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Travis Benjamin Rush (born 15 January 1971) is a country music singer from Oregonmarker.


Travis Rush was born in Orange, Californiamarker, where he lived for 9 months and then moved to Gold Beach, Oregonmarker. By the age of 10, Rush was singing in contest and playing the piano for local fans in his home town. He starting writing his own music when he was 14 and recorded his first single in a small recording studio in Coos Baymarker, Oregonmarker. The music was never release to radio.

After graduating from high school in 1989, Rush toured with Up With People. He performed over 200 concerts in 13 countries over the course of twelve months. After the tour, he moved back to Oregonmarker to go to school at Oregon State Universitymarker. In his second year he dropped out and went back to Tucson, Arizonamarker, where Up With People was based and was asked to go perform for Diet Coke in The Netherlandsmarker at the Floriada. After his 2 week performance he came back to the U.S. As he continued to write and record music in Tucsonmarker and began modeling with an agency in Phoenix, Arizonamarker called The Robert Black Agency. He then moved to Los Angelesmarker, Californiamarker where he worked with another modeling agency, while writing more music, attending songwriter workshops and pitching his songs to major records labels. He continued to get turned down by every label he approached, finally decided that he needed to find another way to break in to the major music scene. So, he sold all of his gear, moved back to Oregonmarker and bought a restaurant in Portland, Oregonmarker with a friend from home. He bought an $800 piano and put it in the bar where he would play and sing for customers every Saturday and Sunday nights. After 6 months the restaurant was subjected to the Floods of '96 in Portland and he lost everything and was forced into filing bankruptcy. He then started an internet business, which he had initially planned to use to promote talent. The website was called, which is no longer in existence now. That business grew into building and hosting websites for companies all over the country. Throughout the next 8 years of his life, Travis continued to write music and perform in small venues, until he decided it was time to go for it again in 2005. He began to use his in-depth knowledge of the internet to catapult himself back into the music scene. In May 2006, he finished his debut solo album "Come And Get It". In September, 2006, Travis signed a 2 album licensing deal with a Los Angeles based independent record label called Broken Halo Records.

Late in 2007, Travis was released from his second album obligation with Broken Halo Records at the request of Thom King, co-partner in Broken Halo Records. In late 2008 Travis and Thom King started a co-owned independent record label called Mason Records, LLC.

Personal life

As of 2006 he currently lives in Portland, Oregon and is unmarried, but it's clear that he hasn't given up hope, as you listen to other songs from this release, like "I Wanna Be With You", "Put The World On Hold" and "Leap of Faith".




Year Single Album US US Country US AC US Pop US Dig ECMA
2007 "Come And Get It" Come And Get It (2007) - - - - - -
2007 "Just For Tonight (Radio Edit)" (Single Only) (2007) - - - - - #3

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Awards and achievements


Albums Travis Rush has performed on

  • 2006 Come And Get It: piano, singer, co-writer, and co-producer.
  • SigEp alumni

Songs Travis Rush has written or co-written

  1. I Wanna Be With You – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  2. The Real Thing – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  3. Just For Tonight – Travis Rush
  4. Come And Get It – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  5. Then I'll Cry – Travis Rush
  6. Get Up Off The Ground – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  7. Leap Of Faith – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  8. Easier Said Than Done – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  9. What Mama Don't Know – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  10. You Gotta Live – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton
  11. Put The World On Hold – Travis Rush and Jenn Burleton



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