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The Treasurer of Maryland is responsible for the management and investment of the cash deposits, bond sale revenue, and all other securities and collateral of the state of Marylandmarker in the United Statesmarker. In addition, the Treasurer conducts regular briefings for the Maryland General Assembly and prepares an annual report on the status of the Treasurer's Office. The Treasurer also sits on the Maryland Board of Public Works. Since 2002, the Treasurer of Maryland has been Nancy K. Kopp.

From 1775 until 1843, Maryland had a separate state treasurer for both the eastern and western shores. In 1843, the office of the Treasurer of the Eastern Shore was abolished, and the Treasurer of the Western Shore assumed responsibility for both shores. In 1852 the position was re-named to account for the entire state. Since the Maryland Constitution of 1851, the Treasurer has been elected by both houses of the Maryland General Assembly. The term length of treasurers was initially two years, but was increased to four years in 1922.

Treasurers of Maryland 1775 to 1852

The following is a chronological list of the Treasurers of Maryland. There were initially separate treasurers for each shore of the state.

Treasurers of the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Treasurer Term
William Hindman 1775–1777
James Hindman 1777–1778
Edward Hindman 1778–1779
Henry Dickinson 1779–1789
William Richardson 1789–1802
William Chambers 1802–1813
William Richardson 1813–1825
John K. B. Emory 1825–1826
William Lambdin 1826–1840
Perry Robinson 1840–1841
John H. Harris 1841–1842
Perry Robinson 1842–1843

Treasurers of the Western Shore of Maryland

Treasurer Term
Thomas Harwood 1775–1804
Benjamin Harwood 1804–1826
George Mackubin 1826–1843
James S. Owens 1843–1844
Dennis Claude 1844–1852

Treasurers of Maryland 1852 to present

Treasurer Term
James S. Owens 1852–1854
Dennis Claude 1854–1860
Sprigg Harwood 1860–1862
Robert Fowler 1862–1870
John Merryman 1870–1872
John W. Davis 1872–1874
Barnes Compton 1874–1885
John S. Gittings 1885–1886
Stevenson Archer 1886–1890
Edwin Brown 1890–1892
Spencer C. Jones 1892–1896
Thomas J. Shryock 1896–1900
Murray Vandiver 1900–1916
John M. Dennis 1916–1918
William P. Jackson 1918–1920
John M. Dennis 1920–1935
Hooper Miles 1935–1963
John Luetkemeyer 1963–1973
J. Millard Tawes 1973–1975
William S. James 1975–1987
Lucille Maurer 1987–1996
Richard N. Dixon 1996–2002
Nancy K. Kopp 2002–


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