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Anthony "Tony" Hutchinson is a fictional character from the long-running Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Nick Pickard. Tony is the only original character still on the show to the present day. Tony's on-screen half-brother, Dom Reilly, is played by John Pickard, the real life brother of Nick.

Character creation


Tony's main backstory was never originally established. He comes from a British-German background, this was discovered in 2009 that his great-grandfather was a German, who fought against Britain in the First World War. Tony discovered his cousin Dom was in fact his half-brother.


Personality and identity

Tony appears as a caring, kind and considerate businessman, however can be easily led. He has had a lot of heartbreak in his life and expects the worst of people, seen more recently on starting a relationship with Cindy Cunningham where he assumed she was only interested in him for his money, which will prove true. Tony has had many failed romances, but did find his sole-mate in Jacqui McQueen, however, their love was short-lived when he slept with her sister, Mercedes. Tony is also a devoted father to Harry, Grace and Max, despite Grace's death and Max's true paternity. Tony is still listed on Max's birth certificate as his father.



Tony comes up with a new scheme to save money, as he implements a recycling system in his house for the student tenants. He encourages them to eat a high fibre diet after learning that the more waste his new system collects, the more money he receives. He discovers that as a result of the system, he is drinking his own urine. Tony runs for council, but is defeated by Gordon Cunningham. Finn and Ruth tell Tony to buy out Lewis's share of The Loft because of his financial problems. Tony agrees and Finn repays the favour by investing into Tony’s new restaurant. Moving away from Hollyoaks Village with Ruth and Finn, Tony focuses on his new business venture Gnosh, in Hollyoaks: Movin' On. He receives bad news that Ruth has been beaten up by Lewis, who then commits suicide due to guilt over his actions. Tony is asked by Lewis's mum, Helen, to perform the eulogy at Lewis's funeral.

After Lewis's death, Tony decides to make the most of life, and moves back to Hollyoaks Village to concentrate on running his businesses. Finn had decides to leave Hollyoaks, as does Ruth, leaving Tony lonely. Tony starts dating Izzy Cornwell. Tony then buys Deva from Andy Morgan. He ends up renaming it to Gnosh Village. Tony then receives a shock when ex-fiancée, Julie Matthews, returns to Hollyoaks. Tony is delighted to see her and offers her a job at Gnosh. Izzy gets suspicious and does not like the idea of Tony and Julie working together. Izzy suggests to Tony that they get married, which Tony agrees. However, he has a one-night stand with Julie and asks her to marry him, which she accepts. Tony makes Julie and Izzy promise to keep their engagement a secret. During filming for a cookery show, Julie and Izzy fight and discover Tony is engaged to both of them. Izzy and Julie both dump Tony. Tony realises he loves Julie and asks her to stay, however she reveals she wanted him so she could steal his money as she has a boyfriend in prison.

Tony becomes a supportive friend of Helen Cunningham, who is having a marriage crisis. He helps her with her new laundrette shop, Washed Up. The pair end up falling for each other and they start an affair. Sam "O.B." O'Brien catches them together. Tony tries to persuade OB not to tell anyone from the Cunningham family, but OB tells Max Cunningham. Tony promises Max that he has finished with Helen, Max agrees to keep their affair a secret. Tony continues his affair with Helen. Tony is then made homeless so Gordon insists he stays with the Cunningham family. The situation is uncomfortable for Tony, as Max puts pressure on him to find another home. Max has enough of Tony and Helen's lies and tells Gordon about the affair. Tony moves out, and moves onto the barge, but is shocked when Helen decides to move in with him. Tony does not want to cause any trouble and he tells Helen she belongs with Gordon. Eventually, he is persuaded to take Helen in with him. The whole village finds out about their affair and Tony tries to persuade Helen to move back in with Gordon for Tom and Mandy's sake, which she does

Tony then starts dating Mandy. The couple leave for Romemarker, where they marry on February 10 2005. After a miscarriage, Mandy gives birth to Grace Hutchinson. However, Grace sadly dies from suspected SIDS on a night where Hannah Ashworth and Nancy Hayton are babysitting. Tony struggles to accept Grace's death and places blame on many people, including Hannah and Nancy. Tony turns to alcohol, which turns Mandy into the arms of his half-brother, Dom Reilly. Tony gets counselling, however it is too late and Mandy leaves him.


Tony begins a realtionship with Jacqui McQueen. The relationship has to remain secret due to Jacqui's fake marriage to Aleksander Malota. During Mercedes and Tina McQueen's double wedding to Russ Owen and Dom Reilly, Jacqui admits to Tony that she is pregnant. Sadly, she loses the baby. Alek then leaves for Albania. Jacqui goes off the rails and is arrested for shoplifting. Tony declares his love for Jacqui to her in Il Gnosh. Jacqui and Tony decide to adopt a child, however, Jacqui's criminal record is revealed to the social services, who tell them it is unlikely they will be able to adopt.

Tony turns thirty and Jacqui plans to reward him with a stripper pole and sexy lingerie. Tina throws a surprise party and invites everyone in his address book. Tony is tipped off when old friend Jambo sends him a text saying he could not make it. Sending invites to everyone meant Tony's ex-fiancées, Julie, Izzy, and Tessie. Julie tries to make amends but Tony sends her away. Jacqui is jealous of Izzy, however during a heart to heart, she tells him she cannot have children either. Tessie shows up in the middle of the party and reveals she had lied about not being pregnant and has an eight year old son called Harry Thompson. Jacqui grows jealous and forces Tony to choose between her and Harry, which results in him choosing Harry. A drunken Tony ends up sleeping, and impregnating, Jacqui's sister, Mercedes. Tony and Jacqui reconcile and Jacqui tries to convince Mercedes to let them raise the baby after Mercedes books an abortion. However, Mercedes goes through with it.

Tina volunteers to have a baby for Jacqui and Tony. Dom finds out and tells her not to as he wants her to only have their children. Tina and Dom end their relationship soon after he does not support her when she is sexually harassed at work, which led to a one-night-stand with Russ. Tina inseminates herself with Tony's sperm. Dom returns and is not happy. Tina discovers she is pregnant. Dom tries to get her to have an abortion, however she refuses and he accepts her decision.

Tina goes to hospital for her 12-week pre-natal scan, it is then revealed that the baby is in fact 15 weeks old and therefore must have been conceived when she slept with Russ. Tina gives birth after being pushed down stairs by secret brother, Niall Rafferty. She has a baby son, Max Hutchinson, named after deceased Max Cunningham. Tony becomes over-protective of Max, not wanting to lose him after Grace. Tina, who has to undergo an emergency hysterectomy, decides to raise Max as her own son, leaving Tony and Jacqui devastated. Tony is more devastated to discover Russ is the father. After Tina dies and she finds out about his fling with Mercedes, Jacqui ends her relationship with Tony, who planned to propose, she then changes Max's second name to McQueen.

Tony and Russ go to the Loft at a 'school disco' themed night. Russ introduces Tony to a girl named Theresa and, after a few drinks, Tony takes her back to his flat, where they sleep together. The next day, Theresa begins following Tony, not realising it was just a one-night-stand. Tony tries to tell her this but she does not listen. Theresa then reveals she is only 15. A shocked Tony tells her to leave and never to return again. Theresa runs out in tears to her cousin - Jacqui. She wants advice from Michaela, who is not there. Theresa shows Myra and Jacqui who she slept with and point to Tony. Jacqui hits Tony and calls him a paedophile. Tony is then arrested, where he tries to lie by telling them nothing happened between him and Theresa. However, a witness from The Loft tells the police that Tony kept buying Theresa drinks, they then charge Tony for having sexual activity with children. After this, Tony becomes increasingly paranoid, thinking everyone is talking about him. Cindy Cunningham even stops her daughter Holly from seeing Tony.

Tony has a one-night-stand with his former wife, Mandy. Jacqui decides to apologise to Tony after the charges are dropped and Theresa admits she never told him her age. Tony then leaves Hollyoaks with Mandy and her daughter Ella after her affair with Warren Fox is revealed at his wedding to Louise Summers.

Tony returns after three months away with Mandy. Tony began to have visits from Harry. After Max is taken by Russ, Jacqui asks Tony to hire a private investigator, which infuriates Dom. Jacqui then leaves for Francemarker to find Max. Tony grows closer with Cindy. The pair sleep together and begin a relationship. When Jacqui returns, she is horrified to find out about Tony and Cindy's relationship. Tony decides to take Cindy and Holly on holiday, however drops the plans when Holly hints that Cindy wants to get married. Dom then taunts Cindy about Tony finally seeing her true colours. Cindy is comforted by Darren Osborne in her flat. The pair begin to kiss and undress just as Tony walks in however they do get back together unbeknown to him Cindy and Darren are planning to scam him out of his money so Darren can buy back The Dog.

Cindy and Tony make up and later get in engaged, but he reveals to Dom that he does not really love Cindy. Cindy, Tony, Dom, Darren and Cindy's friend Savannah go to a hotel for the wedding. Darren continues his jealousy and pays a woman to seduce him before sending him to a farm in the middle of nowhere. Tony is found and confesses to sleeping with another woman to Cindy, who then reveals her plans to scam him. Cindy and Tony then agree to get married, which they do despite interruptions by Darren and Jacqui.


The character of Tony is rarely nominated for any awards. However, at the 2002 British Soap Awards, Pickard was nominated for the awards for 'Best Actor' and 'Best Comedy Performance'. Website Women Republic stated that Tony was one of Hollyoaks' top five characters. In a 2009 poll by Loaded magazine, Tony was voted eighth in the 'Top Soap Bloke' of all time, losing to Australian soap opera Neighbours character Harold Bishop, played by Ian Smith respectively.


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