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Trauma is a television series which premiered on September 28, 2009 at 9/8c on NBC. The series is about a group of paramedics in San Francisco, Californiamarker. A month after its premiere NBC announced it would not order any further episodes, but will broadcast the 13 episodes ordered. On November 19. 2009, NBC reversed its decision, announcing it had ordered three additional episodes of the series, bringing the order to 16 episodes.The new episodes will run following NBC's coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Cameron is a paramedic paired with Tyler Briggs. They often argue over trivial things but they typically enjoy a good working relationship. He is married with two young kids and he desperately tries to keep the horrors of his job from his homelife but he feels if he can't talk to his family about work, who can he talk to? He has been caught by his wife, Sela, having affairs. The two eventually go to marriage counseling but soon after Boone responds to a shooting rampage in a lawyer's office where Sela is also being held hostage. After saving her life, he finds out Sela was in the office consulting a divorce lawyer (Bad Day At Work). While on call to a Halloween party, Boone expresses disapproval with the homosexual community, something he fights with partner Tyler about leading to Tyler telling Boone that he also is a homosexual (Masquerade). Tyler and Boone respond to an ambulance crash which Nancy and Glenn were the victims. Boone pushes for Tyler to follow protocol and attend to the most injured first, something he feels badly about but as he is told by superiors, he did the right thing (Home Court).

Nancy was originally paired with Terry Banner, a partner whom she was having an in-work relationship with when they responded to an electrocution on a rooftop. The easy run turned tragic when the rescue helicopter was destroyed in a tragic accident, costing Terry and the pilot, Asher "Rotor" Reynolds, their lives. These scenes depict the events taking place one year before the pilot (Pilot). Her partner after Terry was Sam Bailey, who only appeared in the present-day scenes in the pilot. In episode two, Nancy is paired with a new EMT, Glenn Morrison, and enjoys multiple short term relationships. Nancy constantly ridicules and hazes Glenn for being a newbie, as does the rest of the team. The entire team made bets on how long it would take for Nancy to sleep with Glenn and they have come close often but so far their relationship has remained platonic. Nancy is also very close to Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuck. Their relationship was strained when Reuben survived the crash that killed Terry but while treating victims of a shooting rampage, Rabbit takes a bullet for Nancy when she refuses to allow the shooter to kill one of the injured (Bad Day At Work). Nancy shows her incredible skills as a surgeon while repairing a torn artery in an impalement case. Nancy successfully repairs the broken artery with great agility, something that Dr. Joe Saviano praises her for (Stuck). Dr. Saviano also writes Nancy a letter of recommendation for a residency rotation at the hospital but two hours later Nancy and Glenn are broadsided by a bus while driving the rig. Nancy suffers internal bleeding from cracked ribs puncturing her spleen and she is forced to have her spleen removed in a splenectomy (Home Court).

One year after the fatal helicopter accident, young military veteran Marisa joins the SFFD as the pilot of the rescue helicopter where she is partnered with Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuck. Rabbit's rule bending and often comedic style differs from her stern by-the-book way of working but she eventually learns to tolerate Rabbit's actions. While driving Marisa home, she experiences Rabbit's daring, Bullitt inspired driving where he informs her he continues with job because he "can't die" (Pilot).

Tyler and his partner Cameron Boone enjoy a good working relationship althought they argue over trivial matters on a daily basis. Tyler was also a survivor of the fatal helicopter crash one year ago that killed EMT Terry Banner. Tyler still respects Terry's legacy as he even refuses to beat Terry's score on a video game (Alls Fair). Tyler recently "came out of the closet" to Boone while safeguarding a halloween party. Tyler felt troubled over Boone's very apparent disapproval with the homosexual lifestyle but since then they have held onto their partnership (Masquerade).

Glenn is brought in as a new EMT one year after the fatal helicopter crash that killed EMT Terry Banner. Glenn is partnered with Terry's former girlfriend, Nancy. Glenn puts up with a lot of nasty practical jokes and hazing by the other EMTs, who refer to him as "probie". The team had a bet going on how long it would take Nancy to sleep with Glenn, but they have remained platonic. During a massive car accident at a town fair, Glenn attempts to send the driver who caused the accident last, but Rabbit reminds him that they are there to treat victims, not to decide who is good or bad (Alls Fair). Glenn forms a close friendship with ER intern Diana Van Dine as they are both new to their jobs. That same day Glenn attempts to talk to Nancy but his distractions while driving to a softball accident causes their rig to be broadsided by an oncoming bus leading to a massive accident. Glenn and Nancy are both injured but Nancy is far worse with a lacerated spleen and internal bleeding. Glenn feels responsible for the accident, something he later relates to with Diana after she misdiagnoses Glenn's CT scan and Glenn ends up collapsing in a bar after getting into an argument with an inebriated Rabbit (Home Court).

Dr. Joe, as his EMT friends call him, is a doctor at the ER for the hospital. While he fond of all of the paramedics, he is especially close with Nancy. He is impressed by her skills and encourages her to follow through with her training as a doctor. Joe writes Nancy a letter of recommendation for a residency rotation but two hours later Nancy and Glenn are brought in after their ambulance is hit by a bus and crashes, costing Nancy her spleen. Nancy's father finds the letter that Joe wrote and later accosts him in an elevator where he strongly implies that Joe has feelings for Nancy and that any relationship would be inappropriate (Home Court). Joe is especially hard on the new ER intern Diana Van Dine.

Rabbit gets his nickname by the fact that he constantly has survived massive accidents unscathed, to the point he feels like he "can't die". Rabbit survives a fatal helicopter crash that kills EMT Terry Banner and the pilot, Asher "Rotor" Reynolds (Pilot). Rabbit often uses sardonic humor with his job and has a narrow-minded rule bending approach to things, something his new pilot, Marisa Benez, disapproves of. He is especially close to Nancy, though their relationship suffered a strain after the crash but Reuben eventually takes a bullet for Nancy while treating victims of an office building rampage (Bad Day At Work) Rabbit shows Marisa his gift of "not dying" while driving her home at incredibly reckless speeds and is inspired by the movie Bullitt. During the speed, he accidentally clips a man's car door and severs his finger. The man, intoxicated, is convinced with Rabbit's influence that he caused the accident, something Marisa strongly objects to. Reuben has bottled up his emotions after the helicopter crash to the point that he gains a fear of flying. After receiving help from his colleagues, he faces his fear by flying in an intense storm and surviving (Stuck).

Diana is a new ER intern at the hospital who, like EMT Glenn Morrison, is frequently the butt of her co-workers' jokes. Rabbit flirted with her until she gave him a firm "no" (Bad Day At Work). Diana eats lunch in the laundry room to avoid the nurses and other doctors. After Glenn joins her one day, they realize how much they have in common. Glenn and Nancy are later involved in a car accident. The doctor forces Diana to take point on Glenn's hospital stay and she fails to double check his CT scan. Later Glenn and a drunk Reuben get into an altercation at a bar and Glenn collapses. After a firm reprimand by the doctors, Diana is discouraged again but Glenn manages to make her feel like part of the group after Nancy and Glenn regain consciousness from their injuries (Home Court).


The pilot episode featured a multi-vehicle accident and resulting giant fireball, which were filmed in March 2009 on Interstate 280 in the Mission Bay neighborhood just south of downtown.

US Nielsen ratings

Weekly ratings

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Order Episode Rating Share Rating/Share




1 "Pilot" 4.4 7 2.3/6 6.93 4 11
2 "All's Fair" 3.6 5 1.8/4 5.49 4 12
3 "Bad Day at Work" 3.5 6 1.8/4 5.52 4 12
4 "Stuck" 3.4 5 1.8/4 5.52 4 15
5 "Masquerade" 3.7 6 1.9/5 5.77 4 12
6 "Home Court" 3.9 6 2.1/5 6.23 4 11
7 "That Fragile Hour" 3.5 5 1.8/4 5.38 4 10
8 "M'Aidez" 3.4 5 1.8/4 5.16 4 10
10 "Blue Balloon" TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA


Trauma has been criticized by national EMS organizations for being unrealistic and portraying paramedics inaccurately.

International distribution

Country TV network(s) Weekly schedule (local time)
The Netherlandsmarker RTL 5 9:30pm Tuesday
Canadamarker Citytv 9:00pm Mondays
Australia EXTRA 9.30pm Thursdays


  4. Christopher Heredia, "Patient spectators have blast at S.F. TV shoot," San Francisco Chronicle, 30 March 2009, B1.

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