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Current geographical map of the tramway system in Frankfurt am Main.
Track map of the tramway network.

The Tramway in Frankfurt am Mainmarker is the oldest of the three rail-bound public transportation networks in Frankfurt, it first started operations in 1872. Trams are operated by the Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF) and is part of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund RMV and consists today of nine regular lines and two special lines.

In the year 2004 the network length amounted to 63.37 km. In the same year the trams carried 43.5 million passengers, which corresponds to a portion of approx. 28% of the city's public transportation. In the history of the tramway in Frankfurt am Main there was a multiplicity of private and public operators, one the first electrical tramlines of the world and conflicts in traffic policy. For many decades it was the firm policy that the trams would eventually be outphased and replaced by extensions of the U-Bahn and buses, but at the beginning of the 1990's the direction of the urban traffic policy has changed. Since then, new vehicles are being purchased and other investments in the system has been made.

Current network

Network map of the current tramlines (except the Ebbelwei-Expreß)
Today there are eleven tramlines, among them seven main lines, two rush hour reinforcement lines and two special lines in Frankfurt:

Nr. Linienführung
11 Höchstmarker Zuckschwerdtstraße

Mainzer Landstraße – Bahnhofsviertel–/Altstadtstrecke – Hanauer Landstraße und Fechenheim

Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße
12 Schwanheim Rheinlandstraße

Waldbahn – Bahnhofsviertel-/Altstadtstrecke – Kurt-Schumacher-Straße – Bornheim – Hanauer Landstraße

14 Neu-Isenburgmarker Stadtgrenze

Waldbahn – Sachsenhausen – Wittelsbacherallee

Bornheim Ernst-May-Platz
15 Niederrad Haardtwaldplatz

Niederrad – Sachsenhausen – Offenbacher Landstraße

Offenbachmarker Stadtgrenze
16 Ginnheim

Ginnheim – Bockenheim – Sachsenhausen – Offenbacher Landstraße

Offenbach Stadtgrenze
17 Rebstockbad


Hauptbahnhof, Pforzheimer Straße
19 Schwanheim Rheinlandstraße

Waldbahn – Niederrad – Sachsenhausen

20 Hauptbahnhofmarker


21 Nied Kirche (zu Hauptzeiten) / Gallus Mönchhofstraße

Mainzer Landstraße – Abzweig Kleyerstraße – Niederrad

EE Sightseeing-Ringlinie Ebbelwei-Expreß

Low-floor trams are being used since April 2007 on all regular lines. The Flexity Classic from Bombardier is the latest addition to the fleet.

The special lines Ebbelwei express and Lieschen are occupied exclusively with older high-floor K-Wagen.

The Stadtbahn line U5 corresponds to a large extent to that of a conventional tram, however it is officially designated as an underground line. The conversion into a low-floor tramline is at present in planning.


The Ebbelwei-Expreß line
This special line was started in 1977 on the occasion of the forthcoming decommission of the last four axle trams and should have actually operated only for a short time. Owing to enormous success it still remains.

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