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 is a city located in the Mikawa region of Aichimarker, Japanmarker, east of Nagoya.

Koromo and Toyota

The town of Koromo(挙母市), the predecessor of present day Toyota, was a major producer of silkand prospered in the Mikawa region from the Meiji Erathrough the Taishō period. As the demand for raw silk declined in Japan and abroad, the town entered a period of gradual decline. The decline encouraged Kiichiro Toyoda, cousin of Eiji Toyoda, to look for alternatives to the family's automatic loom manufacturing business. The search led to the founding of what became the Toyota Motor Corporation.

The town gained the status of a city on March 1, 1951. The town changed its name to Toyota in 1959, and one year later, became the sister city of another automotive city, Detroit, Michiganmarker.Toyota-shi is also twinned with the County of Derbyshiremarker, Englandmarker, where Toyota operates a manufacturing plant.

On March 25, 2005, Expo 2005marker opened with its main site in Nagakutemarker and additional activity in Seto and Toyota.The Expo continued until September 25, 2005.


The closest Shinkansenstation is Mikawa-Anjō station(often simply referred to as Anjo), but residents of Toyota usually use Nagoya stationbecause Nozomiand Hikarido not stop at Mikawa-Anjo.


Tokugawa Ieyasu, who became the first of 15 Tokugawa shoguns, was a member of the Matsudaira clan, who derived its name from a village of the same name, now part of Toyota.

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