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A trading post is a place or establishment where the trading of goods takes place. The preferred travel route to a trading post or between trading posts, is known as a trade route.

Trading posts were also places for people to meet and exchange the news of the world or simply the news from their home country (many of the world's trading posts were located in places which were popular destinations for emigration) in a time when not even newspapers existed.

Trading posts in general were of great importance to the history of currency. Almost right from the start of trading post history, the need occurred to have something as a payment medium. Soon trade tokens and eventually coins were produced from precious metals like gold, silver and copper for the use of buying and selling goods instead of simply exchanging them. After the introduction of money, the first banks occurred in Genoamarker and Venicemarker almost immediately.

European colonialism traces its roots to ancient Carthagemarker. Originally a trading settlement of Phoenicianmarker colonists, Carthage grew into a vast economic and political power throughout the Mediterraneanmarker, accumulating wealth and influence through its economic (trading) prowess. Almost every city of importance of the world once started its history as a trading post: Venicemarker, New Yorkmarker, Shanghai, Singaporemarker, Hong Kongmarker, Naplesmarker, Rotterdammarker etc.

The annexation of trading posts along ancient trade routes took place in the 16th and 17th century by European powers like the Dutchmarker and Englishmarker. It began with the capture of Ceutamarker (a terminus of the trans-Saharan trade route) by the Portuguese in 1415. They went on to establish further enclaves as they explored the coasts of Africa, Arabia, India and South East Asia in search of the source of the lucrative spice trade. Trading posts were also very common in the early settlements of Canadamarker and the United Statesmarker for the trade of such things as fur. They were also used in many camps across America as places to buy snacks, items and souvenirs.

The Hudson's Bay Company set up trading posts around Hudson Baymarker during the fur trade. Goods were traded for beaver pelts amongst the Europeans and the Indians. In the United Statesmarker in the early 19th century, trading posts used by Native American were licensed by the federal government and called "factories". Tribes were to concede substantial territory to the United States in order to access the "factories" as happened at Fort Clarkmarker in the Treaty of Fort Clark in which the Osage Nation conceded most of Missourimarker in order to access the trading post.

Other uses

In the context of Scouting, trading post usually refers to a camp store where snacks, craft materials and general merchandise is sold.

A 'trading post' can also be referred to as the place where securities listed on the New York Stock Exchangemarker are traded (bought and sold).

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