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Tongji University (Simplified Chinese: 同济大学; Traditional Chinese: 同濟大學; Pinyin: Tóngjì Dàxué), colloquially known as Tongji (同济, Tóngjì), located in the northeast part of the Shanghai city, has more than 70,000 students and 8,008 staff members (1 September 2007). It offers degree programs both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As one of the oldest modern universities in China, Tongji was established in 1907 by Erich Paulun, a German doctor in Shanghai.


The history of Tongji University can be traced back to 1907 when Tongji German Medical School was founded by Erich Paulun. The name Tongji suggests cooperating by riding the same boat. The school was expanded to include engineering in its programs and got its new name as Tongji Medical and Engineering School in 1912. It was formally established as a university in 1923 and was renamed as National Tongji University in 1927. During the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945), the university campus was moved from Shanghai first to Zhejiangmarker Province, then to Jiangximarker Province and Yunnanmarker Province and later to Sichuanmarker Province. It was eventually moved back to Shanghai in 1946. It then grew to be a comprehensive university which offered programs in science, engineering, medicine, arts, and law. Following a nationwide campaign of reorganizing schools and departments between universities in 1952, Tongji University became a university with strength in engineering, particularly in Civil Engineering. Tongji is also the first university that introduced Urban Planning into China.

As a university which had established a reputation for its research, Tongji became one of the first batch of universities which were authorized by the China State Council to establish its Graduate School. As one of the leading universities, it was successful in its application for the 211 Program which provided universities with substantial government fund. In 1995 the university became one to be jointly supported by the State Education Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Government. In 1996 the university merged with Shanghai Institute of Urban Construction and Shanghai Institute of Building Materials. The merger was acknowledged by the State Council as "Tongji Model" in the system renovation of higher institutions in China. In April 2000, the expanded Tongji merged again with Shanghai Railway University. Now Tongji University has become a comprehensive university which offers a wide range of programs in science, engineering, medicine, arts, law, economics and management.

2002 - Listed in Project 985

April 2000 - Merged with Shanghai Railway University

August 1996 - Merged with Shanghai Institute of Urban Construction and Shanghai Institute of Building Materials

November 1995 - Listed in Project 211

October 1995 - Declared to be jointly built by the former State Education Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Government

December 1978 - Upon consent by the State Council, resumed connection with German and became the window of the cultural, technology and science exchanges between China and German

1952 - The Departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in College of Science merged into Fudan University, the Departments of Machinery, Electrical Engineering and Ship Manufacture merged into Shanghai Jiaotong Universitymarker. In the meanwhile, Tongji University merged the Civil Engineering Departments in other 11 universities, including Saint John University.

1951 - The Department of Biology in College of Science merged into East China Normal Universitymarker, the Medical School and the Department of Survey in College of Engineering moved to Wuhan, Hubeimarker Province

September 1949 - College of Literature and Arts, College of Law merged into Fudan University

June 1949 - Tongji University was taken over by Shanghai Military Control Commission

August 1946 - College of Science expanded as College of Literature and Science moved back to Shanghai

April 1946 - Moved back to Shanghai

1945 - Established the College of Law

October 1940 - Moved Lizhuang in Yibin, Sichuanmarker Province

Winter 1938 - Moved to Kunmingmarker, Yunnanmarker Province

September 1937 - Moved to the south of China due to the Second Sino-Japanese War

August 1927 - National Tongji University

March 1922 - Tongji Medical and Engineering University

October 1907 - Tongji German Medical School


The university now registers over 70,000 students at all levels from certificate and diploma courses to Bachelor's Degrees, Master's, Ph.D. programs and post doctoral attachments. There are over 4,200 academic staff for teaching and/or research, among whom there are 6 Members of Chinese Academy of Science, 7 Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, over 530 professors and 1,300 associate professors. The university offers diverse courses in its 81 Bachelors Degrees, 151 Masters, 58 PhD programs and 13 post doctoral mobile stations. Tongji University is particularly famous for its Civil Engineering and Architecture programs. Its Civil Engineering, Architecture programs and Transportation Engineering are ranked Top 1 in P.R. China. As one of the state leading centers for scientific research, the university has 5 state key laboratories and engineering research centres.

The university is active in promoting cooperation and exchanges with other countries. It has established links with Australia , Austria , Canada , France , Germany , Japan , Switzerland , UK and USA in the fields of education, science, technology and economics. A number of international joint programs have been established between the university and its counterparts in other countries in recent years. In 2006, the university enrolled 1829 international students.


Tongji University is titled the State-level Garden Unit for Excellent Afforestation. lts five campuses are located in the municipal city of Shanghai, covering an area of 2,460,000 m². The Siping Campus is situated on Siping Road; the West Campus on Zhennan Road; the North Campus on the Gonghexing Road; the East Campus on Wudong Road and the Jiading Campus now under construction is located in Shanghai International Automobile City in Antingmarker.

  • Siping Campus (Main)

Image:Tongji_sipin.jpg|The entrance part of Siping campusImage:Tongji_sanhaowu.jpg|The Sanhaowu Garden (三好坞) in Siping campusImage:Tongji_beilou.jpg‎|The north teaching building (北楼) in Siping campusImage:Tongji_huabiao.jpg‎|The huabiao (华表) in Siping campusImage:Tongji_qianqiu.jpg‎|The Qianqiu (千秋) Garden in Siping campus

  • West Campus

  • East Campus

  • North Campus

  • Jiading Campus
Image:Tongji_jiading.jpg‎|The scenery of new Jiading campus




State Key Laboratories

National Research Centre

  • National Engineering Research Centre of Urban Pollution Control

Key Laboratories of Provincial Level and Ministerial Level

Key Research Centres of Provincial Level and Ministerial Level

  • Information and Technology Research Centre of Civil Engineering of the State Ministry of Education
  • Shanghai Engineering Research Centre of Constriction Robot

State Key Disciplines

  • Marine Geology
  • Structural Engineering
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Road and Railway Engineering
  • Urban Planning and Design
  • Traffic and Transportation Planning and Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geo-technical Engineering

Members of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering

Members of Chinese Academy of Science

Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering


Noted Alumni

Some noted alumni of Tongji University are:

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