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Tramways are operated in Parismarker by its public transport authority, RATP, which also operates the Paris Métro and most bus services. The city currently has four lines and is planning an additional one.


From 1855 to 1938, Paris was served by an extensive tramway network, predating the Metro by nearly a half-century. The last of these first generation tram routes, to Versailles, was closed in 1957.

Originally horse-powered, Paris trams used steam, and later pneumatic engines, and electricity.

The funicular that operated in Bellevillemarker from 1891 to 1924 is sometimes erroneously thought of as a tramway.

The first of a new generation of trams in Paris, line T1 opened in 1992, with line T2 opening in 1997, line T4 on November 18 2006, and line T3 on December 16 2006. , construction on the line T8 has not yet begun.

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Line T1 connects Saint-Denis to Noisy-le-Sec, parallel to the Paris northern city limit. It opened in 1992, and the extension to Noisy-le-Sec was completed in December 2003. An extension west to Asnières and Gennevilliers is expected to open in 2010, and a continuation to Nanterre is planned. An eastwards extension to Montreuil and eventually to the Val de Fontenay RER stationmarker is planned.


Line T2 (Trans Val-de-Seine) connects La Défensemarker with Issy-les-Moulineaux west of Paris. It opened in 1997, mostly on converted SNCF right-of-way.

Because of the success of this line (80,000 people use it daily) the trams were doubled in length in 2005, raising the capacity of each tram to 440 passengers.

Two extension projects are planned for completion in 2009: a northward extension to Bezonsmarker, and an eastward one to Porte de Versaillesmarker, a transfer point to and from Metro line 12 and line T3.


Opened on December 16 2006, line T3 is the first modern tramway in Paris proper. It is known as the Tramway des Maréchaux because it follows the boulevards that were built on the route of Thiers' fortifications around Paris (built 1841-45) named after many of Napoleon's marshals (maréchaux). It connects Boulevard Victor RER stationmarker in the western part of the XVe arrondissementmarker with Porte d'Ivry metro stationmarker in the XIIIe arrondissementmarker.

The line is expected to carry 100,000 passengers per day.

Planned extensions include a link to Porte de Charentonmarker in 2011 and eventually Porte de la Chapellemarker.


Line T4 is a tram-train line, operating in part on SNCF lines, connecting Bondy RER station with Aulnay-sous-Bois stationmarker. It opened on November 18 2006. Unlike the other tramways in Île-de-France, T4 is operated by SNCF.

Planned lines

Several new lines of tramway and trams on tyres have been planned in the region and on 11 February 2009 all projects were re-assessed and given "T" numbers by STIF (the regional transport council of the Île-de-Francemarker). Posters began to appear in the Metro from April 2009 promoting the entire 8 route T system.


Saint-Denis - Garges-Sarcelles

Tramway T5 will run on tyres along a mainly segregated 'track' on the busy Route Nationale 1 (similar to the systems in Nancymarker or Caenmarker replacing the often busy bus lines 168 and 268. The 6.6 km route, already under construction, will serve 16 stops between Saint-Denis, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Sarcelles and Garges-lès-Gonesse by 2011. It will have an interchange with T1 at its southerly terminus marché de Saint-Denis.


Châtillon - Viroflay

A 14 km route (with 1.6 km in tunnel) serving 21 stations (including 2 underground) will be built from Châtillon - Montrouge (terminus of Metro Ligne 13) to Viroflay - Rive Droite (Transilien railway station). The line will open towards the end of 2011 and in early 2012.


Villejuif - Athis-Mons

Am 11 km route serving 18 stations between Villejuif (terminus of Metro Ligne 7) serving Rungis and Orly and terminating at Athis-Mons should open by 2014. Eventually the line could run further to Juvisy-sur-Orge[45].


Saint-Denis (Porte de Paris) - Épinay-sur-Seine (Quartier d'Orgemont) and a branch toVilletaneuse

Formerly to be known as 'Tram'y', this 8.46 km was planned to serve 17 stations by 2013.Villetaneuse is also planned to be a future station on the new Tangental North line.An extension was also planned to the future RER E station proposed at Évangile.


The Trans-Val-de-Marne bus line, which runs in a designated bus lane and is intended to provide rapid transit southeast of Paris in the département of Val-de-Marnemarker, is operated by RATP. Despite beginning with a T, it is not a part of the tramway network.

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