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Tomato pie is a type of pizza that is commonly regarded as unique to Italian-American populations in the Utica-Rome area of New Yorkmarker. Unlike typical New York-style pizza, which is closely related to Neapolitan pizza, tomato pie is derived heavily from Sicilian pizza, and as such can be found in predominantly Sicilian-American communities

Tomato Pie is served in the Northeastern United States, and especially in Italian communities in and around Trenton, NJmarker, the Norristown, PA area, and East Utica, New Yorkmarker. The closely related Sicilian pizza can be found throughout downstate New Yorkmarker, New Jerseymarker, and the Philadelphia metro area.

The basic recipe for Tomato pie calls for a thick, porous, focaccia-like dough covered with tomato sauce, then sprinkled with grated romano cheese. Many bakeries and pizzerias have their own variation on this formula. It is not usually served straight from the oven, but allowed to cool and then consumed at room temperature or reheated. Like Sicilian pizza, Tomato pie is baked in a large aluminum pan and served in square slices.
One piece of a typical tomato pie


As evidenced by period photographs of O'scugnizzo's pizza in East Utica, New York, Tomato Pie was sold as early as 1914. Along with Chicken riggies, sausage and peppers, and "greens" Tomato Pie is regarded as an idiomatic part of Utica Italian-American cuisine.

The Trenton Tomato Pie may even predate the Utica variety. Joe's Tomato Pie (now defunct) was first opened in 1910. Papa's Tomato Pie, whose proprietor learned the trade at Joe's, was opened two years later in 1912.

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