia's biggest ammonia manufacturer) and "KuybyshevAzot" ( ) (a nitrogen fertilizer producer). Other industries include building materials production, ship repair and electrical equipment and electronics.


Komsomolsky District in Tolyatti
Housing in Tolyati

Transport system is well-developed in Tolyatti. Public transports include municipal buses and trolley-buses, and so called "alternative" (commercial) transport or marshrutkas.

External transport routes are provided by two bus stations, two railway stations, and a city harbor. Tolyatti has its airport as well, but it is used by personal aircraft only (nearest international airport, "Kurumoch", is located 40 km away, towards Samaramarker). Tolyatti is linked to federal road network by M5 "Ural" highway.

As one of Russia's "motor cities", Tolyatti's car population had been booming and traffic jams are common during morning and evening rush hours — Samara Oblast was one of the first regions to receive an additional license plate code because its existing code did not have enough numbers for all its residents' cars.

Culture, education, and sports

Olimp Sport Palace

A flood in the 1950s destroyed much of the city's history — so almost all the city's cultural points of interest — such as Victory Park located in Avtozavodsky district — date from the Soviet period, but the city administration is building new monuments and cathedrals. One of the most notable events was opening of Vasily Tatishchev monument near the Volga. One of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world, Preobrazhensky Sobor ( ) was finished in 2003.


Education is represented by over 100 public and by 10 private schools, and several higher education institutions. Most notable ones include:
  • Volga Region State University of Service ( )
  • Tolyatti State University ( )
  • Tatishchev University of Volga ( )
  • Tolyatti Academy of Management ( )


In eyes of the Communist leaders, Tolyatti was a perfect Soviet city (since most population migrated here during the construction of AvtoVAZ factories) – many sports facilities appeared so that the "perfect Soviet person" could be healthy. The city has high-quality sports facilities: gymnasiums, swimming pools, ice arenas, football and racing stadiums — as a result, many athletes, including Olympic Champion Alexei Nemov, Stanley Cup winners Alexei Kovalev and Ilya Bryzgalov had moved to Tolyatti. Washington Capitals winger Viktor Kozlov and defenseman Alexei Tezikov was also born there.

Tolyatti is represented in almost every kind of team sports. Tolyatti's Lada-sponsored Ice Hockey Club broke the Moscow teams' domination of the game. The Lada women's football team has won the Russian championship several times — and the Lada women's handball team, who are the Russian and European Champions, is the core for Russian national women's handball. Men's football (FC Lada Togliatti and FC Togliatti), basketball, speedway and handball teams also take part in national championships.

October 2007 bomb attack

River port on the Volga

During the morning rush hour on 31 October 2007, a bomb exploded on a passenger bus in the city, killing at least eight people and injuring about 50 in what Irina Doroshenko, a spokeswoman for the investigative wing of the local prosecutor’s office, said could be a terrorist attack. An investigation is ongoing, but it is believed to be the work of terrorists from the North Caucasus. However, the city also has a reputation for gang violence between groups vying for control of the car business.Early reports indicate possible involvement of Chechen warlord Doku Umarov.

Local government

Mayor Anatoly Pushkov was elected in 2008.

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