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The tramway network in Grenoble
Grenoble'smarker tram network is 32 km long, and comprises four lines: lines A, B, C and D. Line A was opened in 1987, line B in 1990, line C entered into service on the 20 May 2006 and line D opened on the October 2007. There existed a network of tramways in Grenoble between 1894 and 1952. Grenoble became the second French city to reintroduce the tramway, after Nantes.

Rolling Stock

A Citadis tram at Cité International (line B terminus)
The Tramway de Grenoble is served by a total of 88 pieces of rolling stock. Of those, 58 are TFS trams and the other 35 put in service on the occasion of the opening of the B line extension and the C line are Alstom Citadis trams.


The network comprises 65 stations, 12 of which are shared by two lines:
  • The line A has 29 stations.
  • The line B has 20 stations.
  • The line C has 19 stations.
  • The line D has 6 stations

Line A

Town Stop Connections
Fontaine Fontaine La Poya Bus 51, 56, Ami'Bus Sassenage
Fontaine Charles Michels Bus 55
Fontaine Hôtel de Ville de Fontaine Bus 26
Fontaine Louis Maisonnat Bus 51, Agence TAG
Fontaine Gabriel Péri, Les Fontainades -
Grenoble Berriat, Le Magasin Bus 26
Grenoble Saint Bruno Tramway B
Grenoble Gares Tramway B, Bus 17, 34, 6020, Agence TAG, Express (Voiron-Crolles, Tencin and Vizille), Transisère, SNCF service.
Grenoble Alsace-Lorraine Tramway B, Bus 1, 17, Express (Vizille)
Grenoble Victor Hugo Tramway B, Bus 3, 13, 33, 34, Navette Rabot, 6020, Express (Voiron-Crolles and Tencin), Tranisère
Grenoble Hubert Dubedout, Maison du Tourisme Tramway B, Agence TAG
Grenoble Verdun Préfecture Bus 16, 21, 31, 32, 33, 41, Transisère
Grenoble Chavant Tramway C, Bus 3, 31, 34, 6020, Express (Voiron-Crolles et Tencin)
Grenoble Albert Ier de Belgique -
Grenoble Mounier -
Grenoble MC2, Maison de la Culture Bus 18
Grenoble Malherbe Bus 26
Grenoble La Bruyère -
Grenoble Arlequin -
Grenoble Grand' Place Bus 13, 23, 26, 32, Agence TAG
Grenoble Pôle Sud, Alpexpo Bus 12, 13, P+R
Échirolles Les Granges -
Échirolles Surieux -
Échirolles Essarts -
Échirolles Échirolles Gare Bus 12, P+R, SNCF service
Échirolles La Rampe, Centre Ville Bus 11
Échirolles Marie Curie Bus 16
Échirolles Auguste Delaune Bus 13, 16
Échirolles Echirolles Denis Papin Bus 16

Line B

Town Stop Connections
Grenoble Cité Internationale Bus 30
Grenoble Palais de Justice -
Grenoble Saint Bruno Tramway A
Grenoble Gares Tramway A, Bus 17, 34, 6020, Agence TAG, Express (Voiron-Crolles, Tencin and Vizille), Transisère, SNCF service
Grenoble Alsace-Lorraine Tramway A, Bus 1, 17, Express (Vizille)
Grenoble Victor Hugo Tramway A, Bus 3, 13, 33, 34, 6020, Express (Voiron-Crolles and Tencin)
Grenoble Hubert Dubedout, Maison du Tourisme Tramway A, Agence TAG
Grenoble Sainte Claire, Les Halles -
Grenoble Notre-Dame, Musée Bus 32
Grenoble L'Île Verte Bus 31
Grenoble La Tronche Hôpital Bus 31, Transisère
La Tronche Michallon -
La Tronche Grand Sablon Bus 9, Navette Inovallée, Ami'Bus Les Hauts de Corenc, Navette Grésivaudan, P+R
Saint Martin d'Hères Les Taillées Universités Tramway C
Saint Martin d'Hères Gabriel Fauré Tramway C
Saint Martin d'Hères Bibliothèques Universitaires Tramway C, Bus 11, 26, Transisère
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Condillac Universités Tramway C
Gières Mayencin Champ Roman -
Gières Gare de Gières Universités Transisère, SNCF service
Gières Gières Plaine des Sports P+R

Line C

Line C opened for service on the 20 May 2006. It links Seyssinsmarker to the university campus of Saint-Martin-d'Hèresmarker.

Town Stop Connections
Seyssins Seyssins Le Prisme Bus 23, 58, P+R
Seyssins Mas des Îles Bus 23
Seyssinet-Pariset Le Grand Pré Bus 51
Seyssinet-Pariset Fauconnière -
Seyssinet-Pariset Seyssinet-Pariset, Hôtel de Ville Bus 51, 55, P+R
Grenoble Vallier-Catane Bus 26, P+R
Grenoble Vallier-Dr Calmette Bus 32
Grenoble Vallier-Jaurès Bus 1, 17, Express (Vizille)
Grenoble Foch-Ferrié Bus 13
Grenoble Gustave Rivet Bus 16
Grenoble Chavant Tramway A, Bus 3, 31, 34, 6020, Express (Voiron-Crolles and Tencin)
Grenoble Hôtel de Ville Bus 6020, Express (Voiron-Crolles and Tencin)
Grenoble Flandrin Valmy Bus 21, 23, 41, Transisère
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Péri-Brossolette Bus 41
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Neyrpic-Belledonne Tramway D , Bus 26, 41
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Hector Berlioz Universités Tramway B
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Gabriel Fauré Tramway B
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Bibliothèques universitaires Tramway B, Bus 11, 26, Transisère
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Saint Martin d'Hères Condillac Universités Tramway B

Line D

Line D opened on the 6 October 2007. It links Les Taillées universités station to the Saint-Martin-d'Hèresmarker town-centre.

Town Stop Connections
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Les Taillées Universités Tramway B
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Neyrpic Belledonne Tramway C, Bus 26, 41
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Maison Communale Bus 21, 23
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Édouard Vaillant Bus 26
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Parc Jo Blanchon -
Saint-Martin-d'Hères Étienne Grappe Bus 11, 23, 33

Future extensions

  • Line B will be extended from Cité International to the Polygone Scientifique early in 2012.

  • A new line, Line E, will replace bus line number 3, and is projected to be complete by 2012.

A "tram-train" linking Moirans to the centre of Grenoble as well as one linking Crollesmarker and Grenoble are projected. A link from Grenoble to Vizille via Le Pont-de-Claix, Jarrie and Champ-sur-Drac are also projected and should be opened in 2015.

Image:Grenoble-tram-future2.jpg|The most likely route of the trams in the future.Image:Grenoble-tram-future.jpg|A different design.Image:Grenoble-tram-future3.jpg|A further design.

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