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Total Film, published by Future Publishing, is the United Kingdommarker's second best-selling film magazine. It offers film and DVD news, reviews, and features. The magazine was launched in 1997 and is published every four weeks (13 times a year).


Each month, TF provides a range of features, from full-length interviews, with established and up-and-coming actors and directors, to major film previews, from Top 100 lists to retrospective pieces — all illustrated with film stills and profile shots. All issues contain The Total Film Interview — an in-depth chat with a celebrated actor or director, along with a critique of their body of work and a rating of each major film to date.

In 2004, a Total Film survey of 25 British film critics produced a list of their Greatest British Films of All Time. In 2006, Total Film released a magazine featuring the top 100 films, as selected by a readers' poll.


the main cinema reviews section. Major releases receive comprehensive coverage, with a star rating out of five and the magazine's own Predicted Interest Curve — a graph that demonstrates which moments of a film are likely to hold the viewer's attention. Also briefly listed are similar recommendations under "See this if you liked..." Smaller films receive a concise review and rating. The end of the section is devoted to the current U.S.marker and UK box office charts, TF's own "Top 5" and summaries of any films that were not reviewed in time for that month's print deadline.

(formerly two sections entitled "Access" and "Rough Cut") provides details on upcoming films including new releases, film events, new talent, interviews and fun articles.

(formerly "Spin") is a home entertainment guide, including latest DVDs and (occasionally) soundtrack CDs, movie-related books and games. There is also a periodic retrospective of a particular film, entitled "Lounge Loves", as well as other large-scale features that are DVD-related.

The Total Film Quiz
a four-page section generally includes a montage round, a crossword and a variety of questions. Answers to the montage and crossword are made available in the next issue whereas answers to the quiz questions are readable with a mirror in that specific issue.

Each month, TF offers a DVD or other film-related prize for each published letter. Additionally, TF features a monthly competition, which can be entered by post or text message. Prizes are usually hardware.

The magazine usually finishes with a one-page parody of a recent release entitled "The Abridged Script".

Former American offshoot

In September 2000, Imagine Media, a U.S. division of The Future Network, plc. launched Total Movie, the American offshoot of Total Film. A major selling feature was the enclosed DVD with each issue filled with trailers, game promos and short films. Some of the latter included the Star Wars/COPS parody, Troops, The Dancing Cow (directed by Taz Goldstein, and photographed by renowned cinematographer John A. Alanzo), The Killer Bean 2, The Second Comeback and Paranoid (adapted from the poem by Stephen King — the first Dollar Baby ever released on DVD). The publication lasted only four editions (#1 Sep/Oct 2000, #2 Dec/Jan 2001, #3 Feb/Mar 2001, #4 April 2001).

Total Movie was then purchased by Versatile Media One who picked up where Imagine left off and published issue #5 in October/November 2001. Total Movie folded once again after issue #10 in September 2002.

Foreign editions

Licenced local editions of Total Film are/were released in many countries like Turkeymarker, Russiamarker, Serbiamarker, Croatiamarker (no longer published), and others.

Total Film Forum

Since 2004 a number fans of both films and readers of Total Film magazine have been sharing their views and experiences on the Total Film Forum. It was started in 2004 and has grown since.

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