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:For other treaties, see Treaty of Edirne

The Peace Treaty of Adrianople (also called the Treaty of Edirne) concluded the Russo-Turkish War, 1828-1829 between Russiamarker and the Ottoman Empire. It was signed on September 14, 1829 in Adrianoplemarker by Russia's Count Aleksey Orlov and by Turkey's Abdul Kadyr-bey. The Ottoman Empire gave Russia access to the mouths of the Danube and the fortresses of Akhaltsikhemarker and Akhalkalakimarker in Georgiamarker. The Sultan recognized Russia's possession of Georgia (with Imeretiamarker, Mingrelia, Guriamarker) and of the Khanates of Erivanmarker and Nakhichevanmarker which had been ceded to the tsar by Persiamarker in the Treaty of Turkmenchay a year earlier. The treaty opened the Dardanellesmarker to all commercial vessels, thus liberating commerce for cereals, live stocks and wood, although it took the Treaty of Hünkâr İskelesi (1833) to settle the Straits Question between the signatories. The Sultan reguaranteed the previously promised autonomy to Serbiamarker, promised autonomy for Greecemarker, and allowed Russia to occupy Moldavia and Wallachia until the Ottoman Empire had paid a large indemnity. The treaty also fixed the border between the Ottoman Empire and Wallachia on the thalweg of the Danube, transferring to Wallachia the rule of the rayas of Turnumarker, Giurgiumarker and Brăilamarker.


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